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All about Hop-In & Hop-Off Tour

What is Hop-On/Hop-Off Bus Tour?

To put out to the world in simple words, Hop-On & Hop-Off Bus is an open bus tour. It allows you to explore a particular destination at your own pace. You start from your hotel, then reach the nearest bus stop and Hop-On to the bus & then Hop-Off at the bus stop after visiting all the attractions. Each stop gives you an exquisite experience of that particular attraction. It is a ticket-based ride that offers you multiple sight-seeing options. Let’s Hop-In to know more about this Hop-On & Hop-Off Bus Tour Experience!

You can get to experience it in most of the countries and is very affordable. Being a single-day tour, you get to visit a good number of attractions. The whole objective of this Hop-On & Hop-Off Bus is to provide you a hassle-free experience. It is all up to you how you want to go with it. You can either enjoy the whole tour by just sitting on the bus or get down and explore each attraction there on the list at a very close distance.

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Which One to go for?

There is no specific company that stands very unique with this tour. That is the best part of it. Any company whichever is near your hotel where you are staying is good to go for. But one thing as an intelligent individual, do look at the inclusions they are offering as they might differ from others. Few tours even include cruise experience as well. Once you go with any company offering this service then after that if you compare it with other company’s, then you will find how similar all are.

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Sweden is subtle charm

How does Hop-On & Hop-Off works?

This is a full day activity and it covers almost all major attractions of a particular destination. If you plan on going for a Hop-On & Hop-Off activity then you can expect the flow to be like this. You start off from your hotel and reach to the nearest bus stop from where the bus goes and then Hop-On. And then the bus takes you to all the major attractions mentioned in the list. After everything is done it drops you back to the bust stop. From there you Hop-Off and go back to your hotel. This is the typical flow!

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Where you can get this experience?

The best part about this Hop-On & Hop-Off tour is that it is there in almost all the cities you visit. Almost all countries in Europe give you this experience. You just have to look for the nearest one to your hotel and go along with it. It will pretty sure be a worth it activity to do. For one day at least you will be occupied with this activity. So make sure you don’t miss out on this activity. The average price for a Hop-On & Hop-Off Bus Tour starts anywhere from 23 dollars and it increases as per the requirements. Some tickets give you unlimited access to attractions for the number of days you are in that particular destination.

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Dubai Package Starting @ ₹13,373

Why Hop-On & Hop-Off?

The attractions are what make our trip worth going to. What is better than getting a chance to visit them at an affordable rate? Nothing right. Hence Hop-On & Hop-Off gives you a chance at an affordable rate to let yourself decide how you want to experience the attractions. Either by just sitting on the bus or by getting down and going close to the attraction. Your money, your pace, your style. Only the route is fixed. How to live in that is your plan!

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Greece Honeymoon Starting @ ₹ 52,041

A Sample of Hop-On & Hop-Off Bus Tour

  1. Athens, Greece is known for its history and architecture. All the tradition is being followed in a preserved manner. You can easily afford the Hop-On & Hop-Off Bus Tour. It starts anywhere from 25 dollars per person and goes on till 100 dollars per person. The highest one is like if you want one single pass for all the days you are going to stay there. But the major attractions covered are the same. You start from Acropolis Museum and cover Parthenon and then the Temple of Zeus. From there you head to National Library and the National Archaeological Museum and the National Gardens. There is more. from National Gardens you head to the Odeon of Herodes Atticus then Archeological Museum of Piraeus and finally Votsalakia Beach. This is how the whole tour goes.
  2. Spain is known for its beautiful architecture and the various attractions it has to offer. And one of the biggest cities in Spain is Barcelona. And the Hop-On & Hop-Off Bus Tour cost 32$ and goes max to max to 75$ per person and the highest one is the unlimited pass. You start from Sagrada Familia, then head to Placa, Catalunya from there you go to Cathedral Gothic Quarter. After which you experience Port Vell, Montjuic Mountain, Bogatell Beach, Park Guell, Tibidabo, La Pedrera, Casa Batllo, and for the FC Barcelona fan you end in Camp Nou.

Spain Tour Package Starting @ ₹74,660

This is just for you guys to know how the Hop-On & Hop-Off Bus tour goes. And if you plan on going for it, you will be told but still, there is Red Button which says “Stop” and you can find it in the handrails and also in some seats. Press that button and get down at the next stop if you want.

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Awesome, right?! Spend less and explore more. That is the main idea behind Hop-On and Hop-Off Bus Tour. Why will anyone not go for it? Put it in your travel plan and make the most of your trip. It’s going to be a worth-it experience. Head over to the PickYourTrail website and check out some great Europe Tour Packages for European destinations. Also if you want you can customize one for yourself and Hop-In for a wonderful vacation.

Thanks, Reader! Happy Vacationing 🙂

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