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Italy in May: Guide to the best vacation in this enchanting country!

May being the month of Spring in most of the Northern part of the world, Italy is a great place to visit during this time. If you are looking to visit a fruity and colorful destination with romantic vibes, Italy is your next to go  destination. And what would be an alternate month to go visit this beautiful destination with endless vineyards across the nation. And also comes with the added tours and excursions to check out the various wine making regions and tasting them!

During this month, tourists from all around the world swarm in like bees to enjoy the blooming season. Italy in May is best season to go for outdoor activities from hiking down the hills to sunbathing in the mesmerizing golden beaches.  Read on to find what this awesome destination has to offer in May…

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Weather in Italy in May

May is quite a popular month to visit Italy and you can quite see a lot of tourists strolling around. The reason is that the weather is well pleasant to go roam around the small villages and cities by foot without sweating like a pig. That is it is not too hot nor its too cold like November- December. So most of your activities also remain open except for some holidays. Your weather is generally at  70°F/21°C at an average, if you consider the capital city of Rome. As for geographical distributions, the average weather wavers between 50-70°F/10-21°C in the north, 55-70°F/13-21°C in Central Italy, and 60-75°F/16-24°C in the south.

As of a couple of years, the weather has seen a spike in temperature considering the global climatic change due to Global Warming. This may make you sweat a little more than usual, but nevertheless the evenings are chill and relaxing. It’s the best if you have a mix of both warm clothes and a pack of cool clothes to suit your comfort accordingly. Packing something such as shorts, tops, socks, pants, sandals, and hoodies would seem like a better idea.


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Festivals in Italy in May

1. Giro d’Italia

Italy’s bicycle tour  Giro d’Italia happens for like 3 weeks, the dates change every time. If you go around to visit this place during May, ensure to make some time to look for the bicycle tour that happens here annually. It goes through all the small villages and towns with gorgeous scenery across the whole country. Even if you are not a person interested in cycling, you would sure find this tour a lot interesting. And one more thing to keep in mind is that most of the lodgings are booked and full. Better be an early bird and book the hotel beforehand itself.

2. International Workers Day

The first of May is known for its International Workers Day and called the May day. Thus, it’s a national holiday across Italy also and most of the businesses and a lot of places would remain closed. The Italians love to take this day as an off and love to chill at their home sipping tea or maybe have a small picnic in their backyard. Its more recommendable to not have any plans as such, considering most places would be closed to toursist. But, you can definitely go strolling around the gardens or cycling along the narrow alley.

Roma, Italy
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3. Festa di Sant’Efisio.

This is a 4-day festival starting from the first of May to the 4th of May. A whole tour along the Italian Island of Sardinia is done for the festival of  Sant’Efisio. It  involves a long religious march from the capital city of Cagliari to the ancient Roman town of Nora. The idea of the whole procession is to celebrate and remember Saint Effisio who is believed to have saved the whole town of Cagliari  in the 17th century from the plaque that hit the town. You should definitely check out this parade, it would be awed by the colourful festival.

How much crowd you should expect!

May being the springtime and a pleasant season to go around the country, it invites a lot of tourists. So, its best to pre-book your accommodation as most of the affordable and decent hotels gets sold out pretty soon. You also have a lot of rush in the general sight-seeing places like the Colosseum and the Vatican Museum in Rome and you might have to stand long hours in the queue. But, nevertheless, you can skip one or two places and maybe come back on the next day, if its too packed. Anyway, all the museums around the country are open 363days a year, so you shouldn’t be worrying about the museum being closed when you visit. And if you are thinking to crack an awesome deal/offer for the tour or hotel, that’s more than likely not happening cause this is when the season starts and hotels rates sour up like crazy. Sometimes as much as double the price in the off season.

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Where to go and what to do?

Among all the beautiful places Italy has to offer, you should definitely go around Tuscany. Dotted with eye-soothing green hills with drop dead gorgeous grape vineyards, you wouldn’t want to leave this place at all. A stay of 4-6days would suffice to explore all the scenery and mesmirising sunset views. A good and comfortable place to stay around would be the capital city of Florence. You has quite a lot of decent good hotels as well as luxury hotels here. As already mentionesd, pre-booking is recommended as last minute you might run into no rooms available. Roaming around streets of this city in itself is very romantic, that is the reason all the honeymooners flock to this city. You also have the  Duomo and Piazza dells Signora to see in relative peace.

Another well known place is the romantic city of Venice, also known as the city of canals. This historic city does draws in a lot of crowds but you can getaway from the them by taking the narrow alleys and preventing the mainstream. The whole city can only traversed by boats or Gondola rides. This picturesque city with its beautiful canals, historic sites and bridges os sure to make you awe and worth a hundred visit.

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