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Hot springs in Turkey
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13 Hot Springs In Turkey That Offer True Essence Of Relaxation

History and Turkey go hand in hand and the spectacular coastline just goes on to add to the many reasons to explore this beautiful destination. This shimmering meeting of continents is a colossal hub of civilization and an amalgamation of cultures and has a flavoursome cuisine and offers some really delectable delicacies. Not just that but breathtaking views and beautiful landscapes too but nothing beats the ever so amazing hot springs in Turkey. That is what all you can expect from Turkey.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Turkey also has more than 1000 hot springs that have therapeutic properties and are rich in antioxidants and minerals and have been used over the years as healers. If you are looking for a vacation just to relax and rejuvenate then let us tell you that a trip to Turkey offers you exactly that. Explore and soak in the goodness of these therapeutic hot springs as you enjoy a vacation in Turkey.

13 Best Hot Springs in Turkey

  • Ayas Thermal Springs in Ankara
  • Oylat Thermal Springs In Bursa
  • Tuzla Thermal Springs In Istanbul
  • Balcova Thermal Springs In Izmir
  • Karahayit Thermal Springs In Denizli
  • Sandikli Thermal Springs In Afyon
  • Bolu Thermal Springs In Bolu
  • Yalova Thermal Springs In Yalova
  • Hamambogazi Thermal Springs In Usak
  • Cekirge Thermal Spring
  • Cesme Thermal Spring
  • Gazligol Thermal Spring
  • Ilgin Thermal Spring

1. Ayas Thermal Springs in Ankara

hot springs in Turkey
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Located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, Ayas Thermal Springs are known to be beneficial in curing several diseases including sciatica, neuritis and lumbago.

2. Oylat Thermal Springs In Bursa

Hardly 30 kilometres away from Bursa City Center, Oylat Thermal Springs is one of the most. It might be a bit difficult to reach this thermal spring but what it offers certainly compensates. Rich in Sulphur, Bicarbonate, Hydrogen ions, Calcium and Iron. Out of all hot water springs in Turkey, the Oylat Thermal Spring in Bursa is famous for its purest and the most therapeutic water.

3. Tuzla Thermal Springs In Istanbul

Tuzla is the having the closest thermal springs to Istanbul, and the thermal springs here are known as Icmeler significantly contributes to its popularity. This highly recommended thermal spring is for those who don’t want to move too far away from the city centre while enjoying the benefits of relaxing thermal water. Dont miss out on the opportunity to visit this breathtaking attraction with an Istanbul trip package from India.


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4. Balcova Thermal Springs In Izmir

For more than 2500 years, the Balcova thermal springs located in Izmir have been a source of health and wellness. Balcova Thermal Springs offer several treatments it is historically known as “Agamemnon Springs”. The treatments include hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and kinezi therapy in accordance with the regulations of the Norwegian Ministry of Health.

5. Karahayit Thermal Springs In Denizli

Karahayit Thermal Springs In Denizli
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Karahayit is famous for its red colour thermal water the continuation of Pamukkale Travertines in Denizli. All of the Thermal Hotels and Spa Resorts are located as a cluster just 7 km away from Pamukkale. Its drinkable water is quite helpful in the treatment of digestive diseases such as problems related to stomach.

6. Sandikli Thermal Springs In Afyon

These thermal springs have mud baths and are located in one of the coolest cities in the Aegean region in Turkey, specifically in Afyon, Sandikli Thermal Springs. There are several hotels in the area, all offering countless health benefits.

7. Bolu Thermal Springs In Bolu

Welling out of 7 different springs, the use of hot underground water in Bolu dates back to the Byzantine era. At a temperature of 42 degrees, the thermal water provides various health benefits.

Bolu Thermal Springs In Bolu
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8. Yalova Thermal Springs In Yalova

Thermal springs in Yalova have contributed to the popularity of the region, and caused many foreign investors to pay considerable attention to it. Moreover, a number of thermal spa resorts in Yalova have recuperative thermal water and act as amazing stays for its visitors. It heals metabolic obesity, gout, kidney and ureter diseases, skin diseases, the diseases following orthopaedic operations, gynecologic diseases and all types of convalescence period diseases.

9. Hamambogazi Thermal Springs In Usak

This thermal spring located just 7 km away from Banaz province of Usak, Hamambogazi. These thermal springs are surrounded by natural beauties, thus offers a memorable vacation as well as a healthy one. The mineral water here in Hamambogazi is known to cure stomach and liver diseases along with chronic arthritis.

10. Cekirge Thermal Spring

The Cekirge Thermal Spring is another thermal spring in Bursa with many therapeutic properties. The thermal spring is a little adventure in itself and cures rheumatic diseases. Also known as “Silver Waters” these thermal springs in Turkey are something that you must not miss out. On your trip to Turkey, you can also have a good time at many hotels have at Cekirge have artificial hot springs which are equally great.

11. Cesme Thermal Spring

Cesme Thermal Spring
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This Thermal Spring is home to the most famous hot springs in Turkey. Cesme should not miss out if you are on a Turkey trip. The Cesme thermal springs has a clear blue Aegean waters and a cool climate. If you want a really scenic and breathtaking view of the Aegean sea then Cesme Thermal Spring is the place for you! It is undoubtedly one of the best places to be at in Turkey and offers many hotels where you can indulge in some artificial hot springs.

12. Gazligol Thermal Spring

Gazligol Thermal Spring is just 22 kilometres away from the Afyon City and one of the most famous hot springs in Turkey. Rich in substances like Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Bromide and Fluoride the Gazligol Thermal Spring cures diseases of the urinary tract, kidney and skin and making the metabolism better. The Gazligol Thermal Spring will rejuvenate its visitors. Gazligol also has some of the best hotels where one can rejuvenate at artificial thermal springs.

13. Ilgin Thermal Spring

Ilgin Thermal Spring is a thermal spring rich in Hydrocarbonate, Calcium and Sodium, located in the Southern province of Konya. Known for its therapeutic properties this thermal spring is a preferred option as a cure for dermatologic, rheumatic, circulatory, gynaecologic, digestive and many heart diseases. This must-visit place heals visitors both physically and spiritually the Iligin Thermal Spring will leave them spellbound.

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