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Kolkata Street Food
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Kolkata Street Food Places You Must Visit during your trip

Food is an integral part of Indian culture. One cannot hope to experience Indian flavours without tasting the variety of street food it has to offer. In a recent survey by Times of India, Kolkata has been named the best destination for street food in India. Here’s a list of the most prominent locations in the city which contribute to its unique range of street foods:

1. Tiretti Bazaar in Kolkata

Image credits: Wikimedia

At Sun Yat-Sen Street or Tiretti Bazaar enjoy the wafting smells of Chinese and Tibetan delights. This area had been for a long time in the heart of the Chinese community living in Kolkata. You’ll find yummy breakfast being sold on tables, stalls and even vehicles every morning. Sui Mais and dumplings, spring rolls, fish ball soup, chicken pies and sticky rice balls are the best dishes here. What is unique about this spread is that every single food item is authentically Chinese and homemade.

Chai at Kolkata street food
Image source: Google Images

You might be apprehensive about the cleanliness given it’s an open-air market, but don’t worry as the quality is amazing. And the cherry on top, the food and the quantity are just satisfying. Spices, sauces, and a mind-boggling variety of soups, momos, and meat dishes at minimal prices are the major attractions. Heritage and tradition are best preserved through food. And the flock of people lured by the mouth-watering aroma of Chinese delicacies bear testament to this.

Tiretti Bazaar indeed represents the mixing of various ethnicities and cultures that Kolkata is known for. It is definitely one of the best Kolkata street food places you must visit.

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2. Zakaria Street in Kolkata

Nakhoda Masjid
Image source: Wikimedia

Zakaria Street near the Nakhoda Masjid, one of the largest mosques in east India, is an ancient locality and has a quintessentially old world charm about it. During the month of Ramzan leading up to Eid, this place becomes a foodie’s paradise with its gastronomical iftar spread of various kebabs, biryani, haleem, and desserts.

The ancient buildings, narrow alleys, and dim lights somehow complement the hustle and fever pitch energy that inhabits this area during that time. The Mughlai cuisine is the essential street food here, and although the number of shops reaches the peak before Eid, several food stalls are functional all year long. There is a completely different kind of cultural dimension that the food imparts to this market place that is replete with other goods such as musical instruments, dry fruits, kurtas, ittar, bangles, and other ornaments.

Bakarkhani a kolkata street food
Image source: Wikimedia

The most famous food items that pull crowds during Ramzan are Taskeen’s changezi chicken, Sufia’s melt in the mouth beef kebabs, haleem from Bombay Hotel, various kinds of bread (such as the poppy seed studded Bakar Khani), and Adam’s famous suta kebab. One must never leave out from their Zakaria Street experience the renowned Haji Allauddin Sweets – known for their mawa laddoos, creamy gulab jamuns, and dry fruit halwa. The prices are extremely affordable, and any visitor can be assured that the vendors of Zakaria Street never compromise on the quality or quantity of food offered.

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3. New Market area

Kolkata street food
Image source: Google Images

Yet another must-visit Kolkata street food place is the New Market. It is one of the oldest and largest market places in Kolkata, with sprawling British Raj-era buildings and enclosures. Not only does it house under a single roof the largest variety of consumer goods (from fruits to clothing and wigs), it also boasts of the widespread availability of Kolkata street food. There are puchka stalls around every corner, famous Kathi rolls at the erstwhile Nizam’s Restaurant, and the 115-year-old Jewish bakery Nahoum’s.

Kolkata Street food
Image source: Google Images

The New Market is at its colourful best during Christmas, and most Bengali households have as an integral part of their year-end traditions, the rich fruit cake from Nahoum and Sons. The eponymous store has stood the test of time thriving at its original location with old-fashioned displays and the nostalgic charm of old floorings. Cream filled cakes, pastries, rum balls and other savoury items are in most demand here. New Market can be said to be a melting pot of cultures – for not only does it have a limitless array of street food, but it also offers air-conditioned cafes and fine dining restaurants (such as ‘Blue and Beyond’) for those looking for a different kind of experience.

4. Vardaan Market, Camac Street

Jhaal Muri
Image source:  M Ameen from Pixabay 

The area around Vardaan Market on Camac Street is a haven for those who love to experiment with street food. It offers a wide range of food in a surprisingly small area. And the best part is – they are all vegetarian! Everything from pizzas and pasta, right down to phuchka or chilla is authentically vegetarian. One can also find vendors selling jhaal muri (spicy puffed rice) – a primarily Bengali snack at very pocket-friendly prices (starting at Rs. 30). You can also have a full three-course meal right at this hub, starting at food stalls like ‘Yum Tum’ which have on their menu a wide range of choices such as vegetarian momos, baby corn, and sandwiches.

Bengali Mishti
Image source: Pradipna Lodh from Pexels

For dessert, visit the Gupta Brothers shop for lip-smacking Bengali mishti such as gulab jamun or the motichoor ladoo. Near the Vardaan Market, there are different food stalls such as ‘Shibuji’, that offer pav bhajis, mocktails, and barf gola. Their chocolate paan is also worth a try. Around this area, you’ll discover the best chai vendors, juice bars, stalls selling different kinds of vadas, and brownie-with-ice-cream. All you vegetarians out there, do not miss out on this place!

For those of you who haven’t tried the food in Kolkata, you must visit these places on your next vacation. In fact, I would suggest that you visit Kolkata just to relish the lip-smacking food it offers! Start planning your trip with the amazing Kolkata staycation deals that Pickyourtrail offers.

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