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Manoj and Arul Kiruthika in Hofn, Iceland
Written by Preetha Manivelan on May 26, 2020 Share on

Iceland With My Loved One – Here’s How my trip got cut short but my dreams didn’t!

I said Yes to the trip to Iceland with my loved one when I realised that Dream destinations shouldn’t always be just dreamt,

says one of our many amazing customers, Arul Kiruthika. Having returned to India almost just a month back. She added, I want to go back to Iceland

Manoj and Arul Kiruthika realizing their dream in Iceland

We were already sharing her vibe of joy as she started to describe how her trip went. It would give everyone an I wish I could visit Iceland with my loved one motive for sure. Manoj and Arul Kiruthika are some serious couple goals. Scroll down and read how she made a fairy tale of her own.

Why Iceland?

When someone comes to me and asks where do I want to travel or hear someone talking about their dream destination, Iceland just pops up in my mind. I always wanted to visit many countries but Iceland just topped my list. While I was all dreaming about my travel plans, I got married. That’s when I decided what’s better than a honeymoon in Iceland? I and the love of my life decided to plan our honeymoon to this wonderland with our bags packed with dreams. My excitement was at the peak and we started planning it well in advance in the month of September in 2019 and my dream did come true on March 5, 2020, when I left my home happily for the first time in my life.

Driving in Iceland with my loved one

Tell us about how the planning happened

We were super excited right from planning it but never knew Pickyourtrail would be our trip planner until I got in touch with Tripoto who referred Pickyourtrail to us and we can’t thank them enough for that. We had been planning to visit Iceland, Paris and Italy. But since it would be possible yet difficult to cover all three places at one go, we cut off Italy which later turned out to be of the best decisions made as Italy was under a complete lockdown when we started from India.

Despite hearing from people that this is not the right time to visit Europe, my brother who is a doctor helped me on how to stay safe as we were so confident about making it to that one dream destination. His words were, Something like Corona definitely shouldn’t stop you from realizing your dream in Iceland with your loved one.

The amazing Diamond beach, Iceland

And Yes! We made it and thus started my dream of being in Iceland with my better half <3

How well did Iceland treat you?

Iceland is a place one shouldn’t miss in their lifetime and the weather was just unpredictable. We loved every single moment being there and lived it to the fullest. I have one interesting yet the sweetest thing about the Icelanders. It was when we were high on love and walking in the middle of the road in Iceland with my loved one not realizing that we shouldn’t. Later when we turned back, we saw 5 cars travelling with the rhythm of our foot. They neither pressed a horn nor shouted at us which made us love the Icelanders too besides the country itself.

As she said this, her face was full of grin that made us not only fall in love with the Icelanders but also with the passion she has for travel.

How was your overall experience with the country itself?

We flew to Reykjavik with so many dreams to be unwrapped. Our trip started with a flight cancellation because of which we landed 9 hours later from the actual timing. We had our Northern lights planned that day. Any Iceland trip would be incomplete without being amazed by this beauty. I was just worried if we will not be able to take the activity which I thought would be the most amazing part of our trip. Fortunately, we had 24*7 support from the team right from the pickup of my rental car to the rescheduling of the activity to a later date. Once reached, we checked in to the hotel at Reykjavik after a long flight.

We started the trip from there and what we lived in Iceland is something we will cherish for our entire lifetime. We visited 8 cities in 9 days with 4 activities planned. It was all about the beautiful drive at some of the places. And I must say driving in Iceland was one of the best parts of the trip that the country had to offer. Though the roads were a little difficult to ride in some places, it was one hell of a ride. We had our ice cave tour at Hofn which is one of the best experiences that we had in Iceland.

The way she described even her difficulties in a joyous way is something that made her have an awesome time even during tiring times. The positivity spread as she went deep into her experience filled with mesmerizing memories.

Ice cave tour at Hofn, One of the best places to visit in Island with my loved one

Curious to know about The Black Sand beaches!

We reached Vik, the third city on our itinerary. The room that was booked for us was located near the beach, not even 5 minutes away. I was just awestruck by how beautiful the black sand beach was. We never knew it would be so cold until we went there. Since the chillness was unbearable which made us go back to our room. But the feeling of setting my foot on this beach never let me stay away from it. We revisited it in a while but this time, I was content enough. Maybe I was so much into its beauty that I couldn’t realise the chillness, whatever. Did I miss telling you how beautiful the sunrise was in Iceland with my loved one, the next morning?

We woke up and walked to the beach just to see the sunrise. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Anyone who visits Iceland should never miss this beauty as it would leave you in awe for at least a few minutes. We still could imagine how spellbound we were.

Sunrise at the black sand beaches Vik in Iceland with my loved one

Can you tell us how Northern lights and how weather played spoilsport?

It was only two days left in Iceland. The second last city we visited was Reykjavik again. There were three activities planned on a single day due to unfortunate cancellations. Blue lagoon and whale watching were successfully done but the northern lights were again cancelled due to bad weather.

A breathtaking view of Northern lights tour, Reykjavik

I know to leave Iceland without seeing the northern lights would leave me in huge disappointment. We rescheduled it for the third time but this time we had to travel from Keflavik. I was so sure that we should see northern lights no matter what. We checked into the hotel and drove to the terminal with a hope that it shouldn’t get cancelled yet again. Though Pickyourtrail spoke to the supplier multiple times and got it confirmed, all my worries went away only when we got into the tour bus. I was on cloud nine when we finally made it to the northern lights and witnessed the magic. It was amazing and I am falling short of words to describe how it looked. It was way more beautiful beyond comparison. With our hearts filled with fulfilment beyond words, we dropped off the car that night.

The grit and zeal that she had to watch the Northern Lights was so obvious in her tone as she said about how she went over beyond to create the magical moment with her loved one and with pride she said,

If you ask me how my trip in Iceland went, it was WOW

How was the feeling of travelling to Paris with Corona scare raising?

We had to fly to Paris the next day. Visiting Paris, the city of love, with your one and only is always special but it wasn’t the same in our case as the Corona cases were increasing and France was one of the hotspots. The activities were all shut down which made me realize going to Paris will anyways be a curfew. I really didn’t want to go but I and my husband made up our mind to go as per the plan. With all the positivity that we had, we landed in Paris. Very fearful yet an amazing city which one could never argue about. By then, we got to know the travel advisories were all released by our Indian government and our return flight was in the verge of getting cancelled, with help of the team, we booked a new flight and came back the same day.

Love birds at the symbol of love, Paris

Yes, we made sure we visit the Eiffel tower before we take off to bring out Romeo and Juliet inside us! 😛

Why Pickyourtrail?

For people who ask me about choosing Pickyourtrail, I would strongly recommend it to them without a blink of an eye. The way they supported me was the only reason I didn’t even have a need to buy a local sim. They were our support system and they were just a ping away whenever needed. From managing our mood swings with Corona to helping us get back home safely, they were with us in each and every step <3. And for my next trip with Pickyourtrail, I have already started planning my journey to Australia and New Zealand with them. Can’t wait to share that story as well!

And that’s how Arulkrithika made her dreams comes true in Iceland with her loved one. She believes its time for her next adventure. When are you planning yours? Make your own memories and spread the love of travel. With Pickyourtrail, you can craft your own itineraries and your dreams. Unwrap the world like you can’t anywhere else!

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