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Laxman Sagar Resort
Written by Athul K V on August 8, 2020 Share on

Lakshman Sagar Resort – Live the royal Rajasthan life!


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Ever felt like going back in time to live the Royal life? Ever wondered what it feels like to live in a gigantic fort? Or have your ever craved to eat like the Maharaja and Maharanis? Well, you can experience all of this in Rajasthan. This beautiful state in Northern India is the land of Kings, castles, forts, palaces and a myriad of folklore. A visit to Rajasthan is definitely an unforgettable experience. All of this makes Rajasthan one of the most visited tourist destination in India. During these testing times, the Lakshman Sagar Resort in Rajasthan gives you an amazing opportunity to have this Rajsthani experience. The Lakshman Sagar Resort is a gem of a resort located in Raipur, which is the perfect weekend getaway. Planning a staycation in the state of Rajasthan, read more to know why this resort is an ideal place.

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About Lakshman Sagar Resort, Raipur

The Lakshman Sagar Resort is a 19th-century resort located in Raipur. The Thakur of Raipur Lakshman Singh built this as a hunting lodge. Since hunting was one of the main sport for the Kings, they built similar buildings so that they can stay over at night and continue the hunt. Now, the resort stands as an ideal staycation spot oozing out luxury and heritage. Choose to stay in the sustainable mud cottages which keep its earthy connection intact. Also, each of the cottages comes with a private pool. Do you know, this 32-acre resort has a manmade lake! What else do you need to make your Staycation the best?

The Cottages of Lakshman Sagar

The Lakshman Sagar Resort possesses 12 large and private cottages, of which six are located on either side of the lake. The purpose of the lake was to lure prey for the Thakurs to hunt. Also, all the cottages have a private pool. The cottages are designed meticulously by keeping their traditional appearance and authentic feel intact. All the decorative accessories for the rooms are from the nearby locality, which enhances authenticity and adds a charm to it. Moreover, these cottages create a calm atmosphere and a mixture of royalty and a genuine country feel. The design has its own story and for those art enthusiasts, this will be a nice journey through time and history of the locale.

Location of Lakshman Sagar Resort

Lakshman Sagar is located on the NH-14, about 10 km off the Jodhpur – Ajmer route going through Pali. The nearest airport is the Jodhpur airport which is about 2 hours drive and nearest railway station is the Haripur Railway station which is a little less than 5km away.

Address: Raipur Road, Near Haripur Railway station – 306304


Even though you are staying in an old hunting lodge built for a Thakur, your stay here will be filled with wholesome village experiences. Starting from the single rock-cut swimming pool, the village life starts. You can also go on nature walking tours, goat herding etc. Also, at night, stargazing is a real beauty to experience. One can also engage in kite flying or just enjoy a beautiful sunset sitting by the side of the pool. Other fun activities include birdwatching, fishing in the late, and hiking.

Delightful Dining

Now as for the food here, they follow a traditional method of cooking, which is the slow cooking technique. They grow most of the vegetables are within the resort or source them locally. The service is specific and personal, thus the private dining set up feels really royal. During the Thakur’s time, food was served separately for men and women in separate dining halls. These halls still carry that royal feel even with its modified interiors. Enjoy the dining experience and relish the local cuisine.

Why this Resort?

The special nature and ambience of this resort is the main pulling factor. This is your ideal honeymoon resort since almost everything about this place is pretty unique. Lakshman Sagar offers experiences rather than a normal vacation, that is the beauty of it. The cottages here are vibrant and show the influence of its royal heritage but, at the same time have a strong connection to the local culture as well. Furthermore, the food preparation is done in a traditional method with complete personal service. Experiencing a destination is much more powerful than just seeing it. That is precisely why Lakshman Sagar Resort should be on your bucket list.

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Travelling during COVID-19

The Lakshman Sagar Resorts follow the highest standard of service and hygiene initiated by government protocols. They also follow WHO standards to keep their guests safe during these testing times. The properties ensure that they follow these strict measures to tackle the pandemic and present a safe stay. The property ensures to keep social distancing norms and uses disinfectant continuously to clean all objects to come into contact such as door handles, railings etc. All the staff working in the kitchen, housekeeping, front desk, restaurants and room service follow the mandatory safety procedures. Additionally, the staff ensures to keep hand sanitizers and disposable masks at the lobby and are easily accessible. Your baggage will be sanitized on arrival along with on the spot temperature checks as well. You will also have immediate medical assistance on the resort if required.

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