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Hot Springs
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Amazing Hot Springs in Las Vegas

The sparkling city of Las Vegas in Nevada is famous for its dynamic casinos, exotic resorts and the deserts. But if you think that is all there is in Nevada, you are wrong. Apart from the city noises and busy streets, Vegas in the United States of America is also home to exquisite natural hot springs. These are naturally formed springs heated by volcanic activity. And the Nevada state has more than 250 of those. Las Vegas is home to some of the most relaxing and stress-busting hot springs which you must visit. The Las Vegas hot springs are another major yet often overlooked attraction of the state. While in Las Vegas partying and living life, visit a hot spring to soothe your muscles. These are the best hot springs in and around Las Vegas.

Top 8 hot springs in Las Vegas

1. Spencer Hot Springs

Nestled nicely in Big Smoky Valley in central Nevada, Spencer hot springs is the place to be. There are three pools where you can immerse and let the hot water do its magic. Also, these have an incredible view of the Toiyabe Range at the end of the open desert. You also have the option of camping there! Exciting, Isn’t it?

Spencer hot springs Las Vegas
Image Source: Google Images

2. Arizona Hot Springs

This is one of the busiest pools in Vegas located right near to the Hoover Dam. Moreover, you have to take a little hike of about 3 miles to reach this pool. Sandbags separate this three-tier pool and it stays very warm all day. This is one of the amazing hot springs in the Las Vegas strip.

3. Twelve Mile

Note: 12 Mile Hot Spring is on private land and the owners are considering gating it off.

Dubbed as one the most beautiful hot springs in Nevada state, this is a bit remote and not easy to find. But, that doesn’t take anything away from this amazing spring. Dip in this hot spring which is surrounded by the rocky mountains, and soak in the heat and just relax. Since this is located next to Humboldt River and if the heat ever gets too much, jump right into the chilly river. This is a unique thing about this spring.

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4. Alkali Hot Springs

Alkali is a great hot spring close to Las Vegas. Alkali Hot Springs is located on private property. You can soak in the cement tubs and have a totally relaxing time. Since there are no big towns nearby, make sure you have everything you need as it would be difficult to get stuff here. Also, camping is not allowed in the grounds.


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5. Trego Hot Springs

If you love off-roading, camping head to the Trego springs. Additionally, the springs here have a muddy floor which can make your soak a mudbath as well. The views of the dry desert may not be that great, still, you can enjoy the hot springs.

Trego Hot Springs Las Vegas
Image Source: Google Images

6. Fish Lake Valley

When you are planning to visit the hot springs of Fish Lake Valley, make sure you have the whole package. This one is perfect to spend a day and night with your friends and family. There is an amazing view of two mountain ranges. The two natural pools and the big concrete pool is complemented with fire pits perfect for barbeques. Thus, this is a perfect spot for RV campers to spend some quality time.

7. Gold Strike Hot Springs

It takes quite an effort to reach here because you would have to be flexible and manoeuvre through big boulders. To make things even interesting, try kayaking your way through Black Canyon of the Colorado River to get here. But once you get here, you can just forget everything and soak in the hot spring. This is also one of the best hot springs in Las Vegas which is totally worth it.

Gold Strike Hot Springs Las Vegas
Image Source: Google Images

8. Ruby Valley Hot Springs

Located at the middle of a large mash, this spring is wide and swimmable. The land around this can get mushy at times, but without doubt, the springs are an unwinding experience. Do not miss this relaxing experience when you are in Vegas.

Amazingly there are plenty of hot springs from which you can choose and have a great time while in Las Vegas. Take a break from all the partying, casino hopping and enjoy the hot springs of Las Vegas. Can’t wait to explore Vegas? worry not plan your vacation with Pickyourtrail from it’s USA packages. Also, you can customize and craft your perfect itinerary with us. Download the Pickyourtrail App and stay on top of all your travel-related queries. Reach us on Whatsapp as well and let our travel experts help you plan your dream vacation.


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