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How to reach the United Arab Emirates: Ultimate Travel Guide

The United Arab Emirates, at the gateway to the Persian Gulf, is a group of seven emirates on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsular. It is a nation rich in history and culture and is a convenient starting point for Middle East travel. The United Arab Emirates, also simply called the UAE, is a nation in Western Asia on the Persian Gulf, on the northeast edge of the Arab Peninsula, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south and west, and sharing maritime boundaries with Qatar to the west and Iran to the north.

Understanding the Experience

The United Arab Emirates ( UAE) is a seven-state federation that has grown from a still backwater to one of the most important economic centres in the Middle Eastern side. While historically Islamic, the UAE is one of the Gulf’s more tolerant nations, with many cultures and creeds typically being accepted. Yet economically it also stays totalitarian. Because of an ongoing territorial dispute over the Gulf Islands, relations with neighbouring Iran have been tense. The UAE was one of only three countries in Afghanistan to recognize Taliban rule. Until oil was discovered in the 1950s the economy of the UAE was based on fishing and diminishing pearl industry. But since oil exports started in 1962, the nation has been changing its culture and economy.

The U.A.E. offers an environment that is extremely familiar to the Western parts of the world. The malls are extraordinarily new and packed with nearly any commodity available in the West. Alcohol is readily accessible in several Dubai restaurants and pubs, in every other emirate except Sharjah in the visitor hotels. The roads and other public services are new, albeit incredibly crowded at times. Depending on the store, supermarkets sell a wide variety of goods from Europe and the U.S. along with local and national pieces. Big retail retailers like Ikea and Carrefour have a footprint and fast-food franchises including McDonald’s and KFC are highly involved.

On the other side, there are still a number of packed conventional souks lined with rug shops, items from around the globe. This can be challenging to locate for the typical tourist since the malls seem to receive excessive focus. 

Dubai city
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An already enormous and colourful melting pot of cultures contributes to the mixture of Emirati Arab culture combined with Southeast and South Asian, as well as African and other refugees who reside here.

Entering the United Arab Emirates

Visa Compliances:

Gulf Cooperation Council Citizens (GCC) nations may not need a visa, can join using a National Identification Card, and can live, operate, and fly permanently in the Emirates.

Indian nationals holding a current US Visa or Green Card do not need an advance visa for visit purposes and may procure a visa from any port of entry upon arrival, current for 14 days. It is at AED 100. The US visa / GC has to be valid for 6 months following arrival date. An extension is necessary with an extra charge for another 14 days.

Citizens of the European Union do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days within a 180 day period.

Entry will be refused to citizens of Israel.

Abu Dhabi
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Reaching UAE by air

The United Arab Emirates’ largest air transport gateway is Dubai airport, which is operated by many large airlines, the most notable one being Emirates Airlines. Direct flights connect Dubai with Durban, Johannesburg, Kolkata, Hong Kong, Paris, Zurich, Houston, Milan, Madrid, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Cape Town, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Karachi, Tehran, Riyadh, Mumbai, São Paulo and several other big European, Asian, Australian, North American and African cities.

Emirates airlines
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The Abu Dhabi airport has the second strongest foreign connectivity, behind Dubai. The most notable airlines operating here would be Ethihad airlines.

Reaching the United Arab Emirates by Bus

The road network between Oman and UAE is relatively smooth and thus provides regular bus service between Dubai and Oman’s port city, Muscat.

Reaching the United Arab Emirates by Road

The road network that connects the UAE with Oman is relatively smooth and a strong one. When you hold an International Driving Permit, it is a good choice to travel to the emirates by road. One may also rent a taxi which can be quickly reached. All roads in the UAE are in outstanding shape, but there is a large amount of traffic between Sharjah and Dubai, as well as a 4 AED fee to cross the toll gate to Salik.

Reaching the United Arab Emirates by Water

The foreign seaports based at Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras-al-Khaimah are Jebel Ali, Rashid, Zaved, Khalid, and Fujairah. Sharjah receives vessels from Bandar-e-Abbas in Iran; however, from Australia, Europe, the USA and the Far East, there is an alternative to enter Abu Dhabi and Dubai. There is a wide dhow network which carries goods across the Gulf and India. Passage on one of those vessels may be bought.

Best time to visit the UAE

The perfect time to explore the United Arab Emirates will probably be during the colder months of the year. Middle east climate is usually hot and warm. The perfect time to join the UAE is in both of October and February. The weather is mild at this time of year allowing for a nice jacket or jumper.

Summers in Dubai are exceptionally dry, windy and humid, with an average temperature of about 41 ° C (106 ° F) and lows of about 30 ° C (86 ° F) during the hottest month of August. Many days of the year are sunny. In January, the hottest month, winters are comparatively mild with an average high of 24 ° C (75 ° F) and 14 ° C (57 ° F) at night.

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Plan your trip to the United Arab Emirates

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