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How to Reach Maldives from Mumbai
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How to Reach Maldives from Mumbai – The best possible way for your convenience

Looking for a Maldives vacation package but confused on how to reach Maldives from Mumbai? Read through the blog to know! The Maldives is the best of the locations for your well-deserved honeymoon. The island that is literally a lovers retreat, is filled with great experiences and ambience that will literally keep you binded. This is on place that has one of the most famous and beautiful white sand beaches with crystal clear water that is seen almost everywhere. With one of the greatest scenic beauties in the world, this place holds a very favourite spot among the visitors. This is a place that should certainly be a place for honeymoon, as this is one beautiful place to reward your partner with. With some of the great beaches and beautiful localities, this place is specifically a catch. Maldives resorts has it’s uniqueness and is very famous for the water villas. So here is the best possible way of how to reach Maldives from Mumbai. This will certainly give you an easier way to travel to this beautiful land of beaches.

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How to Reach Maldives from Mumbai

How to reach Maldives from Mumbai? well that is a question asked for the ones who are looking at various options to travel to this beautiful place. For majority of the Indians, Maldives is the only Honeymoon destination for a great ambience. There are many ways that one can travel to Maldives from Mumbai in India. Some for the experience do also travel by water from Mumbai. But the most convenient and effective way of travel will be via flight. So the here are the various ways of how to reach Maldives from Mumbai.

Maldives to Mumbai Distance

The distance between the Maldives and Mumbai, India, is 1,764 kilometers.

Maldives to Mumbai Distance
Maldives to Mumbai Distance

Mumbai to the Maldives by flight

The Chatrapathi Shivaji airport in Mumbai has many direct flights to the Male international airport in Maldives. Also known as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, this is also directly accessible from the Bangalore and the Cochin airport too. The popular carriers from the Mumbai airport are Spicejet, Air India and Jet airways. Other than this there is also many stop over airlines that join in major international points like Doha, Istanbul, Colombo and Dubai. Apart from this you should also try out the seaplane that is very famous in Maldives. this will be a 15 passenger aircraft that takes you from the airport to the resorts that you have booked. This is certainly one unique experience at Maldives.

The flight time between the Maldives and Mumbai can vary depending on factors such as wind speed and direction. The average flight time is around 3 to 5 hours.

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How to reach Maldives from Mumbai by flight
Image Credits: Photo by sayhitobel on Unsplash

Mumbai to the Maldives by Cruise

There are no cruise boats as such when you look at travelling to Maldives. There are some private yatchs that crosses the border as it is duty bound. You will not find any sea routes from the Mumbai city to Maldives. So for you flights are the most viable and kind of like the only option to travel to the Maldives.

How to reach Maldives from Mumbai vis Cruise.
Image Credits: Photo by Kevin Bluer on Unsplash

Mumbai to the Maldives by road

There is no road way to reach the beautiful Maldives. This is an island and the best way for you to visit this island is via flights. This says that there is also no searoutes to this Island. the only place in the Island that you can take a taxi are the Male and Addu cities here.

How to reach the Maldives from Mumbai is in itself a intruiging question and we hope this article gave you the clarity. Do check out the best deals on some of the Maldives tour packages from Mumbai and their famous Maldives honeymoon packages at Pickyourtrail.

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