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London in January: One-Stop Ultimate Guide In Your Pocket

In recent time’s the Beautiful city of London is known as the Big smokes for various reasons but still, the capital of the United Kingdom never stops attracting travelers from different corners of the world. January at the Turn of the year, The City of Dreams just start to sizzle with tourism even though the winter season is harsh. Planning for a trip to London any month can be overwhelming so here I am to help you with a Guide in handy for the first month of the year.

A Short Snapshot of what’s ahead for you.

  1. Weather in London
  2. What to pack
  3. Places to visit in London
    – Attend the New Year’s Day Parade
    – Cruising on River Thames
    – Enjoy Ice Skating
    – Stroll through the Markets of London
    – Visit the London Eye
    – Kensington Palace
    – Westminster Abbey
    – The View From The Shard

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1. Weather in London in January

Since the turn of the new year were the snowfall and rain doesn’t stop, Both snowfalls and rains gradually reduce during the month. The Temperatures are pretty low up to 9 Degrees. London weather in January when compared to other Northern European Cities are quiet Milder and durable wearing the right attires. Sometimes the city might be windy and you could count yourself fortunate if you find a few hours/days in the sun.
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2. What to pack for London in January

January is one of the coldest months in London, you must be equipped for travel, Warm clothes are a must, it can be jackets, Thermal Tops, Sweater Dresses, Boots, Gloves, Woollen socks, Scarves. A plug adapter will come in hand since the hotels you’re staying in might not have outlets that fit your chargers.
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3. Places to Visit in London

I. Attend the New Year’s Day Parade

Royalty goes synonymous with London, One of the events which depict the same is the New Year’s Parade, If you are in London during the New Year Day then this Parade is a must-visit. The Parade takes place around Noon, The Parade brings a huge number of performers around 10,000 performers not just from the UK but all around the world. The Parade does make you feel your part of the Royal Family.
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II . Cruising on River Thames

Sitting on the Cruise and sailing on the River Thames is one of the to-do things in London, Since the Winter month, it’s a different experience. A Hop on Hop Off Thames River Cruise gives you a snapshot of all the other landmarks like Big Ben, the Tower of London, etc. Thames Dine-in Cruise is another experience which you ought to experience, The Dine-in Cruise provides Dinner, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, and Evening River Light Cruises, All are different cruises and have different price tags, Pre-booking one of the finest Dinning experiences is must-try for couples.
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III. Enjoy Ice Skating

Winter season in London and you have to get a little bit adventurous, you can kickstart by wearing Ice-skating boots, London provides multiple options Ice skating rinks, One of the most popular Ice rinks in the Winter Wonderland the biggest and also the most known amongst the people. Twinkling fairy lights a live band performing in the background and you can have a cup of hot chocolate during the winter festival.
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IV. Stroll through the Markets of London

To experience the essence of the working-class, the other side of London, You can take a stroll around the Borough Market, One of the Oldest Markets in London. The Market accommodates more than 100’s of shops and eateries, several food stalls, and artisan cafes and bakeries that produce and sell the freshest vegetables, bread, and fish. When you’re in London you can’t miss the classic Fish and chips, can you? Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (Monday to Thursday) 10 am to 6 pm (Friday) 8 am to 5 pm (Saturday). Greenwich Market is another Market where you could buy souvenirs from the trip as the street consists of artisan cafes, antique shops, local craft shops, and handmade jewelry and art shops. Timings: 10 am to 5:30 pm.
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V. Visit the London Eye

Visiting the London eye means you treating your eyes, Literally, A 30 Minutes experience, which I would recommend you to visit during the Night-time, You’ll have to buy a ticket for the activity, The moment you step into the air-conditioned and spacious glass pod for a mesmerizing 30-minute rotation on the Ferris wheel to soak in the dazzling sights and the clear skies above. The Ticket also includes the magical 4-minute 4D cinematic experience that showcases an astounding perspective of the city and multi-sensory special effects such as wind, bubbles, and various scents.
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VI. Kensington Palace

Another Royal experience is to visit the Kensington Palace, The Residence of the Royal Family Observe and relish the King’s State Apartments and get a hold of the quarter’s luxurious decor and glorifying artworks. The palace features the beauty of the Sunken Garden and its beautiful flowers, some amazing flower plantations happen during summers. Kensington Palace is a Royal retreat that you cannot miss to explore if you are in London. The Ticket prices vary from age categories, In January the Palace would be open till 3:00 pm only
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VII. Westminster Abbey

London’s architectural marvel – the coronation church, The Westminster Abbey London ticket lets you understand the famous venue of notable royal weddings and events. The ticket provides you with the facility of multiple entry times that is applicable for the entire day. Get ready to proceed with a self-guided audio tour and enjoy listening to Abbey’s 1000-year-old history. The Opening hours differs from day to day and you’ll have to have ID proof and Pre-Booking is recommended.
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VIII. The View From The Shard

If you are wondering about the measurements of The Shards its height of 310 meters and 95 stories high. The perfect spot from where you can get the bird’s view of London city. It’s London’s highest viewing platform, you will avail yourself the chance of grasping the splendid 360 degrees view of the entire city. Would Advice you to experience it between 10:00 am-12:00 pm, The experience is a shared ticket and you shall be able to enjoy the indoor viewing platform and the open-air sky deck.
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