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Written by Akshaya Seshadri on February 20, 2018 Share on

Italy Unleashed ! – Places to visit in Italy with family

Italy is just not for the grown-ups! From the fun filled parks and bike trips in Rome to the Leolandia amusement park in Northern Italy, you do have so many places to explore with your family. Don’t be clueless much because we here at Pickyourtrail have got the best places to visit in Italy with your loved ones. Make note of these Italy vacation spots and prep yourself for this LEGEN- WAIT-FOR-IT-DARY of a trip!

1. Umbria

Umbria, places to visit in Italy with family
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Don’t be surprised if your kids love the towns of Umbria in Italy so much that you might have to bribe them with candies to get them out of this idyllic region. The towns in these hills are small but cosy with a quaint medieval look and feel with giant stone arches. The alleyways add extra beauty. Fondly called as the green heart, Umbria has greenery painted all over it. Adding to this, you have the waterfalls, lakes and some quirky collections of Mummy which the older kids would enjoy for sure.  Didn’t see that coming, did you?

Best locations to check out in Umbria Hill Towns

Perugia-  Famous for Jazz and Chocolate festivals
     Orvieto –   Famous for Etruscan tombs and vineyards.
   Gubbio –  Famous for the scenic views of Mt Ingino

2. Rome

Rome, places to visit in Italy with family
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Rome definitely is one of the top places to visit in Italy with family. Ancient ruins, fun parks with rides, spooky places, and museums filled with stories and entertainment for the kids. Some climbing at the Cupola, bike trips with family fantastic would help you enjoy this amazing city to the maximum extent.

Best locations to check out in Rome

 Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
Climbing the Cupola
 Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Navona and the Trevi Fountain areas.

A history buzz? You’d love this!


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3. Bomarzo Monster Park

Bomarzo parco mostri, places to visit in Italy with family
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A “Villa Of Wonders” with fascinating sculptures. That’s Bomarzo Monster Park in Northern Lazio for you ladies and gentlemen! Our Prince Vicino got this bizarre yet a fun-filled park done to mourn the death of his beloved Giulia Farnese. This park is near the Umbria region; North of Rome to be precise. The famous sculptures would be those of the tilted house set-up, war elephant and a huge fish head. Make sure you visit this park via the ‘Mouth Of Hell’, a giant screaming mouth which looks like a certain something wanting to gobble you up for dinner. Frightened yet? Well don’t be, the so-called tongue of this monster face also has a picnic table set-up where lunching can be done with your family.

Recommended: Take a car trip from the Umbria core region

Time for some unique try-outs in Rome maybe?

4. Florence

Florence, places to visit in Italy with family
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Don’t rule out Florence thinking its famous just for the historical wonders. Renowned for its pedestrian-free city centre, including the piazza, busy alleys, and fancy markets, Florence boasts of a variety of family outing spots. This wondrous city will definitely inspire you and your happy lot, to make lifetime memories in Italy.

Best locations to check out in Florence

Boboli Gardens – Fishponds and brunch sessions with family
The Galileo Museum – Science outing for kids
Porcellino – Shopping in the streets 

More information on Florence is right here!

5. Agriturismo

Agriturismo, places to visit in Italy with family
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Agriturismo means”agriculture” and “tourism” in Italian. Pack food, make some tea and settle down for a break in one the best farmhouse areas in Agriturismo, Tuscany. This small village has play-arenas and scenic spots to keep your family going, throughout your stay. Step out for a bit to check out the amazing hill views of Tuscany. Your evenings can be dedicated to taking – day trips to wine and food tasting exhibitions.

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Best locations to look out for in Agriturismo

Basilicate – Visit the Pollino National Park for some entertainment
Veneto – Excellent views of Dolomite and Lake Garda
Trentino Alto Adige – Get in touch with the natural environment

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6. Baia Sardinia

Baja Sardinia, places to visit in Italy with family
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Baia Sardinia in the Olbia-Tempio has the best combination of shops, bars, and restaurants, all centric to a small square which is close to the beach and bay. How does scuba diving sound? Oh yes! The blue waters and bays are not just famous for their scenic views, but also for some good water sports. Take out your family for some sailing or windsurfing sessions and feel infinite amidst the waves and currents.  Don’t you already feel Baia Sardinia is one of the best places to visit in Italy with your family?

Best locations to look out for in Baia Sardinia
Costa Smeralda – Golfing sessions and popular for sailing
Porto Cervo – Yacht scenes with family
Aquadream Water Park – Amusement park with fun-filled rides.


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