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Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai
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Jumeirah Mosque – Dubai’s Ancient Icon

The most iconic landmark in Dubai is the Jumeirah Mosque. The mosque welcomes visitors of all faiths to admire the surroundings and learn about Islam and the local culture with “open doors, open minds” idealogy.

It is large enough to hold up to 1,200 worshippers and was built entirely from white stone in the medieval Fatimid tradition, with towering twin minarets erecting a large central dome. When it’s lit up at dusk, the complex artistry and true virtue of the mosque are highlighted.

Local guides are on hand to take visitors on a 90-minute guided tour on six days a week at 10 am. These tours are run by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and offer visitors to get to know more about the Emirati way of life and religion. You will also get to learn about Islamic holidays, rituals, traditions, cuisines, and customs and know more about the fasting month of Ramadan.

Jumeirah Mosque interior
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Visitors are encouraged to ask questions and photography is welcome. Traditional Arabic snacks including coffee, dates, and other varieties of food are also offered at the mosque.

Tours and learnings are conducted in a welcoming and friendly environment, with special age-appropriate programs available for children as well. All visitors are advised to act respectfully and dress modestly; traditional attire is available to borrow. Women are asked to wear a scarf over their heads during their visit, ensuring their shoulders are covered. Shoes are to be taken off outside the mosque. ‘Masjid’ is the Arabic word for mosque, which means “a place of prostration”. According to Islam, Friday is considered as a holy day of the week called yaum al juma.

In Dubai, this is the only mosque where non-Muslim people can enter and is the most photographed in Dubai. The Jumeirah Mosque can accommodate around 1300 people and is one of the mosques built in a distinct traditional architecture. Visitors get to learn about the five pillars of Islam and various fascinating facts about religion.

Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai
Image Credits: Google Images

History & Architecture of Jumeirah Mosque

The mosque was built in 1976 and since then it is one of the most visited tourist localities of Dubai. The mosque was built and designed by Hegazi and Moaez and boasts pristine Fatimid style, reflecting the traditional antiquity. Jumeirah Mosque has refused the turbulence of modernization and still practices the tranquil tradition.

The roof of the mosques in Dubai is supported by vertical columns which portray ancient hypostyle artwork. The mosque has a pristine qiblah wall lying exactly opposite to the entrance and visitors from all over the world visit this mosque to click amazing photographs. At the centre of the qiblah wall, the mihrab offers a place for the imam to lead the prayers five times a day. People gather to offer their daily prayers in the prayer hall facing towards the pious Ka’aba.

Iftar at Jumeirah Mosque

Iftar is organized in the holy month of Ramadan and is a seasonal event. You can spend an evening at the mosque with a traditional “breakfast” and get to know more about the Islamic tradition of fasting. During Ramadan, daily fasts are broken by eating dates and several other Emirati dishes. Iftar tours are the ones for tourists looking to know more about the mosque and the culture of the United Arab Emirates.

How to get to Jumeirah Mosque? 

The Jumeirah Mosque is about 20 minutes from Deira region and 15 minutes from the Bur Dubai region. You can rent a car or take the metro to enjoy a day at the iconic Jumeirah mosque in Dubai.

Best time to visit Jumeirah Mosque

You can visit the Jumeirah Mosque between November to March as this is the peak season for Dubai and you will also not miss the Dubai shopping festival if you travel between December and February. The timings are between 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on all days except Friday and starting the tour early will help you avoid crowds.

Entry fees 

Jumeirah Mosque does not have any entry fees and is open for all visitors irrespective of gender and religion.

Visiting the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai will let you learn about the Islamic culture and the unique architectural design of this Arabic nation. With PickYourTrail you can customize your itinerary and enjoy the top highlights of Dubai with your loved ones! All ready to unwrap your itinerary? You can check out itineraries for Dubai trip for a memorable vacation.

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