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How to vacation like Taylor Swift

While Swifties await with bated breath for the announcement of Taylor Swift’s next album release, here’s a look at locales Swift’s best videos were shot at.
This is how you get to vacation like Taylor Swift – A DIY to make your music video with us! ūüėČ


Location : Kalahari Desert & Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Botswana

One of¬†the¬†1989¬†album’s well received songs,¬†Wildest Dreams¬† narrates the story of two lead actors falling in and out of love while shooting for rom-com in the 1950s. Visuals from both Africa and California are used.

Follow her here : Go history hunting on the uninhabited Kubu island Рfull of natural spectacles and mysteries. Not sure you want to get as proximate to lions as Taylor did? No worries, the Okavango Delta Canoe Ride is a great way to encounter the Botswana wildlife and, of course, vacation like Taylor Swift!  

Spot something else that T. Swift did that we didn’t mention? Hit us up! With us there is a 98% guarantee you can, too!


Location : Hercules Cave, Morocco

Image credit – hiveminer

Claimed for its visuals that are unlike any of Taylor Swift’s other songs,¬†Style¬†from¬†1989¬†begins with a silhouette of Taylor Swift’s face interspersed with her boyfriend standing on the shore outside the Hercules Cave.

Follow her here :¬†The Hercules Cave offers many photo and beach-cation opportunities, we concur. But, in case you want to explore an ancient city or shop your heart out at a la Agrabah-from-Arabian Nights-like city, we are yours to hit up. ūüėÄ ¬†


Location : Bethells Beach, New Zealand

Image credit – newzealand

Another example of brilliant visuals, this Billboard chart-topper from 1989 is shot in the mountains surounding Queenstown. The first scene set at the Bethells beach, for instance, sees jungle growing around Swift.

Follow her here : Why stop with the Bethells beach when there are other beach extraordinaire to explore – some splayed with golden sands, some supplying hot water, some home to mysterious boulders. No more a secret how to vacation like Taylor Swift, eh?


Location : Seine, Paris

Seine river
Image credit – wallpaperstock

Shot by the Seine river, Taylor Swift is seen on her bicycle – floral dress and sunglasses on. The video reads like a postcard, easy on the eyes with sweet visuals of France. Here’s another Postcard you might like ūüėČ

Follow her here : A bike ride isn’t the only thing to do around / near the Seine river. Heading to the Notre Dame, picnic-ing down the river bank, taking a stroll by the many bridges and parks around are only a few among the many things to do here.


Location : Castle Gwynn, Tennessee


A chart topper from her debut album Fearless, Love Story garnered a lot of attention ( and views, too!). Shot at Gwynn Castle and Cumberland University in Tennessee, the video narrates a love story over two eras.

Follow her here : Once you have had your fill of the enchanting Gwynn Castle Рwhich opens up to public only during the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in May Рhead out to the Great Smoky Mountains nearby to have your fill of adventure and of course, to vacation like Taylor Swift does!

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