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Seychelles in 2020
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How to reach Seychelles from India

Seychelles beaches
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Seychelles is one of the luxurious destinations around the world and has always attracted honeymooners due to its picture-perfect beaches. A good 6 Nights would be ideal for this destination. There is a number of ways with which you can reach this place. From India, Seychelles is about 3700kms. Of course, the most convenient method is by booking a flight from India. There are one-stop flights from India. You can either reach Mahe Airport or the Praslin Airport (PRI).

As a traveller, it’s important to know how to reach the place before planning the vacation, be it any kind of vacation. It is important for travellers to know how to reach Seychelles before planning a family vacation or a romantic getaway to the country. Let’s take a look at the most used means of transportation to reach Seychelles.

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By Air

Seychelles houses 2 Internation Airports Seychelles has two major airports: Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) in Victoria and Praslin Island Airport. This Airport is located on the eastern side of Mahe Island. SEZ being the entry and exit points on most occasions, you can expect a crowd there at any time of the year. Air Seychelles, flag carrier airlines of Seychelles has its hub in Victoria. British Airways, Austrian Airlines, Emirates, Kenya Airways, and Turkish Airlines are some of the popular carriers that serve this airport.

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Praslin Island Airport is the secondary airport in Seychelles. and this is again served by the national airline, Air Seychelles. This pretty much serves to very close by regions and not the long haul flights to the other parts of the world. Zil Air is an airline that provides helicopters to nearby Islands.

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How to choose a flight

It takes about 4 hrs and 30 mins journey via a direct flight and if its a connecting flight then it varies anywhere between 8 hrs and 30 mins all the way up to 22 hrs depending on the flight chosen. Air Seychelles is the most reliable and most preferred air carrier. As you can see, the connectivity between India and Seychelles is good enough, so that booking a ticket to Seychelles wouldn’t be a major concern.

Choosing a flight is as important as choosing your destination. People might look to reduce the flight cost by compromising on the stopover time. But that can also be done to an extent. If the stopover time is anything more than 6 hours would obviously hamper the overall experience.

To conclude

The reason why we suggest you get help from the destination experts is that even a slight mishap would reflect very big on the overall experience. We at pickyourtrail help travellers with an End-to-End vacation plan that can be customized according to your needs. Want to know more about the Seychelles packages? Check out our guides page.

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