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Kangaroo Island
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Kangaroo Island – The ultimate guide that you always wanted for the trip.

This Island is actually named after the national animal of Australia. The Island that is situated 112 km southwest of Adelaide, is also known as Karta (Island of Dead). This is the third-largest island in Australia, after Tasmania and Melville Island. The largest town that is found in Kangaroo Island is the Kingscote, which is also its Administrative center. This place is filled with wonders and the panoramic view of the nature that it gives just gives you immense pleasure and just soothes your mind. Kangaroo Island is mostly famous for its natural vegetation and its native wildlife. But the most famous Flinders chase national park is found in the Western end. Now let us have a deeper look at what has Kangaroo Island got to serve the tourists.

Kangaroo Island Shores
Kangaroo Island Shores| P.C – Pixabay

Fun Facts

The Kangaroos in the Island is not the same as the once in the Mainland. They are darker in colour with longer fur.
There have been more than 80 shipwrecks in the island from the year 1847.

Kangaroo Island – The wonderland

Kangaroo Island is one of the best places to explore and stay. When people say that this place is beyond imagination, people think that it is mere exaggeration. But when visiting there it turns out to be absolutely true. The place is a natural beauty and it is like a Soft bullet. It just grows into you, the more it seeps into you. This beauty of an island just split from the mainland around 10,000 years ago. Even though the Island is spread to 150 Kms, it carries one of the densest populations of wildlife in the whole of Australia. It is certainly one of the major places to visit while in Australia.

Penneshaw Jetty on Kangaroo Island.
Penneshaw Jetty on Kangaroo Island. | P.C Wikimedia Commons

The Direction Guide

You can reach the Kangaroo Island from Adelaide’s Cape Jervis. It is a two-hour ferry ride from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw Jetty. You can travel to these two ferries specifically. They are the Spirit of Kangaroo Island and Sealion 2000. These 2 Ferries are luxury Ferries. They contain the air-conditioned lounges, televisions, an outdoor viewing deck, a cafe and many more. If you would rather flu you can fly the REX (Regional Express Airlines). This will only take 35 minutes journey from Adelaide to Kingscote.

The Kangaroo Island
The Natural View of the Kangaroo Island | P.C – Pixabay

Things to do

There are several things to do and see on this Island. This makes it one of the best places to stay and explore in Australia. They are as follows:


See the different and unique sets of Kangaroos in the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park in Seddon. Due to the isolation of the island, there is the immense growth of unique flora and fauna. Get a close face to face selfie with the seals at the Seal Bay Conservation Park. Visit the Penguin Park and also swim with the Dolphins.

Adrenaline Rush Sporting Activities

Drive the Quad Bike and do Paintballing adventures at the much-visited Bush Gateway Adventures. Fun adventures like Biking, Horse riding, Sandboarding and Kayaking are the best adrenaline rush giving activities there. Also, take part in the Kelly Hill Caves and Conservation Park’s Sub terrain activities.


There is also a major history playing around with the Island. Visiting the major three museums will leave you in an astounding surprise son this place. These museums are the Hope Cottage Museum, the Penneshaw Maritime and Folk Museum, and the Parndana Soldier Settlement Museum. These places are a must-visit while you visit this beautiful island.


Hiking is one such activity that this Island is famous for. This spot has 23 spots for hiking. These locations include all the types of hikes like the short hikes to hikes that last to several days. These places include hike stations like Stokes Bay, Murray Lagoon, the Remarkable Rocks and many more.

Remarkable Rocks in the Kangaroo Island | P.C – Pixabay

This article will have showed you tall the places that you will certainly want to visit while exploring Kangaroo Island. I hope this article did not waste exactly five minutes of your time that you have invested in reading it. You can visit the Pickyourtrail website to create your customized holiday packages. Meanwhile, our travel expert will certainly help you out in creating the best of the itineraries for your Australian holiday packages. You can drop your comments if you have any other queries or suggestions. Meanwhile, do follow the website to get updates on fresh content about travel.

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