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Written by Swathi on September 25, 2020 Share on

Latest update- Air Travel Bubble between India and Japan to mark an entry

With the Unlock mode in place, India has grabbed eyeballs for the measures it has been taking to ensure the new normal is a smooth process. Recently, with many countries opening up their borders, India has been making conscious efforts in terms of establishing air bubbles. With Indians residing in various countries across the globe, the Vande Bharat scheme and air travel bubbles have proven to be a relief. One of the newest countries to get added to this list of India’s air travel bubble partners is Japan. Let’s now have a look at what is possible as part of this air travel bubble arrangement.

Air Travel Bubble Arrangement

Image source: Pixabay

India totally has 13 countries under this scheme, and the addition of Japan comes as a huge advantage. Aircrafts can now be operated to and from Japan and this is said to benefit a lot of Indian citizens living abroad. Japanese nationals who are stranded in India with a valid visa will be allowed to travel to Japan through the air bubble. Safety measures and restrictions will have to be adhered to upon arrival and the respective airlines will have to ensure the same before granting a boarding pass or ticket to the traveller.

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On the other hand, Indian citizens who are stranded in Japan or those with valid Japanese passports wishing to enter India can also make use of this air travel bubble. Foreign diplomats and any other categories of individuals covered by the Ministry of Home Affairs will also be permitted. This will be a welcome change for people who are planning their business travel to Japan in the near future. Other influencers willing to establish connections between the two countries will also find this air travel bubble as a major advantage.

Other Air Travel Bubbles

Air travel bubbles
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India has also managed to establish air travel bubbles with various other countries like Nigeria, Maldives, France, Canada, Bahrain, USA and even Iraq and Afghanistan. Travel bubble deals are also being negotiated with the Australian continent apart from a couple of Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and South Korea. India is in talks with many other countries to establish as many travel bubbles as possible. With the travel bubble becoming a reality in terms of Japan, it will surely be a sigh of relief.

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Travel is life and there is no denial in that statement. If all safety precautions are taken, tiding over the pandemic will not be as hard as it seems. Given that you might have been planning your post-lockdown trip since a very long time, this is your perfect chance to book some of the best Japan tour packages. For short and pocket-friendly getaways choose from a range of international deals offered by Pickyourtrail. Let’s all take a step forward to ensure that travel and safety are one and the same.

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