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How to spend a weekend exploring all that Adelaide has to offer

Adelaide has long been a favourite travel destination for many. Located right on the coast of South Australia, this city may be one of Australia’s smaller destinations, but it is certainly jam-packed with activities and attractions just waiting to be experienced.

No matter the kind of holiday you’re after, you’ll find something incredible and just for you there. While we recommend spending as long as you can in this fabulous destination, if you’re short on time, perhaps you’re only visiting for the weekend, let us help you out.

We’ve put together a bit of a guide to some of the places to see and things to do when you’re only in town for a short while.

First, let us tell you a little bit about Adelaide.

All About Adelaide

Located along the southern coast of Australia, Adelaide is one of the smaller capital cities in Australia, with a population of around 1.3 million people.

The city is relatively small, and laid out in a logical grid, so it’s almost impossible to get lost and incredibly easy to get around.

The city offers all sorts of attractions and sites to see (which we will get into shortly) and with a tram service and the beach only a stone’s throw away, you can taste a bit of everything in the space of a day.

Weatherwise, the South Australian climate differs substantially to other areas of Australia. In summer it can get quite hot, though there isn’t too much humidity so it’s not an unpleasant experience. It can, however, get quite cold over the winter months. A popular time of year for people to visit from February to April, when it’s still warm and many different festivals are on!

So, if you’re planning to visit, but short on time, let’s talk about what you can do in 48 hours.

Day 1: Cities and beaches

If this is your first trip to Adelaide, we definitely recommend spending a day exploring the city. One of the beautiful things about a city the size of Adelaide is that, while you won’t be able to see everything in a day, you’ll be surprised at how much you can discover and how easy it is just to get around.

The city is rich with attractions museums, libraries, and art galleries to explore. If you’re interested in Australia’s migration history the Migration Museum is a great place to soak up more than two centuries worth of history.

Not too far from the Migration Museum you can find the Art Gallery, the Adelaide Museum, and the library. While a library may not be the first place you think of checking out, we highly recommend taking a peek at the Mortlock Wing which is reminiscent of the libraries you might in Hogwarts.

If you prefer to soak up the sights outdoors, then a visit to the Adelaide Botanical Gardens is most certainly on the cards. The gardens are located just to the northeast of the main CBD area, and you can even enjoy free guided tours.

If you’re into shopping, a stroll down Rundle Mall, the main shopping strip, is a great way to spend part of your day (or all of it). You can buy gifts for the entire family on Rundle Mall, and you may even stumble into a few arcades and alley ways and discover some of the hidden gems of the area. All we’ll say is, don’t be afraid to explore.

After a morning spent exploring the CBD, we highly recommend making your way to Glenelg to spend your afternoon and evening.

A short tram ride from the city, you’re going to find yourself surrounded by incredible vistas at every turn, and it’s almost hard to believe you’re still in the same city. Glenelg is a must visit when you’re in Adelaide – even if you only have a few hours.

The area offers amazing restaurants with views that span over the ocean. You can dine on fresh seafood while you keep an eye out for dolphins.

After dinner, grab an ice dream and take a stroll along the Glenelg Pier. There’s nothing like dessert and a sunset. And then once you’ve finished your dessert and the sun has set, you can make your way to any of the local bars along the beach and enjoy a few beverages to wrap up your first day in Adelaide.

Day 2: Head inland

You have likely heard of the Barossa Valley, McClaren Vale, and the Adelaide Hills. These are three of the most prized wine regions in not only Australia, but the entire world. So, as you can imagine, if you’ve made it all the way to the area, you must try some of the wine!

Our pick of the wine regions would have to be the Adelaide Hills. Located only a short 25-minute drive from the city precinct of Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills is filled with amazing landscapes, gorgeous towns, and scenery so beautiful you will think you’re in the countryside somewhere in Europe.

Part of the reason for this is the small, utterly charming town of Hahndorf. Holding onto its German roots, this gorgeous place definitely should be a stop along the way. The town boasts cafes, breweries, and wineries where you can taste the local drops.

Hahndorf is only one of the places to visit in this region though. Nestled amongst the rolling green hills of the Adelaide Hills you will find animal sanctuaries where you can get up close to the local animals like koalas.

If you’re a nature lover take some time to explore the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens and make your way to the top of the Mount Lofty Summit to discover an unbeatable view of the region.

But we all know why you’re visiting the Adelaide Hills, and that is to taste the local wines right where they are made.  You’re truly spoilt for choice with an amazing array of wineries that are all within easy driving distance of one another. You can experience wine tastings, try the local produce, and learn how each of these vineyards create their wines.

No matter your wine of choice, there is a winery to suit you, some of our favourites include the Nepenthe, Deviation Road, Artwine, Bremerton, and Mt Lofty Ranges Vineyard. Keep in mind though, this list is not exhaustive, there are so many more wineries just waiting to be explored.

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As you can see, Adelaide is rich with activities and attractions for you to discover, so if you’re planning a trip, our recommendation is to not rush it, stay awhile!