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Iceland ranked as the top vacation spot for single female travellers

As the world begins to reopen after the pandemic, the travel industry is predicting a surge in solo female travel trips. In fact, Google searches for “best places to solo travel as a woman” have already increased by 5,000% in the last month, according to Accor, a leading hospitality company. To help solo female travellers, Accor analysed global Google search volume to reveal the top 10 most popular destinations for those planning a solo getaway.

The top three locations sought after by female travelers traveling alone are Iceland, Italy, and Japan.

Iceland is the most in-demand destination for solo female travellers, with 2,740,000 average monthly searches. Located in Northern Europe, Iceland is the perfect destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing. It has also consecutively ranked in first place on the Global Peace Index.

With 1,898,000 average monthly searches, Italy takes second place on the list. Italy is home to famous cities like Milan, Venice, and Rome, and it hosts more UNESCO sites than any other country in the world.

Japan racks up 1,830,000 average monthly searches and takes third place on the list. The country is situated off the east coast of Asia and is home to popular tourist destinations such as Tokyo, Nikko, and Hakone. Japan is also known for its strong transport links, making it easy to navigate for solo female travellers.

With the highest YoY increase in searches, Spain is quickly becoming a popular destination.

Despite landing in sixth place on the rankings, Spain is predicted to become a popular hotspot for solo female travellers, with a +233% increase in searches year-on-year. Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world and boasts around 8,000 kilometres of coastline. With up to 3,000 hours of sun per year, it’s the perfect destination for those seeking the sun.

According to sources, Accor is Partnering for Safe Travels

To ensure safe travels for women, Accor has partnered with SHe Travel Club, an independent hotel label that leverages women’s feedback to label hospitality locations approved by and for female travellers. Experts at SHe Travel Club explain the benefits of solo female travel, including feeling empowered, boosting self-confidence, and adapting to different cultures and situations.

According to She Travel Club , here are some tips for Safe and Comfortable Solo Female Travel

When considering solo female travel, safety should be a top priority. Conduct research, read reviews, and reach out to locals through online forums and communities. Additionally, the experts at SHe Travel Club recommend the following tips for safe and comfortable solo female travel:

SHe Travel experts recommend the following

Keep in mind the Four Pillars which are safety comfort . Always start your preparations by securing the four pillars that surround your journey: safety, comfort, services, and dining.

2. Subscribe to Specialised Blogs

Look out for blogs and forums around your chosen destination(s). Contact other female travellers and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations.

3. Pre-Plan Inter-City Travel

If you’re planning on visiting multiple destinations, have a plan in place that accommodates this. Look into local, trusted taxi companies, and download or print public transport timetables and maps to determine the ideal means of transport.

4. Finding Affordable Accommodation

With hotels in over 100 countries around the world, you can find affordable accommodation for your solo travel trip at

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