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A picture of an amazing couple on their honeymoon vacation to New Zealand
Written by Preetha Manivelan on June 20, 2020 Share on

Here Is How We Kick-Started Our Dream Of Travelling Together

From choosing a beautiful destination to craft the itinerary like how our dream vacation should be and dreaming about clicking pictures for our social handles, we add an awesome journey on making our dream of a perfect honeymoon vacation come true. Here is a couple, Milan Bhati and Parul, who went on a honeymoon vacation to New Zealand with Pickyourtrail.

A picture of a couple sitting in the middle of a beautiful forest

New Zealand is one of the beautiful places on earth. Right from the picturesque places of the country to the adventuresome activities it offers, New Zealand has every element to make your trip memorable. Let’s start reading about their beautiful experience in the land of long white cloud and how they initially did the planning.

About the planning

We were searching for a place where we could have a perfect balance of both nature and adventure. While we were searching, we bumped into some amazing pictures of New Zealand and got fascinated by them. That was when we decided where our honeymoon should be. When we decided the place, next came the trip planning which was as difficult as much as selecting the destination. And, luckily one of my friends suggested Pickyourtrail to me. We were also convinced after checking their website, ratings and reviews. Then we contacted them and explained to them about my priorities and most importantly, my budget. After a while, they came up to us with an itinerary for our honeymoon vacation to New Zealand which exactly we were looking for.

New Zealand was really magical!

A picture of the beautiful mountains in New Zealand

We started planning our honeymoon vacation to New Zealand in the month of September to fly in the month of February. The trip was planned for 9 nights including 3 cities which were Auckland, Rotorua and Queenstown. We wanted to keep the days as adventurous and beautiful as possible hence we had 7 activities planned in total.

How beautiful it was to witness the magical mountains with a river flowing nearby!

A beautiful view of the mountains in New Zealand

About our itinerary to New Zealand

We started our journey on the 17th of February to land in Auckland, the first city on our itinerary. With two nights at Auckland, we drove to Rotorua after Auckland. We had two nights at Rotorua with 2 activities planned. Then on the 21st of February, we flew to Queenstown where we had the most adventurous activities. And finally, we made our way back to India on the 26th of February with memories to cherish throughout our lives.

New Zealand is one of the picturesque places we have ever seen! 🙂

A picture of a woman posing on her honeymoon vacation to New Zealand
A man posing for a picture with waterfalls as the background

About how we enjoyed the activities in each city

Days at Auckland

The first activity that we had was the visit to the Auckland Sky Tower. Witnessing the awesome views of Auckland from the top of the tower was so magical and breathtaking. And the second activity was the Waiheke Wine tour which we had the next day. It was so good to see the place as it was more of natural beauty. While we were there, we tasted different types of wines and also got an opportunity to see how the Winemaking process works.

A picture of a couple posing at the Waiheke Island on their honeymoon vacation to New Zealand

Days at Rotorua

On our way to Rotorua from Auckland, we had a visit to the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, one of the best caves that will blow your mind away. It was truly magical or maybe more than that. While making it there, you will feel a close connection to nature like how we felt. The only thing that we couldn’t do as per plan was the Hobbiton movie set as we got delayed at the Waitomo Glowworm Caves. And on the next day, we went to Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland which was yet another beautiful experience you could get in New Zealand. Post which, we went to Polynesian Spa in the evening to end our day on a relaxing note.

A picture of natural beauty in New Zealand

Days at Queenstown

After having spent our days magically in the first two cities, we reached Queenstown. Unlike the other cities, Queenstown had something more to offer apart from just the natural beauty. There, we went to Milford Sound and got to witness everything in one place like glaciers, waterfalls, mountains and sea. With that, we had the adventurous Sky Diving planned for the next day. Seeing the city from the sky was an experience for a lifetime.

A couple posing for a picture on the cruise on their honeymoon vacation to New Zealand

Our most favourite activity

All the activities were so damn good. Each activity had its own fun and beautiful in its own way. I think comparing those activities with one another would totally be unfair. But if I have to rate one, then I would surely go with skydiving. When everything about our trip was focused mainly on natural beauty, the sky diving stood out for the adventurous experience it provided. Not to forget, we also had some quality time in Polynesia Spa and Milford Sound.

A picture of a couple posing on their honeymoon vacation to New Zealand

The most amazing thing about our vacation to New Zealand

Every single second that we spent in New Zealand was so memorable and amazing. We fell in love with every single place that we visited. Right from the picturesque places to the thrilling activities, we had a really good time in this beautiful land. Even now, after 4 months of our trip, we are falling short of words to describe those places.

Why Pickyourtrail?

Pickyourtrail was very helpful throughout our honeymoon vacation to New Zealand. And talking about the support from the team, it was too good. They were good not only in the planning but in everything else that needed their interference. They were available 24*7 to help us. Apart from what was on the itinerary, they even suggested some restaurants and places for shopping. Definitely Pickyourtrail will be our next planner and would recommend this to everyone who is planning a trip.

Cheers to one awesome trip! 🙂

A picture of two glasses of red wine with a beautiful background

Where to next?

With our first trip being a successful one, we are very sure to book even our next trip with Pickyourtrail. Our next travel destination would either be Maldives or Bali. Hope it would be as beautiful as our first trip.

New Zealand is a real paradise on earth. Who wouldn’t want to visit such a beautiful place like New Zealand with seamless customer support from their trip planner? It’s time to plan your own vacation to this wonderland by visiting the Pickyourtrail website. You will find some amazing packages to New Zealand that’s already there or even customize it with your inputs. We are here to make sure you experience a hassle-free vacation with 24*7 support via the Pickyourtrail application.

Happy exploring 🙂

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