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John Wick 4 Shooting Locations
Written by Akshaya Manoharan on March 24, 2023 Share on

Tracking the Footprints of John Wick 4 : A peek into the Filming Locations

The highly anticipated John Wick 4 was released on March 23, 2023. John Wick returns with a mission to defeat the High Table while fighting against new enemies. The film’s main draw is its breathtaking locations, which are enhanced by flawless screenplay and cinematography.

Locations were carefully chosen for the extravagant fight scenes to be filmed. Are you eager to know the details of where John Wick 4 was shot? Let’s get right to the point and get started! 

Be where John Wick was! 

The film was shot in four different countries: Japan, Jordan, Germany, and France. Some of the most important locations in these countries have been beautifully captured by the director. It is impossible to not fall in love with the locations while the exquisite fight scenes are ongoing. Let’s go scene by scene to see which locations were explored in John Wick 4. 

 Osaka, Japan

JW 4 Scene: The first fighting scene in the movie happens in the Osaka Hotel, where Marquis Vincent de Gramont, a powerful member of the High Table, sends his troop to kill John Wick.

On the Japanese island of Honshu, Osaka is a sizable port city and a well-known commercial hub. Modern architecture, hearty, delectable street food, and a vibrant nightlife are the city’s most well-known features. Tokyo, the bustling capital of Japan, offers the ideal fusion of old and new.

The capital city is the ideal location to film significant scenes for a movie like John Wick 4 because it has everything, from ancient temples to neon-lit skyscrapers. If you are looking to explore places in Japan, you can check out Japan packages to get an idea of what you can look forward to.

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Aqaba, Jordan

JW 4 Scene: The opening scene when John Wick kills the Elder, the only individual above the High Table. 

Jordan’s well-known port city is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, which is part of the Red Sea. The coastal city is best known for the Aqaba Fort from the Islamic era. A very important scene was reportedly filmed by the crew in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert, which is about 60 kilometers east of the port city of Aqaba.

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Berlin, Germany


JW 4 Scene: To receive a new crest designating his membership in the syndicate, John Wick kills Killa in a Berlin nightclub. The 10 min fight scene in Berlin is the highlight.

Germany’s capital city, Berlin, which dates to the 13th century, is renowned throughout the world for its historical architecture and monuments. Babelsberg Film Studio, located in Potsdam-Babelsberg outside of Berlin, Germany, served as the location for some significant John Wick 4 scenes. In the entire world, it is the second-oldest major film studio.

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Paris, France

JW 4 Scene: The final and most iconic fight scene in the film.

The cast and crew of the upcoming movie also filmed a number of crucial scenes in Paris, France, a city renowned for romance, fashion, art, and a deep cultural heritage. The French capital, Paris, is renowned for its expansive boulevards, River Seine, and cityscape from the 19th century. The second-most iconic fight scenes were shot in and around the renowned Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, the Sacré Coeur, the Eiffel Tower, and more.

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