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Kerala cuisine ela sadhya
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Kerala Cuisine – Why so delicious?

Do you always wish for a flavourful life? A big HIFI to you!? A little bit of masala can make your day better and happier. So to make your day better, here’s something that has come all your way to treat your taste buds. If reading about delicious food makes your mouth water, then you are in the right place. The Kerala cuisine has always made travellers go crazy for its delicacies. It offers a fusion of Malabari, French and Arabian flavours enriched with a touch of Kerala’s unique coconut flavour. Be it vegetarian or Non-vegetarian, Kerala can never disappoint you with its enormous platters. Let’s go on a hippy ride through the Kerala cuisine and experience the real flavour of happiness.

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Kerala cuisine
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

All about Kerala Cuisine

The staple food of Kerala is rice. Since Kerala cuisine is greatly influenced by the history and culture, you can experience a blend of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Its include fish, poultry, red and meat. While rice, fish, and coconut are the most common ingredients of Kerala flavours, they are enhanced with chillies, curry leaves, mustard seeds, turmeric tamarind, black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and asafoetida. You can taste the flavour of coconut in almost every dish of Kerala. Because blending coconut milk for thickening the food is the common process followed by them.

Different dishes in Kerala cuisine

  • Idiyappam with curry
  • Erissery (pumpkin and lentil stew)
  • Puttu and Kadala curry
  • Appam with Ishtu
  • Ela Sadya
  • Parippu curry
  • Dosa ghee roast with Kerala style sambar

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Idiyappam with curry

Idiyappam is one of the most famous and favourite dishes of Kerala. Also known as Noolappam by locals, it is a healthy version of noodles. Made completely with rice flour, salt and water, these thin strands are unbelievably soft and gives heavenly taste when mixed with the curry. This can be combined with any type of spicy curry or sweet coconut milk as well. If you have it once, you will surely fall in love with the softness and tender taste.

  • Where to eat? Saravana Bhavan, Jasmine Bay in Trivandrum
  • Price: 80 INR

Erissery ( pumpkin and lentil stew)

This famous dish in Kerala cuisine is the most loved one by locals and travellers. Erissery is made in almost every household kitchen in Kerala. With a perfect blend of sliced yams with sweet pumpkins, enhanced by salt, chillies, pepper, dried lentils, grated coconut and garlic, it is surely the best dish originated in Kerala. Over years, this particular dish has gained a lot of fans for its flavours and texture.

  • Where to eat? Kashi, Mezban in Calicut
  • Price: 400 INR

Puttu and Kadala curry

Try this traditional dish of Kerala cuisine which is one of the famous breakfast recipes in the state. Once you break this cylindrical steamed rice cake along with grated coconut, it disperses and lets out the heat vapours. Blend it with Kadala curry, otherwise known as channa curry, and relish the dish. You can also have it with sliced bananas. This dish can truly satisfy your early morning cravings.

  • Where to eat? Mezban in Calicut
  • Price: 70 INR

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fully cooked puttu
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

Appam with Ishtu

You might have tasted all kinds of food served on a bowl. Have you ever tasted a bowl itself? This dish is in served in the shape of an empty bowl. It is made from fermented rice flour, coconut milk. Coconut milk and sugar are served as accompaniments for this amazing dish. It is a bowl of happiness, with crispy edges and soft interiors, Appam has filled many tummies and hearts as well. You can have it with a stew made of coconut milk, cinnamon, cloves and shallots, mango pieces and vegetables. The rich aroma of spices with the tempting fragrance of coconut milk is enough to lure foodies to the kitchen!

  • Where to eat? Villa Maya, Varsha, Ariya Nivas in Trivandrum
  • Price: 170 INR

Ela Sadya

Here comes the most exotic and finest meal of Kerala cuisine which will make you go crazy for its varied flavours. During every religious ceremony like festivals and weddings, you can try your hand on this grand savoury. This royal platter includes Pachadi, kichadi, Pulissery, Olan, sambar, Varavu, Thoran, Aviyal, payasam, served with hot steaming rice on a banana leaf. Aren’t you excited to try this out?

  • Where to eat? Hotel Bharath, Chakara in Thrissur
  • Price: 500 INR

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onam sadhya
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

Dosa ghee roast with Kerala style sambar

Hunting to taste the most delicious food in the world? Head to Kerala and relish this round-shaped paradise that will tickle your tastebuds to ask for more. Also, dosa has the pride of being listed in the ‘World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods’. With the aroma of the ghee and crispiness of the dough, the golden brown dish with all its beauty will tease you to gulp a piece even without the sides. As you dip it in Kerala style sambar and coconut chutney, you will feel heaven for a moment. Experience this blast of flavours in your mouth and make your breakfast a memory for a lifetime. Made from fermented rice and lentils, the ghee roast dosa is first cooked in pure ghee and roasted till it gets crisp.

  • Where to eat? Jasmine bay, Aditi restaurant in Trivandrum
  • Price: 100 INR
Dosa with kerala style sambar
Image credits: Wikimedia commons

When you are in Kerala, every plate reaching your table will make you fall in love all over again. Kerala cuisine has a crazy habit of making you say “feed me more”. You will surely forget the words “enough” and go in search of different spices in every nook and corner of the state. These food varieties are not only tasty but also healthy. It has a perfect balance of all required nutrition. Aren’t you excited already to get justice for your tongue? We are here to help you out! Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Kerala right away. You can also get inspired by reading travel stories. Above all, you connect with us via Whatsapp and craft your dream itinerary at ease.

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