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A picture of a couple on a beautiful hotel on their honeymoon vacation
Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 8, 2020 Share on

My Honeymoon To Bali – Celebrating The Start Of Lifelong Togetherness

Bali is a perfect destination if you are looking for a getaway from daily life. Whether it is a 2 weeks long vacation or even a 2 days short vacation, Bali can surprise you just in a matter of a few hours. There are so many attractions that one could visit and explore the best of it. Apart from all these, what Bali continues to provide is the vibe of Balinese culture and tradition. Known for the amazing beaches and adrenaline rush activities, Bali is purely a land of celebration. Here is an amazing couple, Ashwin and Rucha who went on a Bali honeymoon with Pickyourtrail.

Doesn’t the picture says it all about the excitement they had for their honeymoon vacation to Bali?

A couple posing in one of the temples in Bali

We were as excited as this couple was. Let’s now hear about their experience in Bali and how they planned it.

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About the planning…

I and Rucha, right after our marriage, started to plan our honeymoon. We were super excited as this is going to be our first trip together in the journey of togetherness. However, we wanted to keep it short yet amazing. When we were all planning for our honeymoon trip, we thought choosing the destination and trip planner were going to be the most important part. Since it was a short getaway, we chose Bali which is interesting, exciting and nevertheless, romantic. We then started searching for the best trip planner on the internet. That was when we came across Pickyourtrail. Though it was well-rated and had good reviews, I was at first, not really sure about an online travel planner as I have saved up a lot for this trip. And what was more important for me was to hand it over to the right people.

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And yeah! we chose Pickyourtrail and we are more than glad we made that decision. Rucha and I were super excited to fly and captured the moment at the very start of the trip!

A picture of a couple's passports and flight tickets for their trip

We started planning the trip in the month of December to fly in the month of February. The itinerary was framed for 4 nights with 2 nights at Seminyak and 2 nights and Ubud. We decided to fly on the 5th of February to set our foot on this beautiful island. Keep reading to see how we loved everything in Bali.

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Days at Bali

We reached Bali on the 5th of February 2020. Since we weren’t planning for a vacation full of activities pre-planned, we kept it less intense with just three activities. All we had in our mind was to relax and make memories for life. We had scuba diving in Seminyak, the first city on our itinerary. Apart from that, we had car hire and river rafting in Ubud. Since I had hurt my ankle so bad before the start of our trip, we had to cancel the river rafting activity. Except for that one thing, everything else went as per plan.

Ain’t we doing it right? Haha! The crazy us!

A couple trying to copy the pose of a statue in Bali

We totally loved the Balinese!

The partners that Pickyourtrail had booked us with were so kind enough. Right from the representatives to the drivers to the guides, all were amazing. About the Balinese, Awwww! They were really sweet. The genuine smiles, the unforced friendliness that we received, treating us as one of them were a few things that made us fall in absolute love with the Balinese. We had a really good time even if it is just about walking in the streets of Bali 🙂

A couple travelling in a car in the streets of Bali on their honeymoon vacation

Staying safe!

Our travel started in the month of February when the Corona cases were starting to increase all over the world. But that didn’t stop us from travelling to this beautiful island. As we know its important to take the precautionary steps, we got everything ready to make sure that we were staying safe 🙂

A picture of a couple staying safe by wearing masks in Bali

Deficiency of Vitamin-sea took us to the crystal clear beaches in Bali!

Beaches are super calming to visit in Bali. With its crystal clear waters and pleasant climate, it had everything to soothe your soul to the maximum. The picture is enough to explain how beautiful the whole location was more than our words could describe!

An amazing picture of a couple with crystal clear waters as the backdrop

On our leisure days

The reason that we had decided not to do so many activities was that we were already exhausted from the wedding preparations. So we kept our days mostly at leisure but also made sure we explore Bali as much as we could. Hence we were roaming across all the local markets of Bali to shop and exploring the nearby attractions.

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The place was so picturesque that we couldn’t resist clicking a picture at this place 🙂

A picture of a couple surrounded by the green beauty in Bali

Made our honeymoon vacation to Bali sweeter with a cake from Pickyourtrail <3

When was the last time you surprised someone? Seems like Pickyourtrail does that often to their customers. Surprises are usually good but it is best when we are least expecting it. This was the same in our case. When we were having a very usual day, this cake came as a surprise. Thank you, Pickyourtrail team! 🙂

A picture of a cake on their honeymoon vacation to Bali

Why Pickyourtrail?

Pickyourtrail was very supportive. I am not really sure if every travel agency will go over and beyond for their customers but Pickyourtrail did that. When I informed them that my ankle was hurt and we had to cancel the activity, they helped with that. And when we wanted to replace that activity with Tanah lot, they did help me with that request too. Because of my ankle not getting well, we again wanted to cancel Tanah lot and get a refund. Pickyourtrail never said no to me whenever we made a lot of changes in the last minute due to emergencies. They were customer-centric and focusing completely on our choices. Isn’t this what we expect from our trip planner? Right from planning to support, everyone I spoke with was amazing. So glad that I chose them and would prefer them for all our future trips as our honeymoon vacation to Bali was just perfect.

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Imagine yourself chilling out in such a beautiful place with your loved one beside you. Won’t it be amazing?

A beautiful couple on their honeymoon vacation to Bali

How beautiful! Right? When are you planning to stop reading and start experiencing this for real? Bali is an incredible destination that can you give you memories to cherish all your life. Want to know how to plan a trip with us? Its very simple. Visit the Pickyourtrail website and check out the Bali packages. We are here to help you have a hassle-free experience with 24*7 support through Pickyourtrail app.

Happy exploring! 🙂


Bali Honeymoon Package Starting @ ₹24,512

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