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Winds of Change
Written by Hari Ganapathy on April 22, 2014 Share on

Raison D’etre – PickYourTrail

In one word – Change. We believe that vacations can be much more than just “taking a break”. The two to three weeks that you decide to step out, can change your perceptions, push you out of your comfort zone and rejuvenate you in various other dimensions.

The idea originated when we were on our EuroTrip in the latter part of 2012. We were waiting to enter the Notre Dame Cathedral, when we saw an Indian couple looking for help to click their Patel Shot. Just as we finished clicking a couple of shots, they had to rush as their group was moving ahead. In their hurry, they had left behind their backpack. Thanks to the key card in their bag, we were able to meet the next day over lunch. Over lunch we figured that they were honeymooning in France and Switzerland. Thought being part of a group helped them in unfamiliar surroundings, it was not a great experience on the whole. More often than not, they felt constrained by the group and had to trade off their personal likes. For instance, they had to forego the Trotti bike experience in Titils because the coach would not wait the extra 15 minutes. The fact that we were on our own and had the luxury of time at our hands amazed them!

This incident set us thinking. We felt that there could be a problem in an area which we were genuinely passionate about – Traveling! We looked at current options. There were two of them.

First one – Packaged Tours. Online players churned out itineraries by the hour. Their focus was on “activities” not experiences. Interestingly, their cost structure was layered with added costs which came in towards the end of the booking. The other option was self planning. This was popular among people who have travelled a bit. Self planned itineraries had a strong stamp of personalization. Unfortunately, given the scarcity of time, travelers were finding it difficult to spend plan their vacation.

How would it be if you had an alternative to boring packaged tours and cumbersome self planning ritual?

Eureka! Enter PickYourTrail. We aim to reinvent the way people experience vacations. Right from the itinerary all the way to your vouchers, we believe there is a lot that can be changed, made simpler, effective and efficient. For instance, At PickYourTrail every itinerary is unique, personalized and hand crafted by genuine travellers. This ensures that your itinerary is built by people who have a mental map of the city you are traveling to. They are adept at matching your needs with what the city has to offer. The end result is an itinerary that is unique, just like you.

Having travelled to 28 countries, we understand that planning a vacation is a complex process. With so many moving parts, we know its going to be difficult. But we are willing to bite the bullet of stringing all the various pieces together, because we believe that vacations can be a lot more fulfilling!

By stringing all pieces together we eliminate the need for rummaging emails to print confirmations from various portals. We provide you with a comprehensive travel docket (called Travel Genie). PickYourTrail’s Travel Genie is like your personal travel guide – gives you the freedom of discovering the city in your own style and pace.

Does this sound too good to be true?  In the last 3 months, over 50 travellers from all over the world have experienced a new way of vacationing  -The PickYourTrail way!

What are you waiting for? Get Packing!  Stop Touring. Start Traveling, the PickYourTrail way.

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