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A couple flying high in the skies of Bali
Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 9, 2020 Share on

Our First International trip – Lived our dream on the Island of Gods

For one, flying internationally for the first time would remain special throughout the journey of life. What if the first trip of yours is the first trip with your one and only? Isn’t it something extra-special? Yes! It is an unmatchable feeling that one could ever get. Here is a beautiful couple Mohammed Tajmul and Aaqila Begum sharing the incredible experience of their first international and honeymoon trip to Bali. Keep reading to feel the excitement with them!

A couple posing near the beach in Bali

Planning the trip…

We were travelling abroad for the first time in our lives. So we clearly wanted our first international trip and honeymoon trip to Bali to be relaxing, peaceful, nevertheless romantic. When we started to think of all these experiences in one destination, Bali was the first place that we could think of. So we decided to set our foot on the Island of Gods. We knew selecting the trip planner is as important as the destination. Luckily two of my friends had already travelled with Pickyourtrail for their honeymoon trips thus brought in me a lot of trusts that we needed.

A picture with the I love Bali sign is mandatory 😛 And we ticked it in the list.

A couple posing in the Tegalallalang on their first international trip to Bali

We planned it to be short hence it was a 5 days trip to Bali. We got to visit Ubud and Kuta with four activities planned. The planning was done in the month of October to land in this beautiful destination in the month of February.


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Days at Bali

I and my husband landed on this beautiful island on 16th February 2020, the month of love. Once we arrived at the airport, we were picked up by a friendly chauffeur to the hotel. The next day, we had our visit to Uluwatu temple and water sports combo which includes Speed Boat Ride + Parasailing + Sea Walking which happened to be the best experience in the entire trip. And on the last day at Kuta, we had our full-day trip to West Nusa Penida and it was worthy of a visit.

How beautiful is its architecture! <3 Stunned, just stunned!

A guy posing in the front of Uluwatu temple in Bali

The next city we visited was Ubud. We had hired a car for 10 hours to self explore the city. I would actually recommend this to every traveller as there are too many offbeat places that you can self-drive and take pictures at. And finally, we took off from Bali on 21st February 2020 with full excitement for our next travel already with Pickyourtrail.

A couple posing with I love Bali sign as the background on their first international trip

Everything about the trip

The whole trip was wonderful and everything was good as planned. Or maybe more than what we planned. The hotels were excellent and their hospitality? Oh, it was exceptional. Right from the friendly people of Bali to the calm mindset it gives throughout the trip, was the most essential for our honeymoon trip to Bali. Especially, when we were travelling abroad for the first time, is what one needs.

A couple posing on their first international trip to Bali

The most amazing part of the trip

If I have to tell about the best part of our trip, then Sea walking would surely be it. We were really dumbstruck by the beauty of the underworld. We got to witness colourful fishes of diverse varieties around us. Ain’t it a lifetime moment for anyone? We enjoyed a lot.

A couple showing the symbol of love during sea walking activity

Why Pickyourtrail?

The team worked exceptionally well and were ready to help at any time of the day. We had a few worries that usually the first time travellers would have. But on the trip, it never felt like we were left alone. When the team of Pickyourtrail started to follow up with us on the updates a day prior to our day of travel, the excitement started and fears flew away. This gave us a really good vibe before travelling to a new place. Right from the flight departure to Bali to flight arrival in India, they kept our days excited and super comfortable. Of course, our next trip will be through Pickyourtrail to the Maldives, the island of love and we are very sure that we would not regret that decision.


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Ready to kick-start your vacation to the Island of Gods like how this couple did? It’s very simple. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and check out some Bali tour packages or Bali honeymoon packages. And, we will make sure you have a hassle-free experience with seamless customer service via the application. Let us know your choices and we will craft it in the best way possible 🙂

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