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Italy in April: The Complete Guide for a 2023 Spring Vacation!

Italy in April is most likely an ideal time to visit the country. With a little bit of showers and a lot of sun too often. I would say that April is rather unpredictable, but definitely the end-game of this month is summertime. The best time to visit Italy is in the spring, when the weather is pleasant, the temperatures are moderate, there are fewer tourists, and the prices are lower.

Weather at Italy in April
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The temperatures are frequently on the cool side, but the typical clear days mean that no chill can’t be tamed by sunlight. For example, if you intend to place yourself in Rome’s capital, expect average temperatures of 57°F/14°C.

  • Northern Italy sees temps between 40-60°F (5-16°C)
  • Central Italy has an average of 50-65°F (10-18°C)
  • Southern Italy sees temps of 55-65°F (13-18°C)

Given the temperatures in various parts of Italy, I believe it is safe to assume that you will require a large number of clothing items to keep you warm. As a result, you should bring gloves/mittens, scarves/mufflers, socks, and earmuffs with you.


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Crowd and Costing at Italy in April

Although April is near the end of the spring shoulder season. You can still expect lower airfares and hotel rates during this month (typically 50 percent cheaper than in the high season). You’ll probably have mostly sunny weather. This means you can go on outdoor excursions to famous sites without having to deal with crowds. We can expect a spike in prices if the Holy week and Easter tend to happen around the start of April. So make sure you book in advance.

Events taking place in April at Italy

1. Easter
Image Credits: Pixabay

Easter takes place around mid-April in italy. Easter Monday, La Pasquetta, is a national holiday and a day to witness some extremely interesting celebrations. The Scoppio del Carro, or Explosion of the Cart, held in front of Florence’s Duomo, is one of Easter’s most unusual events. Easter is a joyous occasion celebrated throughout Italy. Religious parades and celebrations are held in many towns and cities across the United States. In large crowds, a statue of Jesus or his mother Mary is carried in street processions. Easter dinners vary but typically include eggs, Easter pie, and lamb.

2. Rome’s birthday
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As of April 2023 the eternal city Rome celebrated it’s 2773rd birthday. In order to celebrate this magnificent day events such as Gladiator fights and the trench-digging rituals take place. The grand parade, which usually takes place along Via dei Fori Imperiali, is the highlight of Natale di Roma, with over 1,500 costumed participants . Gruppo Storico Romano is a historic dramatic society, it hosts various plays involving reenacting battles, historic events, and displays of ancient theatre and dance. These all take place in the City center and has been happening for almost over 20 years. Surely a wonderful spectacle you shouldn’t miss.

3. Sagra
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To all the foodies out there, Sagra is one of Italy’s gem of a festival that celebrates local cuisine. A sagra is a festival that is organised to showcase a local food or drink. It is a place where you can eat well – and learn. Most sagre sell goods from local producers, but there are also tastings, competitions, demonstrations, and special menus. They aren’t just about the food. Many sagre have their origins in old country fairs or pagan harvest festivals that have been running for decades, if not centuries. While some have risen above their local status to become crowded international festivals, hundreds continue to be events where you can dine and drink elbow-to-elbow with locals. Here are seven autumn sagre that are bustling while remaining true to their roots.

Places to Visit in Italy in April
Image Credits: Pixabay

During Easter, you’ll find services and festivities in cities and towns around the country, with most of them having statues of Jesus and/or the Virgin Mary being carried through the streets. Having said that, a famous procession takes place in the Sicilian city of Enna, with around 2,000 friars parading through the streets. St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City hosts an Easter mass. Head north to Florence, Tuscany’s capital, for the “Explosion of the Cart,”  a truly explosive event. Florence also hosts the Vatican Museum and the Colosseum in Rome, as well as the Uffizi Gallery.

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Take this opportunity to go on a 20-minute stroll up to Mt. Vesuvius’ crater in Naples. From the top, the beautiful weather should provide excellent photo chances. You could even travel to Sicily and take a similar (albeit guided) trip up to Mt. Etna’s crater.

For the more romantics who prefer a rather blissful experience with your loved one a beautiful car ride along the Amalfi Coast in Salerno’s province. You may also take a family vacation to Sorrento, which is close by. Just keep in mind that hotels in this area book up quickly during the shoulder and high seasons, so plan ahead at least three months.

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Well there you go, these are the things you would require to consider for planning a trip in Italy in the Month of January. Hope you had an idea on how Italy as a travel destination. Check here for some amazing tour packages at Pickyourtrail.

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