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These international airlines are coming back for your spring vacation!

In a world altered by coronavirus, airlines were the first to bunker in and likely the last to resume. Or maybe not. Some airlines are positive about resuming flights from June as the worldwide lockdown nears the end day by day if not all at once. Take a look at the major airlines that will operate this summer, of course, with capped attendance and social distancing norms.

American Airlines

American Airlines will resume flights between Dallas and Madrid in early May and will magnify operations to connect Miami to Lima, Guayaquil, Santiago, Quito and Sao Paulo later this month. With special AAdvantage loyalty programmes and thorough sanitation rules, American Airlines will resume flights across London, Athens, Dublin and Chicago in June.

Qatar Airlines

Qatar Airlines didn’t go into a complete shutdown even during the peak of coronavirus, with a number of flights still operating across 25+ routes. Positive about situations crawling back to normal, Qatar Airways will add more flights to cover almost 80 destinations in June. 

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is known for its brilliant international connections and also an appreciable domestic market. After completely stunting the flight operations from May 28, Turkish plans on resuming domestic flights soon and scale up to operate 75 international flights across 22 destinations in June.

Etihad Airlines

At present, special flights are being operated to and from Abu Dhabi and the airlines will likely resume passenger flights from May 16th. Etihad claims to be in close talks with the Global Aviation Authorities about where to start and when to reinstate the complete schedule. The website adds, “until June 15th 2020, we’ll be operating flights between Abu Dhabi and destinations around the world to help you return home”.


Thanks to major European countries lifting entry bans and ending lockdowns, Ryanair plans to resume 40% of its flight operation from July 1st. The airlines will kickstart a test-run connecting Ireland and the UK for 30 days before resuming.

Korean Air

As countries around the world ease lockdown restrictions, Korean Air announces it will operate across 32 international routes out of its total 110 routes by June albeit with just 20% capacity initially. The route includes major destinations like Toronto, Seattle, Frankfurt and Vancouver.

United Airlines

United Airlines plans to operate flights across seven routes in June as follows — Newark to Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo, and San Francisco to Frankfurt, Shanghai, Chengdu and Beijing. Majority of these routes are in China notably after the country brings new coronavirus cases to a near halt.

Wizz Air

Wizz Air resumes flights from Luton to select Greece destinations and Portugal from June 16 and will likely cover more cities by early June.

Tap Portugal

Tap Portugal is set to operate across select international routes starting May 18 including Frankfurt, Barcelona, London, Brussels, Funchal and Madrid. More routes including Lisbon, Paris and Luxembourg will be added in June and July, the airline remarks.


The airlines tweeted on May 14th that airBaltic will resume direct flights from Riga to Tallinn and Vilnius from May 18, benefitting people who need to travel between the Baltic countries.

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