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Huvahendhoo Island: Luxury Resort in the Maldives

Take in the sun and the glory of the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches as you head to Huvahendhoo Island. It has remarkable beauty that is treated to the sore eyes. Head straight to the Lily Beach resort and spa to stay in luxury cottages. Experience the topmost level of hospitality while in Huvahendhoo Island. What are you waiting for? Time to back your bags for a staycation with my family or your better half and experience the land of Maldives. Watch the waves hit the shore and the tranquillity of the beaches around you. Wake up to the most amazing views you have ever seen in your life. Keep this blog post as a handy guide while visiting Huvahendhoo Island. Keep reading to know everything and anything about this gorgeous island you will fall in love with.

Huvahendhoo Island
Credits: Unsplash

About Huvahendhoo Island Resort

Huvahendhoo Island is one of the popular islands in the Maldives. The Lily Beach Resort and spa is what makes this emerald coloured beautiful island so popular. You can expect to enjoy lush villas, sumptuous dining, gorgeous scenery and much more at this spectacular resort island. The experience of true hospitality with luxury is a combo you will only get on this island.

Address: Huvahendhoo Island, Maldives
Most Suitable For
: Honeymooners and mainly couples
Most Suitable Time To Visit: from July to October
TripAdvisor Ratings: 5/5


Coco Bodu Hithi Resort @ ₹60,000*

Things To Do In Huvahendhoo Island

Huvahendhoo Island
Credits: Unsplash

There are a number of activities you can take part in at your time on this island. Keep reading to know the list of fun things to do in Huvahendhoo Island. Find out below what fun and new experiences you can have on this tropical island.

1. Snorkeling

Huvahendhoo Island is under the South Ari Atoll which is known for its magnificent underwater aquatic life. You will witnesses lively coral reefs, various kinds of fishes and large whales will follow you while you go on snorkelling under the crystal-blue waters of the island. The Lily beach resort will give you all the facilities such as instructors, snorkelling equipment and much more. Get ready to deep dive into the ocean and watch the marine life swim by you.

Other Water-Based Activities To Try out: Jetski, Jet Blade, Glass Bottom Canoe etc.

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2. Spa

The Lily beach resort and spa is recognised for its pampering spas and the much-needed relaxing which all tourists look for during a vacation. As soon as you take in a step into the spa you will be welcomed with the aromatic smell of essential oils. Don’t forget to keep a slot empty for an hour or two in your itinerary for a relaxing spa experience. Say bye to the stress in the best way during your vacation.

How To Reach Huvahendhoo Island

You will be welcomed warmly at Airports in Maldives by the staff working in the resort. Post that, you will be taking a thrilling seaplane ride to Huvahendhoo Island. This is how your extravagant holiday at the Lily Beach resort and spa will start. Have a safe and sound ride to the retreat and take in the excellence of the island resort.

In conclusion, Huvahendhoo Island. is worth the visit for an experience of luxury and comfort. Get packing and check out the Maldives packages and other international holiday packages by Pickyourtrail.

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