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Las Ramblas street
Written by Kajani Shivam on May 6, 2020 Share on

Las Ramblas Street – A visit to the famous street in Barcelona

Las Ramblas Street is the liveliest street in Barcelona packed with tourists, locals, street artists, restaurants, and interesting shops. You will be able to find everything here in the street. Las Ramblas is a long, pedestrian-friendly road that stretches from Plaza Catalunya to the Christoper Columbus statue near the port. Las Ramblas is in the city centre and there are many metros, which makes getting around the city very convenient. The street is found buzzing all hour, especially at night. The Street has around 80 to 100 million pedestrians a year making it the liveliest street in Barcelona. 

La Ramblas steet, Barcelona
Image Credits: Unsplash.com

Top 8 things to do around  Las Ramblas Street In Barcelona

Let’s explore the street more and the top things to do which makes it more happening.

Visit the Art Gallery at Centre d’Art Santa Monica – 

This gallery houses an amazing space known for hosting various contemporary art exhibitions featuring artists that come from all over the world. Just 10 minutes down Las Ramblas, and you’ll be there.

Visit the Museu de l’Erotica

Situated at the centre of the street, the Erotic Museum of Barcelona shows us how Erotica has been evolved based on different cultures. The museum can be explored on leisure, with an audio guide and guided tour. 

Witness the Human statues which makes you speechless

Mad Hatter costume at Las Ramblas street
Image Credits: Unsplash.com

These Human statues will definitely make you speechless. Reel or Real will be the only question popping in your mind. Take your time and admire these human statues. You will never be bored with them. 

Grab a bite to eat

The restaurants on Las Ramblas have a variety of foods from renowned restaurants such as Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, and Subway. They have multiple local restaurants that serve the delicacies of the Spanish palette and Turkish food that dish up a great durum kebab! A great place to grab a beer and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Shopping Time

A woman shopping
Image Credits: Unsplash.com

Las Ramblas street is a perfect place for an endless shopping scenario. Shopping in this area might be a little pricey because of the high number of tourists. But the money is definitely worth the shopping experience. 

La Boqueria – The famous market

La Boqueria has been the city’s best grocery store. Inside, you’ll find a wide array of fresh products, meats, fish, and just about anything you might need to cook up a fancy dinner (as well as some flowers, of course). It is also a great place to try some street food, take a cooking class, or have a glass of wine at a little stall.

See a Show at Liceu Theater

Liceu Theater is located right in Las Ramblas and is an amazing place to watch a live performance. Get ready to watch a show of Otello, Beethoven, and Irons, or the International Singing Contest by Francisco Viñas. If you don’t want to sit in on a show, then you can do a tour of the theatre which is the coolest thing to do.

Rent a Bike at Mattia 46

Instead of walking through Las Ramblas street, you can rent a bike from Mattia 46. Just explore this busiest street with an amazing ride which is the coolest way to explore. 

Ever heard of a street like Las Ramblas Street? No right. This street has almost everything to satisfy every type of person. The street operates from Monday to Sunday between 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your vacation with Pickyourtrail to experience the most amazing street in Barcelona. Fly to Spain with Pickyourtrail.
Happy journey!

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