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Written by Akshaya Devi on July 15, 2020 Share on

Why Iceland wants travellers to scream into its gorgeous landscapes

Looks Like You Need To Let It All Out, as Iceland calls it, the Scandinavian country’s latest tourism campaign invites travellers to let out their screams of repressed frustrations into its vast wilderness — yes, you can literally record and submit your screams on the campaign website, which will be played on speakers placed in Iceland’s seven different locations.

All of these chosen spots, including Festarfjall black sand beach and Snæfellsjökull glacier mountain, are well detached from the inhabited regions so that Icelanders need not wake up to nightmarish screams at 1:30 am.

Some were sold by Iceland’s quirkiness at first glance, but some have questions.

Iceland might have a point for taking so much effort for what looks like a child’s play. We are not new to the once-in-a-while feeling of wanting to climb atop a mountain and scream at the top of our lungs — as a way of letting out pent-up emotions that can’t be explained in words. Our basic instinct is not wrong. Psychological studies claim that there is indeed a therapy method that involves screaming out loud, called Primal therapy.

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If that holds true for life in general, life in 2020 is something with no parallel in our generation. Human beings are creatures of habit and slightest disorders in their way of life disrupts mindfulness, and if not handled soon, lead to depression. The pandemic has had the same effect on people’s mental health — and Iceland wants to address the same by letting out your cathartic screams into its dreamy landscapes.

Nevertheless, many people have raised concerns that playing loud screams into open spaces will disturb wildlife and also disrupt the pristine tranquillity of Iceland’s nature. May be Iceland has a plan to preserve the peace of wildlife and also that of the travellers visiting Iceland anytime soon. Let’s wait and watch.

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