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Written by Ritu Johny on May 27, 2020 Share on

Hacks to Keep Your Phone Covid-free While Travelling

From snagging that jeans on a flash deal to mindless scrolling while eating, using the washroom and (pretending) to work, your phone has seen it all! A recent study showed that this tiny device is host to over 17,000 bacterial gene copies which could cling to the screens for upto 4 days. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also considers the mobile as a “high-touch surface” and a possible carrier of the coronavirus. Here are the easiest hacks to protect your phone from Covid-19 germs:

How can I protect my phone from germs amid coronavirus fears?

Since mobile phones are constantly at our fingertips, it becomes easier for germs to transfer from our hands. Additionally, while making phone calls, there’s every chance for bacteria to get in touch with your face from the screen. While flying, instead of dunking the phone in the trays during security checks, it’s advisable to carry it in your hand luggage. It’s best to wipe down the tray table and armrest too before placing personal items. Avoid stuffing your phone in the seat pocket and wash your hands after using the lavatory since they are potential hotbeds for virus transmission.

n a metro hunched over their mobile phones.

What’s the best way to clean my phone?

Start off by unplugging and switching off your phone. Clean the phone with a slightly damp microfibre or lint-free cloth. Next, disinfect the phone using wipes or prepare a solution with 70% isopropyl (most widely used disinfectant also known as rubbing alcohol). Spray it on a microfibre cloth and gently wipe. Another way to kill the everyday germs is through a UV light sanitizer. Avoid bleach as it tends to ruin the phone’s touch surface. It goes without saying to not spray anything directly on your device.

Note: Always refer to the phone manufacturer’s guidelines for any specific steps to follow. Apple recommends Clorox disinfecting wipes, while Google and Samsung advise “ordinary household soap or cleaning wipes” to keep phones Covid-free. You may also wear disposable gloves to clean, as recommended by the CDC, and wash your hands thoroughly once done. 

Should I clean my phone case too?

Choose a phone case that can be easily cleaned. According to the type of case, the method of cleaning will differ. Plastic or silicone cases can be soaked in  soapy water and rinsed off with water. In case of leather, wipe with a microfibre cloth dampened by soapy water. Cases made of wood can be cleaned with a water and vinegar solution followed by just water.

Phone covers of different type.

Did you know that an average individual picks up the phone at least 76 times a day? Research also shows that phones carry 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! The greater the interaction of your phone outside the home, the more often it should be disinfected (at least once a day). If you haven’t cleaned your phone in a while, this should ideally be the wake-up call to start right away. Follow @Pickyourtrail to stay informed with the latest travel tips amid the coronavirus pandemic!

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