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Jungle Resorts In Tadoba National Park
Written by Akshaya Manoharan on March 22, 2023 Share on

Jungle Resorts In Tadoba National Park

Are you a Wildlife enthusiast? If yes, then you have to visit the Tadoba National Park in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Surrounded by acres and acres of dense forests, Tadoba National Park is home to India’s National Animal. This National park is the biggest in Maharashtra. Tadoba National Park is home to Tigers, spotted Leopard, Indian Guar, Wild Dogs, Sambar Deers and many other animals. Apart from animals, you can also see lot of birds at Tadoba. Who doesn’t love to stay in Jungle Resorts while visiting places like Tadoba. If you are someone who would love to experience the beauty of wildlife by staying amidst the dense forest, below is a list of jungle resorts in Tadoba National Park that you may want to consider.

10 Jungle resorts and Lodges in Tadoba

  •  Red Earth Tadoba
  • Jharana Jungle Lodge
  • Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge
  • Camp Serai Tiger
  • Svasara Jungle Resort
  • Tadoba Jungle Camp
  • Irai Safari Retreat
  • The Pugmark Jungle Lodge
  • Tadoba Tiger King Resort
  • Tadoba Safari Stay Nature’s Sprout

Red Earth Tadoba

Located within the perimeter of the tiger reserve, this jungle resort in Tadoba National park offers the most relaxed and serene environment for guests. The Resort offers 20 charming cottages for guests to enjoy their stay. All the cottages are made with traditional and locally sourced resources so as to seemlessly blend with the surroundings. Each cottage comes with a private bathe pool and a private sit-out veranda. Outside every cottage there is an open air shower area that lets you refresh amidst the humming of the birds. The resort also provides bicycles so that you may explore the property at your own pace. The resort follows the core principle of giving utmost importance to Wildlife and tries to provide an intertwined environment for guests. It costs around Rs.18,000/- to stay at Red Earth Tadoba.

Jharana Jungle Lodge

This jungle resort is located just outside the Navegaon Gate of Tadoba National park. The resort offers a total of 22 perfectly designed jungle cottages, all made with modern interiors. Every cottage comes with a private courtyard and a veranda. Wi-Fi facilities, a tea and coffee maker and 24×7 hot running water are provided. The resort also comes with an activity room, a green gym, a library and a children’s play area to entertain the guests. The restaurant at the resort serves delicious meals made using organic vegetables and seasonal fruits. The resort also comes with a swimming pool. The resort also organizes guided nature walks and birdwatching trips with trained naturalists for guests. One night stay will cost around Rs.23,000/-.

Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge

One of the most popular Jungle resorts in Tadoba National park is the Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge. This place offers bungalows, villas and cabins for guests to stay. Each bungalow comes with a two-bedroom suite and a spacious living room. The excellently designed bungalows are ideal for families. It also features beautiful sit-outs that overlook a lake. The property consists of 13 villas. Nine Villas are lakeside and Four Villas are amidst the garden. They also have nine cabins, which comes with a spacious bedroom, a washroom, and a balcony facing the lake. They also feature the Taruveda Spa at the lodge for guests to get a relaxing and rejuvenating Spa experience. There’s a nature shop inside the resort that sells lifestyle products and handicrafts. Villa Packages start from Rs. 32,000/-.

Camp Serai Tiger

The Camp Serai is located 5 Kilometers away from the Moharli Gate of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. You can choose from a total of 11 cottages. Each cottage comes with air conditioning and bathrooms facilities. Additionally, dormitories are also available that can easily accommodate large groups of people as well as schoolchildren. Lovely streams and serene lakes surround this resort. You can relish different meals each day. You can also find varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies at the buffets. The resort does not allow Alcohol. Cottages start from Rs.10,000/- onwards.

Svasara Jungle Resort Tadoba

Svasara Resort is one of the best Jungle resorts in Tadoba that redefines hospitality in the midst of nature. This resort offers delicious food and spacious, light-filled rooms. Additionally, the staff provide the best assistance for guests. There is a group of naturalists and tour guides available in this resort to provide an in-depth understanding of Tadoba’s natural history to all the visitors. WiFi facility is available in the main lounge and dining area. A top class spa and a large in-ground pool with a wading pool for kids is also present in this resort. The Svasara Jungle resort in Tadoba is unique because it supports sustainable tourism, gastronomy, and culture.

Tadoba Jungle Camp

Tadoba Jungle Camp is present near the Moharli Gate. They emphasize greatly on local communities, sustainability, and conservation. The resort provides mesmerizing views of Irai Lake. 12 luxurious safari cottages are available at the Tadoba Jungle camp. The cottages are built using materials native to Tadoba. A formal dining room along with lavish buffets is available at the resort. They also plan bonfires and candlelight dinners by the pool. The team of knowledgeable naturalists at the camp will pack you off with a hearty picnic breakfast and during the evenings they will delight you with high tea. They offer telescopes for Stargazing. Cost of Cottage starts from Rs.18,000/-.

Irai Safari Retreat

Irai Safari Retreat is the perfect jungle resort in Tadoba if you are seeking a rural and undeveloped experience. You can bring your kids along to show them the wonders of village life and the pure excitement of wildlife spotting. They offer Jungle tents that come with attached balconies. They are large enough to accommodate 3 adults. Most guests who frequently visit this resort look forward to the food.The breathtaking Irai Lake is only a short distance from this resort. The Moharli Gate is closest to the resort. The property also comes with a playing room for children and a well-stocked library. They even provide outdoors and indoors games, as well as gym facilities. It would cost Rs.17,000/- to stay at this Retreat.

The Pugmark Jungle Lodge

The Pugmark offers two types of rooms. Firstly, the eco rooms which include eco-cottages and secondly, the luxury rooms, which include villas and cottages. Eco-cottages are even available with four beds. There is a separate location for using the outdoor shower. The communal dining area offers delicious meals along with breathtaking views of the lake. In the resort’s library, you will be able to find a wide variety of wildlife magazines. There is also a nearby playground for kids to play. Additionally, the property has a watchtower. This hotel also has elegant, isolated rooms that are fully furnished with jungle-themed furniture.

Tadoba Tiger King Resort

Tadoba Tiger King Resort is one of the most affordable Jungle resorts in Tadoba is close to the Kolara gate. They provide excellent service, comfortable accommodations and delectable cuisine. The property comes with 6 air-conditioned, deluxe rooms along with all the modern facilities. They ensure you get a luxurious stay at the property. Each room comes with a private courtyard entrance along with seating on the veranda. The rooms also come with LCD televisions and private bathrooms.

Tadoba Safari Stay Nature’s Sprout

This resort/farm house is close to the Moharli Gate. It has a multi-cuisine restaurant and 5 comfortable rooms. The property provides a full 350 degree view of the tiger reserve and is hidden in dense forests of Tadoba. They also offer two dorms and four deluxe air-conditioned rooms. They have built earthen cottages out of mud and grass that you would love staying in. There are also four luxurious individual cottages with private sit-outs that look out onto the forest.

Whether you are a nature enthusiast or not, places like Tadoba National Park are not to be missed. They offer deep insights into the traditional and peaceful way of living. Gear up, venture out to the wild and get in close contact with nature!

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