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lakes in Vancouver
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When Vast Forest Meets The Vaster Water Bodies – Must-visit Lakes in Vancouver

Are you ready to embark into the city that makes nature blush?  When it comes to top-notch experience for travellers, no other city in Canada can match the excellence of Vancouver. Be it a nature-driven trip or an adventurous tour, the city will offer its fullest to make you the happiest. How about taking a dive in the picturesque lakes? Or do you want to sit and relax at the calm and composed lakes surrounded by mountains? Get closer to nature while destressing on your Canadian holiday. This is possible when you head to the mesmerizing lakes in Vancouver that are truly an epitome of elegance.

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pristine lakes in Vancouver
Image credits: Unsplash

Lakes in Vancouver

  • Rice lake
  • Cabin lake
  • Sasamat lake
  • Buntzen lake
  • Burnaby lake
  • Cultus lake
Mountain clad lake
Image credits: Unsplash

Rice lake

You can access the Rice lake after an exciting hike for a couple of hours. This is one of the calm and serene lakes in Vancouver. If you really wish for a peaceful and quiet getaway location, hands down, Rice lake is the best pick for you. Located in the Seymour Conservation Reserve, the lake also offers activities like fishing and bird watching.

Cabin lake

Head to Cabin lake which is considered as one of the most visited lakes in Vancouver. Nestled along with the majestic Black Mountains, the lake is open for travellers throughout the year. You can also enjoy a wide array of adventure activities such as hiking, skiing, trail running, and much more. You can reach this picturesque spot by hiking a few kilometres on the Black Mountains. Visit the place along with your friends and family as it is an iconic spot in Vancouver for a family picnic.

Sasamat lake

Taking a dip in the Sasamat Lake in Vancouver is believed as a therapy by the locals as well as tourists. The warm water heals your body aches and offers peace of mind and tranquillity. Located in the Belcarra Regional Park, the green lake in Vancouver is a true natural wonder. If you want to enjoy a romantic trip with your loved one, Sasamat Lake is the best pick. You will find the pathway to heaven while walking through the sandy White Pine Beach located at the shoreline of this lake.

Buntzen lake

Visit the mirror-like Buntzen Lake where you can witness the clouds on the crystal clear water of this waterbody. Surrounded by lush greeneries, magnificent trails, towering vegetation and eye-catchy natural assets, this is one of the best lakes in Vancouver. With a jaw-dropping suspension bridge enhancing the beauty of the lake, the place attracts a large number of tourists every year, especially during summer.

Suspension bridge in Buntzen Lake
Image credits: Unsplash

Burnaby lake

Pack your picnic bags and gather your family members to Burnaby Lake, a perfect picnic destination in Vancouver. The lake offers a lovely and pleasant atmosphere for tourists to spend a whole day with their family. Here you will surely forget about the bustling city life. Do not miss visiting the wildlife sanctuary that houses several birds like Blue Herons, Kingfishers, Eagles, and much more.

Cultus lake

Head to this insanely beautiful lake in Vancouver nestled in the Fraser Valley where nature shows off its true colours of happiness. With a gigantic park, Cultus Lake is considered as the most popular lakes and campgrounds in Vancouver. With the soft sandy beach on the shore, nature-driven trails and a wide array of fun activities, the place is indeed one of the must-visit lakes in Vancouver.

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Take a dip in the lakes in Vancouver and cleanse your body both internally and externally. Enjoy some sunshine while basking into the best that nature could offer. Your Canadian trip will never be complete without lake visits in Vancouver. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Canada right away. Browse through packages to Canada and enjoy planning with us. Now you can connect with us via Whatsapp and craft your dream trip at ease.

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