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Laxmi Niwas Palace, Bikaner
Written by Swathi on July 4, 2020 Share on

Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner: The Epitome of Opulence

Bikaner, a vibrant city in Rajasthan speaks of sheer opulence when it comes to the historic structures it possesses. Known as ‘Jangladesh’ in the historic times, it was one of the main centres of the Rajput Empire. Speaking of the Rajputs, you would definitely agree when I say that they contributed immensely to the architectural marvels of India. One such marvel in the city of Bikaner is Lalgarh Palace. Although the Rajputs have built forts and palaces all across the state of Rajasthan, I have to give a special mention to Bikaner’s Lalgarh Palace for being the ‘Epitome of Opulence.’

If you plan to visit Bikaner in your Rajasthan itinerary, you should definitely pay a visit to the Lalgarh Palace as it is one of the most renowned attractions in the state. You can date back the construction of Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner to the early 1900s making it a relatively new attraction when compared to others. This fact will surely please the history enthusiast in you. Planned and structured to perfection by the British designer Samuel Swinton Jacob for the erstwhile King of Bikaner Maharaja Ganga Singh, this place is going to take your breath away!

Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

What to expect?

When you visit Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner, you will feel like you have stepped into a different world altogether. It is surreal when a Britisher builds a grand structure for an Indian King right? To be precise, you can expect a combination of European and Oriental style of architecture which perfectly complements the scenery around it.

As you soak into the surroundings of the palace, you will witness ornamental flower gardens with flowers like the bougainvillaea. You can also expect peacocks as your companions while exploring the palace as they go on a relaxing stroll all around the garden.

Lalgarh Palace- Today

You will be surprised to know that Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner has been turned into a Heritage Hotel. What better way to experience the culture of Rajasthan than by living like one of the Rajput Kings? You will be in for a similar experience if you plan to stay at the Lalgarh Palace during your visit to Bikaner.

If you are you a history enthusiast and would like to explore the culture a little more, you can visit the Shri Sadul Museum within Lalgarh Palace for some interesting insights. Not only will you get to see old photographs of the royalty here but also trophies won by the King of Bikaner in the past. This will help you get hands-on and authentic information to satisfy your history cravings.

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Lalgarh Palace at night
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Pay a visit to the library of Lalgarh Palace which houses historic accounts of the Bikaner Kings. You can find them in the form of manuscripts, parchment papers or copper and gold inscriptions. Through these sources, you will find accounts on the various battles fought and details on the everyday life of the Bikaner Kings. Look out for miniature paintings depicting the lives of the Rajput Kings and weapons which were used in the wars at the museum. You can also do a deep dive into Rajput history when you visit Lalgarh Palace’s library and museum.

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Noteworthy facts about Lalgarh Palace

Lalgarh Palace Bikaner is located about 5 miles away from Junagarh Fort. Before Samuel Swinton Jacob kick-started the construction of Lalgarh Palace, a ritual ceremony was initiated to ensure successful completion of his project. There were many different wings built within the palace and the most imposing one among them was the Laxmi Niwas Palace. You will be able to see the other wings which were built for the king and his counterparts as well. The layout with which the palace has been placed amidst the courtyards is beyond words.

Some noteworthy guests who visited Lalgarh Palace include Lord Curzon, Lord Irwin, Queen Mary and King George V. They visited the King of Bikaner since he had earned various accolades for his hunting expeditions.

Hotel room in Lalgarh Palace
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

How to reach Lalgarh Palace

The cities of Rajasthan itself are very well connected by all means of transport. You can choose the most convenient mode of transport with the help of this list.

By air

Rajasthan has only one International Airport which is located in the capital city of Jaipur. Other major cities like Jodhpur and Udaipur have domestic airports. The closest airport to Bikaner is the Jodhpur airport from where you can take a bus or train ride.

By train

Needless to say, train journeys are the best in India. Indian Railways has excellent connectivity to all the major cities from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Bikaner railway station is connected to the Metro cities like Delhi and Kolkata plus intermediate cities like Jaipur and Agra. The famous Maharaja Express or ‘Palace on Wheels’ also transits through Bikaner during its scenic train journey. This would ideally be the best way to get around Rajasthan and also take in the countryside.

By road

Who doesn’t like a road trip? If you love long drives, you can explore Rajasthan the best way by road. Although it will be tiresome, you will definitely remember the experience for times to come. The National Highway connectivity is well versed within the cities for easy access. But if you do not prefer to drive down, you can always opt for a comfortable tourist bus journey.

Aerial view from Lalgarh Palace
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

So there you have it! All that you need to know about Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner. I presume you must already be packing your bags to embark on your Rajasthan vacation. To help you with the ideal tour package, you can reach out to Pickyourtrail and we will ensure that you have the greatest vacation. Should you require more assistance, you can always leave a Whatsapp inquiry for more options. Happy holidaying!

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