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Hyde Park Sydney
Written by Tanmayee on May 26, 2020 Share on

Visit The Oldest Park In Sydney – The Hyde Park

Located on Australia’s East Coast is the State capital of New South Wales, Sydney. Sydney is considered to be the largest city in Australia and one of the most popular tourist destinations. The city has a lot to offer right from it’s lively beaches to the dynamic culture and its breathtaking scenery. Sydney also lets its tourists get accustomed to Australian’s way of life and their rich culture. Sydney is divided into various districts and neighbourhoods each of which offering something unique for you. 

Hyde Park
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Hyde Park, which was established in 1810, is the oldest and most popular park in Australia. The name of the park has originated from London’s Hyde Park. Hyde Park is located on the Eastern border of Sydney City Centre. Being the oldest park with historical significance, the park has been listed as a world heritage site.

The public parkland was earlier used for various purposes, from being an unofficial gathering spot for the early settlers where cricket matches, cockfights, and cart racing took place to a land utilized as a source of food, due to Currently, Hyde Park is being used as a recreational space for the current population.

Hyde Park is measured to be 16.2 hectares of land, which contains well-maintained gardens and around 580 trees. These trees are a mix of palms, figs, conifers, and other vegetation. Because of its lush greenery, Hyde Park can be a perfect place for one to have a nice picnic with their loved ones, or walk around the park or simply just relax and read your favourite book under shade off the trees. Besides, the park is also centrally located surrounded by restaurants and cafes, shopping areas, galleries, and much more, making it an ideal hangout place.

Attractions in Hyde Park: 

ANZAC Memorial building
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Archibald Fountain at Hyde Park
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Being a vast one, Hyde Park has been divided into two sections – the Hyde Park South and the Hyde Park North. The Hyde Park south contains the ANZAC Memorial building and visitor centre, the pool of reflection, and other historical monuments and statues. The Hyde Park North features the iconic Archibald Fountain and many theme gardens including Sandringham and Nagoya Gardens filled with public artworks, monuments, and water features.

How To Get There?

Hyde Park is situated at Elizabeth St, Sydney, New South Wales 2000, Australia. There are plenty of choices when it comes to transportation to the park. 

By train: One can take a train to the St.James and museum train station, which are beneath the park. Apart from these, you also have train lines T1, T2, and T4 that help you reach the stations nearest to the park. 

By bus: As the park is bordered by many major roads, you can choose any bus route. The best bus lines that would stop close to the park are 303, 422, 461, and M20. 

By cab/taxi: As it’s centrally located, you can opt to take a taxi or a cab. 

By walk: If you’re staying in the city centre and don’t mind walking the streets of this beautiful city, then you can also considering walking to the park. 

Visitor Information: 

An entrance ticket is required for the park. For kids below the age of 5, it’s free of charge. For children of 5 years and above an entry fee of 8 AUD. You can also purchase a family ticket that would cost you 30 AUD.

The park is open all week from and without any restricted timings. 

Things To Do:

Hyde Park is considered one of the most popular hangout spots in Sydney. What can one do this in this public park? Well, it offers something for everyone. 

Go Walking: 

Walk at the Hyde Park
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This gorgeous green park located in the heart of the city is spread over 40 acres. It would be a perfect place to take a stroll or run around the park and listen to the birds chirping or just enjoy the beautiful gardens. 

Visit Monuments and Landmarks: 

Being one of the oldest parks, you can find tonnes of monuments and historical landmarks. If you’re a history buff, you have a lot in store for you. You can walk around the southern section of Hyde Park and visit the Heritage-listed ANZAC war memorial, which features displays and structures that honour the dead soldiers of Australia. Towards the northern section, one can visit the Archibald Fountain, a gift from JF Archibald to Sydney, or wander around the Sandringham and the Nagoya Gardens where you can experience beautiful scenery and spend a relaxing time.


This park is not only famous for its attractions and beauty but also for hosting various events throughout the year. Some of the most popular events you can be a part of are, ANZAC day, Sydney Festival, Sydney Food, and Wine Fair, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander celebration. 

Sydney has a lot to offer and caters to each and every person’s interests. Be sure to include Sydney in your Australia trip and this old beautiful park as a part of your itinerary.  For further help, reach out to the experts at Pickyourtrail and get your customized itinerary.

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