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selfie at natural backdrop of Mauritius
Written by Amirthavarshini on July 7, 2020 Share on

Memorable Journey To Mauritius

My wife and I were looking for the best travel company in order to plan our honeymoon vacation. Meanwhile, I had a chat with my brother who knew about Pickyourtrail personally. He said that the company was doing a great job and was reliable as well. One fine day, we got a call from one of their travel consultants named Punith. We were not sure about which destination to pick. Initially, we had plans to visit the Maldives. Then over multiple conversations with our travel consultant, we arrived at Mauritius. Then, we started planning for our honeymoon to Mauritius.

During Ile aux tour in Mauritius

The Planning

Once we finalised our destination, we received 3 beautiful itineraries with 3 different stay options. Then, we were asked to select one from the three according to our wish. I had some concerns and doubts regarding the itinerary which was clearly sorted by the Pickyourtrail team. We decided to go with the Anelia Beach Resort since it had a very good rating and good reviews from PYT’s previous customers. I was also satisfied with the itinerary and the professionalism of Pickyourtrail. Finally, we were all set for our trip to Mauritius with customised Mauritius honeymoon package crafted by pickyourtrail.

Why Mauritius?

We picked Mauritius because of its beauty that is beyond words. We truly wanted to experience a nature trip. It is a place filled with lush green forests, wild waterfalls, unique wildlife, white sand beaches and breathtaking views. So we felt Mauritius would be an ideal destination for us to enjoy our honeymoon.

Love at first sight

Once we landed, our friendly driver took us to the hotel. On our way, we were stumbled upon the views of majestic rocky mountains, crystal clear turquoise lagoons and the pleasant climate. Our hotel was also unbelievably romantic which was simply perfect for our honeymoon to Mauritius. It had all modern amenities and the view from our room was stunning as well. Our room was beautifully decorated with scented flowers and we were provided with a fruit platter and sparkling wine upon arrival which was a beautiful gesture. 

Beautiful beach visit on our trip

North Island Tour

Our first activity was the North Island tour. We were taken to beautiful places such as the Mauritius Botanical Garden – the home for an incredible variety of tropical plants. It was such an amazing place with unmatchable natural beauty. Then we headed to the Sugar estate and Museum. We were amazed to know about sugar production while looking at the displays they had. 

After the “sweet” journey, our next stop was to the spectacular Port Louis. The French colonial buildings, bustling streets and the waterfront views took our hearts away. Then we went to a colourful craft market with wonderful ambience. It was so much fun shopping in the markets as we packed some souvenirs for home. 

White tiger at Mauritius

South Island tour

On our South Island tour, we visited the Crocodile & Giant Tortoises Park. Looking at those robust animals up-close was truly an amazing experience. Then, Gris-Gris village surprised us with its high cliffs that dropped into the sea adorned with bracing winds of the Indian Ocean. Then we had some Chai time at the Bois Cheri Tea plantation. Finally, we concluded the second day of our honeymoon to Mauritius at the Grand Bassin followed by Mangal Mahadev.

Ile Aux Cerfs Tour

We found heaven while sailing through the crystal clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The serene atmosphere with a gentle touch of wind and the hilly atmosphere adorned by lush greeneries was a treat to eyes. As our catamaran proceeded forward, we were literally on cloud nine. It was one of my favourite experiences during our honeymoon to Mauritius.

Selfie with my wife at Mauritius

To sum up, everything was in place during our honeymoon trip to Mauritius. Bookings were on time, planning was great. In addition to that, the on-trip support and the app were also simply awesome. We were given timely updates and the app helped us whenever there was a need. On the whole, the overall experience was outstanding. I’m looking forward to many more trips with Pickyourtrail.

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