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DIne at Lau Pa Sat
Written by Amirthavarshini on May 8, 2020 Share on

Lau Pa Sat – The Foodie’s Paradise

When life throws you fries, eat it! Lau Pa Sat is one of the most popular food markets in the Lion City. This historic building is commonly known as the Telok Ayer Market. It is located in the central area of Singapore’s downtown core. Initially, it was built in 1824 as a fish market on the waterfront serving the people of early colonial Singapore. It was then relocated and rebuilt in 1894 at the present location. The market here has now been converted into a Hawker Center. Make your way to Lau Pa Sat and try the local dishes, chicken rice, satay, and especially the kaya toast.

Although there are plenty of places famous for the local dishes, Lau Pa Sat is the ideal location to find them all under one roof. The ambiance is also more romantic than most other food centers in the city. Especially during the night, when the satay vendors set up stalls outside, the colorful lights will invite the entire mob to submerge in the spices.

Roof view of Lau Pa Sat
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

The market is one of the oldest Victorian design structures built using pre-fabricated cast iron. It was designed as per the vision of the British architect George Coleman, who was also the designer of many of the colonial buildings of Singapore. The exterior design of the food market looks like it belongs to a Victorian seaside town. Its ornate cast-iron pillars hold up a terracotta roof with a distinctive clock tower.

One can reach Lau Pa Sat easily since it is a 5-minute walk from Raffles Place MRT station. It is recommended to go after 7 pm, as this is when Satay Street opens. Located just behind the building, the road is closed from traffic every evening. It is during this time,  the sellers set up their barbeques and tempt you in with tasty meat on a stick.

Quick Tip!

  • Try out the Hainanese chicken and rice, served by Whampoa Nanxiang. The Malaysian favorite roti, carrot cake, chilly crab, Prata, and Laska at Mohamed Restaurant are must-try dishes for dinner.
  • Your breakfast will be incomplete without kaya toast, the reinterpretation of colonial jam toast. It is famous for the spread with a paste made of coconut and egg accompanied by Kopi-O, a Malaysian style coffee.
  • Grab the best snack at the Powder Puff and the Jolly staff Visa Fortune. Their curry puffs and sweet potatoes will surely take you to heaven!
One of the stalls in Lau Pa Sat
Image Credits: Flickr

Beautify your evening with live music, vivid lights, and exotic food. Walk inside the market to reach the stalls that are set up in rows leading to the center of a hexagonal building. There are plenty of stalls to choose from, so roam around and find your perfect appetite. The prices are reasonable, with dishes starting from about $5. You can find the food recommendations on boards displayed in the center. There’s also a map at the junction that will help you navigate.

Lau Pa Sat is hands down the best place to satisfy the taste buds of the food lovers! Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Singapore right away!

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