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Kisama Heritage Village, Nagaland
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Kisama Heritage Village – A place to get to know the culture of Nagaland

Situated in the northeast side of the Indian subcontinent, Nagaland is a mountainous state with some of the best places to visit. Beauty at its best, this is one of the most scenic locations in India. With lush green valleys and scenic landscapes to magnificent mountains, this place has all the qualities of a great tourist location. Tourists visiting this place will literally be awestruck and out of words. Nobody would ever want to leave the place as this will keep you under a spell that you will not be able to break out of. Such great beauty lies in the glorious Nagaland, one of the Seven Sisters of India. In this glorified tourist destination is a beautiful small village that people would love to visit. It is the Kisama Heritage village. Home to different indigenous tribes, Nagaland is a must-visit place in India. Do not miss out on this scenic yet thrilling experience.

Dzukou Valley, Nagaland
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Kisama Heritage Village, Nagaland

Situated in the outskirts of Kohima, Naga heritage village in Kisama, known as the Kisama heritage village preserves the culture and tradition of Nagaland. An amalgamation of villages, Kigwema (KI) and Phesama(SA) and MA is this village. Constructed by the government, it was made for the purpose of preserving the livelihood and the values of the tribes. This is just an exhibit of the best cultures, traditions and livelihoods of the Naga tribes. It is more like an open-air museum. One thing about this village is that it is only opened for the public only for a week in the month of December. This is mainly for the public to view the visual spectacle, the Hornbill festival celebrated by the village. This village is a result of a very hard effort of the Nagaland administration to preserve and revive the many unique traditions and cultures of the Naga tribes. Visit this village to actually witness it.

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Kisma Heritage Village Hornbill Festival
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Hornbill Festival

As most of the population in Nagaland depend on Agriculture, This festival is also about agriculture. Participation in these festivals are sacred and also essential. The government organizes the festival to develop inter-tribal contact and also to promote the culture of Nagaland. This festival happens from the 1st to the 7th of December every year. This is one great experience to savour the art and also the local food of Nagaland and it is also a great way to know the culture and the traditions of the state. The main focus of the festival is to revive and restore the culture and the traditions of the tribe.

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Hornbill festival, Kisama Heritage Village
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Best time to visit

Tourists visiting the beautiful country Nagaland can travel to the state around the December first week. This is the best time to visit owing to the fact that this is the time the Hornbill festival takes place and thus you can take part in some of the best activities in Nagaland. December first week is suitable and also the best time to visit the village. The winters in this region are very cold and also chilly. So you better have woollen clothes while you travel to this state.

Nagaland during winter.
Image Credits: Varun Nambiar on Unsplash

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The Kisama heritage village is not only a fun place to hang out but also a place that you can learn more about the culture of Nagaland. Even though open to the public only for a short time, the experience it gives is immense. Select this place as a part of your itinerary in your Nagaland Holiday Packages. Also, do follow the Pickyourtrail to learn more about domestic travel.

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