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Kandy to Ella Train Ride: One that will stay in your heart!

Sri Lanka, although a very small Island and very easy to get around. It is famous for their heritage sites, with so much diversity and culture to see and explore.
This Kandy to Ella Train ride is one of the most well known things to do in your summer vacay in Sri Lanka.

The train trip Ella – Kandy, and Kandy – Ella is considerably famous, both among travelers and local people as well. It is generally recommended that you purchase tickets well ahead of time at 12Go. It is a popular train ticket agent where you can purchase online tickets well in advance. Another option is that you can go ahead and buy the tickets in any railway station in Sri Lanka as well.
Read on to understand more about the train ride from Kandy to Ella and the various other ways of transportation and what are the different train tickets for the ride!


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Kandy to Ella Train Ride

The train trip from Ella to Kandy in Sri Lanka, around, is viewed as perhaps the most delightful and beautiful train trips on the planet. This train ride takes you through staggering scenes of lush greenery and lavish tea manors and mountains. This train journey provides the most fantastic scenery and proves to be the most comfortable way to trail from Kandy to Ella. On the way, you can see cascading waterfalls, green tea plantations, local kids running around the train tracks as well as small tiny villages dotted along the way.

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Places to stay near Ella and Kandy

If the hustle and bustle of the city has tired you down, there are some genuinely stunning retreats in Kandy to offer you simply the break and harmony you need. Located around a three-hour drive away from the busy streets of Colombo, Kandy is home to a many tea plantations and mountain and waterfalls which guarantee that the place stays chill and has a wonderful climate throughout. These retreats are sure to bring you the calm and comfort  of home.

Where to stay in Ella

98 Acres Resort and Spa
98 Acres Resort and Spa is also well worth a visit, with the rooms adjacent to the tea gardens and herbal plants. This resort is considerably very close to the Ella train station, a 10-minutes walk to Little Adam’s Peak, and a 15-minute walk to the Nine Arch Bridge.

The Secret Ella
This is a very elegant hotel combining sustainable resources with a comfortable luxurious stay. The mix of luxury with the soft nature gives it a cosy and memorable stay.  Overlooking one of the most famous bridges in the country, The Secret is a charming hideaway tucked away in a vast 10-acre tea estate in the emerald mountains of Ella. 

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Where to stay in Kandy

Amaya Resort
If you are looking for a very luxurious stay here in Kandy, there are a very few resorts that can beat Amaya Hills Resort. With a touch of royal charms and beauty this resort caters to all your needs with world-class amenities. With breathtaking views of the green mountains from the hotel’s balcony, the resort boasts of very good hospitality.

Thilanka Resort and Spa
Set in the midst of the legacy city of Dambulla, Thilanka Resort and Spa is considered as perhaps the most flawless and gorgeous Kandy resorts. The Hotel has been nicknamed as ‘The Garden of Pleasures’, for its breathtaking views. The resort in itself looks like a private sanctuary with large rooms and friendly staffs. A few rooms of the hotel are set in the backdrop of the Dambulla river where you can hear them flowing.

Randholee Resort & Spa

This resort offers regular boat rides to the tourists as well as hikes to the nearby mountains. The rooms are furnished with top amenities that leaves you with the comfort of home. You will be amazed by the vast greenery around the surroundings as well.

Things no one tells you beforehand, but are key points to remember!

It is very crucial to be on the right side of the train for the journey from Kandy. From the right, you get a chance to view the splendid tea plantations and open views but if you get the left side, you have to settle for the usual tall grass and a cliff.

You’ve already been warned that it’s going to be crowded so you can wave your personal space goodbye. People will be hovering over the open door to catch a better view of the scenery. We’d suggest you to take the express trains instead of the slow goods trains to get relief from the crowd.

Being early to the station does not guarantee you a better spot and the train will most probably arrive late. It is best you arrive just in time and save yourself from the agony of waiting on the train platform for hours.

We suggest you get a reserved ticket beforehand through a tour operator in the station. This is because the ticket you buy on the day of travel is second class unreserved and your chances of getting a seat are not too high. Getting on the train during mid-day or the weekend is a grave mistake as even locals tend to travel around these times and it gets filled. Cooped up inside, you can forget the chance of seeing something scenic.

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Sri Lanka a must-visit, filled with amazing sites to see and marvel at their great beaches and greenery. And the train journey from Kandy to Ella or the reverse ride proves to be one of the most heartful experiences on your visit to Sri Lanka. So, we dont want you to miss this awesome train ride!


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