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I wish I could eat chocolates and fondue all day long – Tanvi


Tanvi, an entrepreneur and a travel enthusiast from Delhi explains why travel is more than just ticking places on your bucket list.

Talk about your relationship with travel

Travel is something which gives me immense joy and pure happiness. My relationship and love for travel is probably a fruit of my dad’s early love for exploring new places. His passion only grew as he started earning and he still continues to be motivated by travel. As a child, listening to his stories on travelling around India and abroad with little to no money has definitely shaped me up to the serious traveller I am now.

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Right from planning the trip to experiencing the city, the whole process for me is very exciting and takes me to a whole another world. Yes, it might sound weird but when I travel I forget all my worries. There is this sudden adrenaline rush and I feel like a new person all over again.

How do you balance travel and work?

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It is actually tough to manage travel and work, especially when you’re in India and are tied up to a desk job, slogging from 9-7. I personally haven’t seen any Indian companies understanding the importance of a trip. But there are cases where you will get lucky and the process becomes easier. While I got to travel a lot during my school and college days, it was difficult when I started working and then I had to prioritize. Fortunately, now I have my business and I get to explore a lot of unconventional places officially.

I have a friend who works in an asset management firm in London and loves to travel as well. Her work practically takes her everywhere in the world. So, find a job which lets you travel or take time out and put the effort while you’re in a desk job.

Destinations visited

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How do you decide on the destinations?

I travel for cultural experiences, food, and natural beauty. More than that, I travel for myself. I am totally not into ticking destinations off for the sake of doing it. It’s about exploring the place, being there by yourself and getting to know you more. Be it my childhood dream of spending my honeymoon in Orlando (Yes, I did and it was magical) or soaking in the serenity of Santorini, I have had the best holidays.

One craziest/most memorable international travel experience

It is very tough to pick out one experience as I have enjoyed each and every one of them. But I definitely have a crazy one. It was when we went on an all-girls trip to Rome as a family and I was probably in 10th grade. My aunt, being the over-enthusiastic traveller in our family booked our stay in a vintage-style accommodation in Rome. It had no A/c and the lift was so tiny that I still get chills talking about it.

Now, coming to the crazy experience. I and my cousin were staying in a single room and one night, 2 random Italian men barged into our room just like that (our room didn’t lock properly as well) and we RAN! Ironically, we barged into the next room where my aunt and mom were sleeping. That night, we slept like seals one over the other, in a room which only had one bed and a table fan. I can never forget the experience and it was one of the best trips I have had.

What’s your favourite souvenir?

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I am a collector of souvenirs and I have collected a lot of compact souvenirs over time. Be it the ridiculous DDLJ cowbell keychain or ‘I love Bali/London’ t-shirts or mickey mouse from Orlando, I have it all. However, one of my favourites has to be a painting of the Budapest chain bridge that I purchased from the winding streets of Budapest. The painting is of a couple walking on the bridge holding a red umbrella. It is easily one of my favourites.

Destinations that you love going back to & why

If I had to pick the destinations that I love going back to, it would be Thailand and London.

London has a special place in my heart. Thanks to my connection over there, I visit the city at least once every year. There is something about the vibe of the city which makes you want to come again and again.

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I love Thailand for its sheer diversity. I am amazed by the country whenever I go. Be it the madness of Bangkok, parties of Koh Samui or the tranquil Phuket (shocking but yes Phuket has amazing resorts with untouched beaches), Thailand is truly an amalgamation of every experience you would want on a holiday.

What are your future plans and what is next on your bucket list?

I am not the person who creates a checklist of destinations. But there are a few places which I definitely want to go – South America, Japan, South Africa, and Iceland. Also, I wish I could visit the quaintest towns and villages in Europe and eat chocolates & fondue all day long.

A word of inspiration to our readers

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Travel for yourself and no one else. A lot of times we base our plans on friends or families but if there is a place you really want to visit, don’t hesitate, go on a solo trip. To travel is a journey within yourself and try to enjoy each and every moment of it. It is not about posting on Facebook or Instagram or going to each and every place mentioned on Lonely Planet, it is all about doing what you love.

About the author

Tanvi is an entrepreneur, e-commerce professional, and a travel enthusiast. Born and brought up in Delhi, she is a Maths postgraduate from London. She has worked with E&Y, Fabfurnish, and Home Credit. Recently, Tanvi has started her own home furnishings and décor venture – House Of Ekam. She is a yoga and fitness junkie with a serious love for food & chocolates, which definitely don’t go hand in hand.

Meanwhile, craft your own travel experience at Pickyourtrail.


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