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The list of the world’s most safest countries is out!

Having trouble zeroing in on a location for your next journey? Take a cue from this: the Travel Risk Map 2018 which recently announced the world’s safest countries:

#1 Norway

Best time to go: June – August (midnight sun); October – March (northern lights)

Safety level: Low risk

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#2 Finland

Best time to go: December – March

Safety level: Low risk

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#3 Denmark

Best time to go: May – August

Safety level: Low risk

#4 Iceland

Best time to go: October – March

Safety level: Low risk

#5 Switzerland

Best time to go: April – June & September

Safety level: Low risk

Along with the marking of the safest countries, these findings were also marked on the map:

Travel Risk Map
Image credit – lonelyplanet

Each country is marked either as low, medium or high risk on these categories – medical, security and road safety.

Much of Russia, Middle East and Southeast Asia were marked high-risk on road traffic accidents while Kosovo, Russia and Ukraine were given a medium-risk rating. On the bright side, most parts of Europe, US, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Australia were marked low-risk and were given a clean chit on health standards.

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Take a closer look at the map. And start that vacation planning ASAP!

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