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​​How to Ship Your Car when you go on Vacation
Written by Guest Author on January 4, 2022 Share on

​​How to Ship Your Car when you go on Vacation

If you’re going on a trip with your family, it’s likely that you’ll want to bring your car with you. Long-distance driving can be quite stressful, since it is time-consuming and there are so many things to think about along the way, such as fuel consumption planning, traffic rules, dining options, and perhaps hotels. For all this commodity, you will have to pay.

You can drive yourself on short distances, but for longer trips, such as 50 miles or more, shipping your automobile with a car transport company such as EasyWay Auto Transport is often more convenient. They’ll take care of all the shipping for you, from pickup point to destination. The best part is that we offer door-to-door services at no additional cost.

In that case, you may take a plane to your destination more quickly and in a more pleasant manner while your car will wait for you at the end.

Our advice: book your car shipping in advance as your car will be shipped in a couple of days, depending on distance. In that way, when you will arrive at your destination, your car will be there for you.

When is the best time to book your car shipment?

To give you an idea about how many days in advance you should book your car shipment, we’ve listed the general routes below and how many days it takes to get your car at destination. Keep in mind that you should book at least 7 days before your departure date, as this will allow you to get a better price. For example, if your car has to arrive in 5 days in another state, it is better to book your auto transport at least 12 days before departure.

Interstate car shipping

Coast to Coast7 – 10 days
3/4 Cross Country5 – 7 days
1/2 Cross Country3 – 5 days
North to South / South to North3 – 5 days
Interstate and/or to Neighboring States1 – 3 days
Within the Same State1 – 3 days

Shipping days by distance

DistanceShipping Days
0 – 300 miles1-2 days
300 – 600 miles1-3 days
600 – 900 miles2-4 days
900 – 1300 miles3-5 days
1300-1800 miles5-7 days
1800 – 2300 miles7-9 days
2300 + miles7-12 days

Select the right auto transport type

There are several ways to ship your car from one state to another, depending on the size of your vehicle and your budget. The most common are:

Open Auto Transport: Your vehicle will be shipped with an open trailer. It is best for budget transport.

Enclosed Car Shipping: Instead of being exposed to the elements, your car is enclosed in a trailer or shipping container. This option costs more than open transport, but it helps prevent damage and gives you peace of mind.

Expedited Car Shipping: Has a higher fee, but it gets your vehicle transported faster.

Tips when choosing a car transport company:

1. Choose a company that have their own trucks

In this business, there are many brokers who act as a middleman between the shipping provider and the customer. It’s more expensive and time-consuming to work with them. EasyWay Auto Transport has a fleet of its own trucks, so it controls the entire process from pickup to delivery.

2. Insurance coverage for car shipping

Before booking your car shipping service, you should ensure that the company has insurance for this service. They must have at least $1 million in protection coverage.

3. Work with experienced companies

A professional car shipping company will take care of every detail. The experts will handle all the transportation logistics and make sure there are no big bumps on the road.

4. Customer service

You should be able to get assistance 24 hours a day, to ensure that your car is safely carried and arrives on time.

5. See what other people have to say

When you choose your auto transport company, pay attention to reviews. Google Maps and other platforms are a good place to start. Some people also find it helpful to speak with other people who are familiar with the car shipping process and have already shipped their vehicle.


When you go on your next vacation, having your car transported can save you a lot of time and money, making your vacation more enjoyable. Consider our suggestions while selecting a company to transport your vehicle.

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