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How to beat the heat this Summer

Summer is the best time of the year to pack your sunglasses for a fun-filled vacation. But we bet picking up the right holiday destination for you and your family gets tougher every year. If you are someone who thinks guidebooks and travel mags are not enough to kinder your traveling spirit, then you are at the right place to find your ultimate spot for the summer.

List of travel destination that is best for planning your summer vacation.

1. Join the Independence Day Celebration

Fourth of July is celebrated across 50 states of the US continent but the capital is a prominent destination for travelers across the world. You can indulge yourself in music, food, parades, concerts and fireworks that will be a memorable experience to you and your family. But there are plenty of festivals and parades planned to cross the states that you easily tour the US in a most unexpected way.

2. Islands of Fiji

Summer is the perfect time of the year to dive into the pleasurable Fiji islands. Much like any other coastal paradise, Fiji is one to look out for this year. Get ready to join the annual Bula Festival to experience food, music, and culture in a week-long celebration. You can enjoy plenty of activities from tennis to scuba diving.

3. Greenland Cruise

With the warmth of summer and longer daylight, Greenland hosts the best summer getaway to scorching heat. Largest island has once in a lifetime experiences packed for you and your family right above the Arctic circle. You can have the wildest dream come true with a cruise through fjords, sailing alongside icebergs and encounter sea beasts like whales and walrus from unbelievable closeness. Dog sledding is open to visitors at summer times, why not?

4. Ski down to Chile

If you miss snow, get down at Chile. With skiing, wine tasting, hiking, and mountain biking, you get to experience their world-class food, culture, architecture in all in one travel plan for July. There is something for everyone’s delight in the coastal lines of South America.

5. Niagara falls of Canada

Canada flourishes during the summer heat with it’s Majestic Niagara falls getting all the attention it deserves. The country has worldly beauty of snow-capped mountains with overflowing kayaking vibes, it has a soft spot for all adventure junkie. Captivating scenery is one to aim for this summer.

6. Provence, France

Burst the stress away by visiting Provence in France. It is harvesting season and Lavenders is the shoutout here. Get a sensual experience by immersing yourself in the fields, vineyards and highlight your appetite with exotic honey and cheese.

7. Witness Great Migration Safari in Kenya

Ground yourself with this life-changing adventure to get lost in the middle of herds of Zebra, wildebeest and flocking birds that battle crocodiles on the crossing. It is dangerous and exciting safari you will ever be in considering it happens annually at the time of year. Witnessing 2 million strong herds migrate across widest Serengeti plains is nothing less spectacular.

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