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Mauritius Beach
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La Cambuse Beach – Get the Solitude That You Always Desired For!

Mauritius is one of the dream destinations for any honeymoon couples and it is like a paradise on earth. It has vast ecosystems with various places to go to and explore. Solo travelers will also find many places to go and explore to the fullest. Volcanic in origin, coral reef surrounds the island country. The chief source of water is Lake Vacoas. The primary sources of hydroelectric power are the two rivers, Grand River South East and the Black River. The major export in the country is Sugarcane which is mainly cultivated. Vegetables and tea are there for local consumption. Let us now look at the hidden gem of the Island, La Cambuse Beach.

Mauritius Beach
Image credits – Guillaume Baudusseau on Unsplash

La Cambuse Beach

Found about a couple of miles from the SSR airport, The La Cambuse is an amazing place to be in. But in spite of its beautiful natural scenery, people do not visit it often. Just a walk through the coastline of this beach and you will be in absolute bliss. The scenery and the beach are so much beautiful. Diving is one of the best activities due to the water being crystal clear. Hiking is as usual a thing to do on this beach as the beach has its rocky background which will entice you to take a trip on it. A walk on this beach will have you transported to the time before all this modernization happened.

La Cambuse Beach
Image credits – Google Images

Best time to visit the beach

This is one of the best beaches to visit in Mauritius even though it is not one among the frequently visited. The speculated best time to visit this beach is during the Sunrise and the Sunset. This beach gives you an amazing view of both. Apart from the sunset, the perfect time to visit is between 9-11 AM and also 1-4 PM in the afternoon. This is one of the most beautiful beaches and it is also a public beach.

Weather in La Cambuse Beach

There has been no big devastation due to the weather conditions on this beach. This explains that this beach has good weather condition overall. Summer is kind of the best season to visit this beach as beaches are best visited during the warmer seasons. Hanging out with your family, doing fun activities during this weather will be the best thing to do. Have a swim in the crystal clear ocean as you will not regret it.

Mauritius Palm trees ( La Cambuse Beach)
Mauritius Palm trees | P.C – Google Images


A trip to a place becomes fun multifold if you know that the right tips about visiting a place. These are some of the tips that you can follow in the La Cambuse Beach:

  • You can take a trip to the fishing order rock climbing as this beach gives you the best weather to do so. The environment proves to be the best fit for the activity.
  • A lovely picnic on this public beach with some active water sports is actually enough for you to spend quality time on the beach.
  • If you have chosen to travel to this place with your better half, then the sunrise and the sunset time is the best time to visit. This gives a beautiful romantic view of the whole scenery.

Mauritius holds many hidden beaches like the La Cambuse beach and there are no other places to let your steam off like the beaches. This Beach is a must-do in your travel plan. Add this as a part of your Mauritius Tour Packages while creating your own itinerary at the Pickyourtrail website.

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