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Las Salinas de Torrevieja
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Las Salinas de Torrevieja: All you need to know about the pink salt lake.

Two vivid salt lakes flank on Spain’s Costa Blanca, on the northwest edge of a tiny seaside area. Together, they form the Las Salinas de Torrevieja nature reserve. One lake sticks out in particular because its eye-catching pink bubblegum hue overshadows its green-tinted counterpart. Looking at Torrevieja from above, it looks like a giant strawberry milkshake has melted and the gooey mess is pooling just outside the area. Although a slew of unusual additives isn’t triggering the strange image. Actually it’s the bacteria and algae that work.

Laguna Rosa, Torrevieja, Spain
Source: Unsplash

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Overview of Las Salinas de Torrevieja.

This natural space provides a collection of some incredible plant species but there is not much vegetation in the region because of the high salinity rates in the water. In this highly salty water environment, only a few plants, such as alacranera (Arthrocnemum macrostachyum), and different types of juncus, suaedas, salicorns and salsolas, could survive. When the flowering time comes to Las Salinas, a rare spectacle of saladillas (lavender), groundsel and even the complex but showy shaped orchids (collina) can be seen in full bloom. Nevertheless, more typical Mediterranean plants, such as pine trees and also eucalyptus, can be seen in the south of the lake where the salt rates are not as high.

Las Salinas de Torrevieja is based on the salt lakes. The mineral was collected by people from the waters for centuries. Officially they were a centre for Spain’s salt industry in the early 19th century. Besides boosting the economy of the town, the lakes also act as a natural spa. The sludge of mud and salt at the bottom is expected to have soothing qualities that will cure serious skin and respiratory disorders. The high concentration of salt in the water makes it a fun place to relax and enjoy floating around with ease.

Torrevieja, Spain
Source: Unsplash

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The salt is then divided into different categories and sizes, depending on the end-user. In total, there are 14,000 different uses for salt in the textile, chemical and pharmaceutical industries including glass making, PVC manufacturing. The salt from Torrevieja is also shipped to other nations. Norway is the major importer while Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland and Denmark are also major users.

The Torrevieja lakes nowadays generate 700,000 tons of salt a year and continue to be a very significant industry for the Alicante area. You will see some beautiful boats in the Salt and Sea Museum which captured the salt’s crystallisation cycle. This salt boat craftsmanship is unique to Torrevieja and is one of any visitor’s must-see activities.

Even the air is filled with iodine, minerals and salt in this interesting spot. Visitors would be given a natural treatment that will provide them with several advantages for bone, eye, lung and asthma diseases. Everyone who comes here can experience a rush of power and vitality like nature’s own vivacity! It’s a fact that salt purifies your aura from negative emotions, too.

The reason behind the pinkness of Las Salinas de Torrevieja.

The rare pink hue of the Torrevieja lagoon tends to be caused by pigments from the Halobacterium bacteria that reside in intense saline conditions. The hue is also triggered by an alga called Dunadiella Salina, responsible for the lake’s deep red colour. The pink lake has 1,400 acres, and the salt is extracted from the pink lagoon’s southeast corner. Halobacterium (also known as “salt bacterium”) thrives in salty areas, as does Dunaliella salina, a micro-algae. These are the two magic ingredients which concoct the strange hue of the water. The water is completely good with its weird hue, but it may get a little smelly. There are up to 2,000 flamingos that can be seen and complete the ravishing landscape particularly throughout the breeding season. Some of them switch from swallowing the shrimp in the bowl to a curious shade of purple. This amazing natural park contains about 100 types of aquatic and marine birds plus other animals.

Torrevieja, Spain
Source: Unsplash

Best time to visit Las Salinas de Torrevieja

The nation is situated in Western Europe, and it has Mediterranean climate conditions because of this. Spain has mild, dry summers, and cool, rainy winters. The temperature varies mostly from North to South of Spain, however. Northern Spain should be visited at any time during the spring or fall, also known as The Green Spain or Secret Spain. Over the course of these months, you can roam around the squares and enjoy some of the magnificent local festivals with much less crowd around, a host of ideal accommodation options and the most appropriate weather. 

Northern Spain is desolate and rainy throughout the winters owing to freezing cold temperatures and rainfall and the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the South are the tourists’ most visited location. It’s one of the most desired ski destinations and here the temperature remains cool and comfortable for everyone. 

In Spain, summers are warm and humid, and temperatures are often higher than 113 degrees F. Coastal regions such as San Sebastian, the Costa Blanca and Costa Brava are among the most populated with expensive lodging options.

In Spain, there is no monsoon season per se. Late October and November are however often the country’s wettest months. Spain hosts a variety of festivals during the year and it is nice to witness their local revelries in any part of the other during any point of the year. However, the weather conditions depending on the part of Spain that you wish to visit.

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Salt lake, Spain
Source: Unsplash

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