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Koh Lanta in 2023 – A Secluded Island Experience in Krabi in Thailand

Thailand is a destination that is famous for its beaches, relaxing massage, exciting watersport activities, adventurous trekking, and hidden islands. It is well known for its picturesque islands and beaches. There are several islands like Koh Lanta in Krabi and beautiful scenic beaches which are secluded and perfect for the ones who are keen on watersport activities. Apart from watersport activities, these islands have a world-famous national park. Islands in Thailand attract tourists from different parts of the world and people from different walks of life visit the island every year. The islands are vibrant and the water in these islands is crystal clear and turquoise in colour, making it an astonishing place to do activities such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

Koh Lanta Island
Image credits: tony hidalgo

If you are looking for such offbeat islands in Thailand check out the Pickyourtrail’s top recommended Koh Lanta in Krabi Island well known for its secluded location, postcard-perfect beaches, and pleasant weather. your trip wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t experience the authentic and pleasant Koh Lanta island, one of the most beautiful islands on the Andaman coast where there is so much to see and enjoy!

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Now, you might wonder “ What is there in Koh Lanta?” Well, Don’t worry Pickyourtrail is here to guide you. Koh Lanta, the natural beauty is blessed with tranquil beaches, butterfly farms, waterfalls, etc. Just continue reading and you will find out the best options of transportation and some extra information that will help you during your course of the journey to Koh Lanta and also will in paradise.

Koh Lanta island – Unravel the Hidden Beauty

Koh Lanta Island
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The pristine beauty and charm of Koh Lanta Island are not widely known, amidst the popularity of Phi phi island and James bond island tours. Koh Lanta in Krabi, one of the best scenic island in Thailand, has managed to stay far away from the commercialization and still furnishes an authentic island experience to its visitors. Thanks to its secluded location, Koh Lanta is home to Thailand’s and even some of the world’s best beaches.

Its flourishing jungles, coral beaches, and crystal clear waters make it one of the best retreats to have a relaxing respite amidst nature. Escape from the busy tourist attractions of Thailand and head to this small yet breathtaking wonderland to have a Krabi tour like never before.

One of the beautiful islands in Thailand, Ko Lanta (also spelt Koh Lanta) id located exactly off the coast of Krabi. The coastline is housed with several astounding and tranquil beaches which you can relish on your Krabi travel package from India, some considered the island to be the finest in the country and every beach with its own ambience and authenticity.

Nestled between the west coast of Thailand and Phi Phi island, ko Lanta is a cluster of islands. Out of 52 islands in Ko Lanta, Koh Lanta Yai is where the tourists spend their time. The island is spread across 25 km long and 6 km wide with an area of 81 square kilometres. The island is best to visit from December, January and February, the ideal months owing to the pleasant weather.

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History and Culture of Koh Lanta Island

The island has three significant cultural groups -the ChaoLay (Sea Gypsies), Thai-Muslim people, and the Thai-Chinese. They have lived together in peace and harmony for hundreds of years. They tend to share things in common and have lived in mixed communities on the island. The island is rich with 500 years of history which has helped the island to grow into a  charming multi-ethnic community. Koh Lanta was one of the safest ports for traders from Southeast Asia.  This ancient port has trade history including goods trade of tin, charcoal, and dried fishes.

On the shores of Koh Lanta Island

Koh Lanta Island
Image credits: grzegorzmielczarek

The island consists of a cluster of beaches such as  Baan Saladan Village, Klong Dao Beach, Phra Ae Beach (Long Beach), Klong Khong Beach, Far South Beach Area, Klong Nin Beach and Klong Tob, Kantiang Beach, Lanta Old Town. Every beach. Long Beach faces south, sunsets are wonderful and popular with families, divers and younger crowds of “travellers” who continue to return to one of Ko Lanta’s favourite beaches. Klong Nin Beach has various beachfront resorts and villas from low to medium budget. Most of the islands in Koh Lanta is blessed with resorts, restaurants and bars that are located directly on the beach and a great place to relax on your next Krabi holiday package.

The far south beach area is famous for its series of beautiful little beaches with only a few well-spaced resorts, all surrounded by natural forest and jungle. Far south area has the finest mix of a great (non-challenging) hike up the creek to the waterfall at Klong Jark Beach, a few kilometres before you get to Ko Lanta’s most southern resort beach, Bamboo Bay.if you want to explore the oldest town of Ko Lanta, Lanta old town or Sri Raya a seaside village situated on the east coast of the island. The place is rich in culture, history and you can witness 3 distinctive communities living together in peace and harmony. Also, it stands out to be the perfect place to dip in your taste buds with the authentic Thai dishes.


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