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A stunning click in Kovalam
Written by Kajani Shivam on July 12, 2020 Share on

Kovalam In Kerala – Discover The Coastal Paradise!!

Have you ever imagined of relaxing in the sunshine? Well, how about the warm breeze touching your face and the sand rolling on your toes with full of water? Sounds good? Well, you have virtually landed in Kovalam! Interesting? Keep reading… Kovalam is a heavenly coastal town located around 13 km from Trivandrum in Kerala. Kovalam is a famous tourist destination and is loved for its mesmerizing beaches, watersports, churches, temples, remarkable architectures, ayurvedic centres, delicious cuisine, fancy resorts and many more. Beautiful, right? Also, Kovalam in Kerala remains as a perfect honeymoon destination for couples, a fun-filled destination for friends and an all in one destination for families. Interested to visit Kovalam? Well, have a read and find out everything about Kovalam in Kerala.

A beautiful click of Kovalam in Kerala
Image Credits: Unsplash

How to reach Kovalam?

Kovalam doesn’t have an airport or railway station to directly connect. But, not to worry! We have Trivandrum to help us. Also, let’s find out the different ways to reach Kovalam in Kerala.

1. How to reach Kovalam by air?

Planning to reach Kovalam by air? in that case, you should take a flight to Trivandrum International Airport which is the nearest airport from Kovalam. It is located around 15 km away from Kovalam. Also, if you are taking a flight from Chennai, Mumbai or Bangalore, you will be reaching Kovalam within 2 hours. Cool, huh? This is one of the easiest ways to reach Kovalam.

2. How to reach Kovalam by train?

Trivandrum Central Railway Station is the closest railway station to Kovalam. The station is just 15 km away from Kovalam. So, you can easily reach this station and take a cab or bus to reach Kovalam. Interestingly, you will find the trains well connected. There are direct trains to Trivandrum Railway Station from Bombay (18 hours), Bangalore (16 hours) and Chennai (11 hours).

3. How to reach Kovalam by road?

You will be able to find buses from all nearby cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Madurai, Nagercoil and many more. Bus journeys can be interesting, right? Well, it will be more interesting when you travel to Kovalam. On your way, you can admire the beauty of the city. In addition, you can also self-drive or reach Kovalam by renting a car. Also, if you are going to travel with your friends, it’s always better to choose the road for a fun-filled experience.

Best time to visit Kovalam

A lovely click of a beach in Kovalam
Image Credits: Unsplash

Though Kovalam in Kerala is a year-round destination, you will get a different experience in every season. Quickly have a read and find out which one suits you.

1. Summer in Kovalam

You will witness fewer tourists during the summer season. The weather is quite hot and doesn’t act as a favourable experience for tourists. However, you will get a great deal on hotels during the summer season and can visit many places in Kovalam. So, you can choose the summer season if the heat doesn’t trouble you.

2. Monsoon in Kovalam

Love rain? Well, make sure you visit Kovalam during the monsoon season. You will find the romantic side of Kovalam during the monsoon season. Also, you will find a high number of tourists during this time. Planning for a honeymoon? Love nature? You better choose monsoon season for a lovely experience.

3. Winter in Kovalam

Here comes the best time to visit Kovalam. The winter season is the best time to visit Kovalam and is highly favourable for tourists. You will find pleasant weather during this time. Interestingly, many beach festivals and boat rides take place during the winter season. Pretty cool, huh? So, never take a chance to miss this beautiful experience during the winter season.

Kovalam in Kerala – Find out the fab five things to do in Kovalam

  • Aruvikkara Dam
  • Water Sports
  • Ayurvedic Centres
  • German Bakery
  • Nightclubs

1. Aruvikkara Dam

Aruvikkara Dam in Kovalam
Image Credits: Google Images

Aruvikkara Dam is one of the popular picnic spots in Kovalam. One can come here and visit the beautiful dam. Interestingly, you will find many fishes in Aruvikkara Dam. Also, you can feed these fishes. Cool, huh? It is believed that feeding these fishes can cure many skin diseases. So, you will find a huge crowd feeding the fishes. You will also find a small eatery coffee shop here. So, once you are done feeding the fishes, take some time and relax here. Also, never miss the boating experience which is available from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

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2. Water Sports

A man surfing in Kovalam
Image Credits: Unsplash

How can you miss water sports in Kovalam? No, right? You will find plenty of water sports in Kovalam. You can be a pro surfer or a baby surfer, you will find beaches which serve the best as per your needs. Kovalam also has many schools for surfing. You can spend some time and learn surfing too. In addition, parasailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing and boat sailing are some of the famous water sports available here. Spend some time for water sports and get into adventure mode!

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3. Ayurvedic Centres

A click from a Ayurvedic centre in Kovalam
Image Credits: Google Images

One of the best things to do in Kovalam is to spend a day at the ayurvedic centre. At the end of the day, a refreshing massage is all we need, right? With a variety of techniques & herbal oils, the massage will make you feel heaven and you will be wanting for some more. Interestingly, you will find many resorts in Kovalam which offers some special ayurvedic services. Also, some of the famous ayurvedic centres are Amritha Ayurvedic centre, Divya health spa, Ayushya Ayurvedic centre, and many more.

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4. German Bakery

Imagine having the fluffy pancakes with the creamy milkshakes. Ufff! Splendid, right? Also, not to miss the German sausages, pizza and seafood. Wondering where to find all these? Well, let me take you to the famous German Bakery in Kovalam. This bakery is loved for its mouthwatering dishes and ambience. Interestingly, you can enjoy the delicious dishes with splendid sea views. This is definitely one of the coolest things to do on your vacation to Kovalam.

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5. Nightclubs

It’s time to party in Kovalam! Kovalam in Kerala is filled with some interesting nightclubs. You can enjoy an electrifying nightlife here with your friends. Also, get ready to dance for some peppy music. Do not forget to grab a bite of the tasty dishes which are the best. Some of the most popular nightclubs are Neera Bar in Taj, Sky Bar in Leela Kempinski and the Groove Bar. Make sure you visit these bars for a rocking experience on your vacation to Kovalam.

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Kovalam in Kerala – Top 5 places to visit in Kovalam

  • Lighthouse Beach
  • Hawah Beach
  • Kovalam Art Gallery
  • Samudra Beach
  • Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple

1. Lighthouse Beach

A stunning click of Lighthouse Beach
Image Credits: Unsplash

Lighthouse Beach is ultimately the iconic spot in Kovalam. You can never miss visiting this place. Interestingly, you will find a 30m tall lighthouse erected on the Kurumkal Hill which acts as a landmark. You can climb over 140 steps and capture some stunning views. You can also simply walk around with your loved ones and admire the beauty of the Lighthouse beach.

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2. Hawah Beach

Hawah Beach
Image Credits: Google Images

If you think the Lighthouse Beach is crowded and doesn’t seem peaceful, you can always make a visit to Hawah Beach. This beach is less crowded and is beautifully surrounded by verdant coconut trees. Looking for serenity and relaxation? Well, Hawah Beach is the one for you. You will also find many water sports here. Make sure you try some. Also, the sunset view is one of the best things you will find in Hawah Beach. Do not miss the sunset experience.

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3. Kovalam Art Gallery

Kovalam Art Gallery
Image Credits: Google Images

Art lovers, Kovalam has got something to surprise you! Well, Kovalam art gallery is home to beautiful paintings, artefacts and many more. You will find some of the famous paintings of Nicolas Roerich, Raja Ravi Varma and Svetlova. Amazing, right? There are also displays related to ancient traditions, Mughal era, Rajput and many more. This place is a feast for artists and art lovers. Well, you will agree on this when you witness this place for real. You can visit this place from 10:00 AM – 4:45 PM. Also, the art gallery is closed on Mondays. Make sure you don’t go checking for the art gallery on Mondays.

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4. Samudra Beach

Samudra Beach
Image Credits: Google Images

In Kovalam, every beach has got its own beauty. In that case, never miss visiting Samudra Beach which is one of the most beautiful beaches you will find in Kovalam. Interestingly, this place is loved by the newlyweds. Honeymoon couples? Well, get ready for a lovely photoshoot in Samudra Beach. You will also find food stalls, a mosque, and many water sports here. So, make sure you experience all these. You can also stay in luxury hotels such as Uday Samudra and Vivanta Taj which are located near the beach.

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5. Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple

Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple
Image Credits: Google Images

Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple is one of the important places to visit in Kovalam for religious people. This is one of the oldest rock shrines in India, with an incomplete sculpture of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This incomplete structure captures many hearts and is loved by tourists. This place remains open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and remains closed on Mondays.

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Things to know about Kovalam in Kerala

  • Language in Kovalam
  • Festivals in Kovalam
  • Food in Kovalam
  • Stay in Kovalam
  • Shopping in Kovalam

1. Language in Kovalam

People in Kovalam mainly converse in Malayalam which is their mother tongue. However, you will find many people who converse in English. So, language is not a barrier in Kovalam.

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2. Festivals in Kovalam

A beautiful click of elephants in Kovalam
Image Credits: Google Images

Interestingly, you will find many festivals in Kovalam. The Elephant race is one of the famous festivals celebrated in Kovalam in the month of January. You can find the elephants marching in the streets of Kovalam. Beautiful, right? Love elephants? Make sure you visit Kovalam in January to witness this beautiful festival. Interested to learn the culture and tradition of this region? Well, in that case, you should attend the Kerala village festival which is a 10-day long celebration in a village near Kovalam. The locals will be performing on this day. You can make a visit on this day and learn a lot about their tradition.

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3. Food in Kovalam

A picture of Puttu dish
Image Credits: Google Images

Your trip to Kovalam is never complete without tasting the famous dishes available in Kovalam. Puttu is one of the must-try dishes in Kovalam. It is a breakfast dish which is very common in Kovalam. Another famous dish is Appam. Appam is usually served with meat & other non-vegetarian dishes. Also, not to miss Kappa which is a unique and spicy dish. You will also find some of the best seafood dishes here. So, make sure you taste them too.

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4. Stay in Kovalam

A houseboat in Kovalam
Image Credits: Google Images

Kovalam is filled with interesting places to stay. You will find ayurvedic health resorts, budget cottages, luxury seaside resorts, houseboats and many more. Also, pre-booking hotels will save you a lot of money. So, it is advisable to pre-book your stay.

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5. Shopping in Kovalam

A click of a shop in Kovalam
Image Credits: Google Images

How can you miss shopping on your vacation to Kovalam? Hard, right? This beautiful coastal city has some vibrant streets which are full of shopping areas. Kovalam is loved for its handicrafts, home decor items, spices, and for statues which are made of teakwood & rosewood. So, make sure you spend some time and buy these products. Some of the famous shopping areas in Kovalam are Kovalam Beach, Joseph and Sons shop, Kovalam mall and Varkala Beach.

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Well, Kovalam in Kerala is a perfect destination to spend your vacation. I am sure you will agree on that, right? Kovalam is filled with beautiful attractions and offers many fun activities to the tourists. So, make sure you never miss this fun-filled destination. Interested to plan a vacation to Kovalam? Well, all you need to do is to reach Pickyourtrail website and find some amazing travel packages. Interestingly, you can also customize your own travel itinerary. Also, our Customer Happiness Team will be virtually travelling with you 24/7 through our cool mobile application. So, get ready and start planning with Pickyourtrail for an amazing vacation. You can also leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options. Happy Travelling!!

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