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Long Weekends 2017

More than 10 long weekends, almost every month of the year – 2017 is already showing so much prospect. You’ve so much to learn about the 2017 long weekends!

Let us break it down for you – over the 12 months, here’s how you can sneak in vacations without losing out on work days! We have put together a smart way to work out your vacations right here. Check it out and tell you what you think.


Long weekend: 4 days; 26 – 29 January

Activity:  Music   |   Shopping

Option 1 ~

Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai

Image credit – visitdubai

Looking to make a delight out of your 2017 long weekends? How do outdoor markets, food carts and live entertainment surrounded by flash mobs and fireworks sound? Attend the Dubai Shopping Festival – a feast not only for the shopaholics. This five-week long festival, that has kickstarted this December promises not only a delightful shopping experience but chances to brag the same products at slashed off costs. Shopaholic? Check in right here.

Option 2 ~

Cartagena International Music Festival, Colombia

Image credit – umbriajournal

A 9 day music delight, this festival kicks off on 6th January in the Colombian port city of  Cartagena. Featuring performances by world-renowned musicians, accompanied by every possible instrument known; the fest is set at various picturesque private and public settings in the city. From plazas to theatres to even churches, the venues are as much a part of the Cartagena festival experience as the music. What’s more – events on selected dates ( 9, 10, 13 & 14 ) are non-ticketed and absolutely free to attend! Looking at South America? we have just the thing for you – here.


Long weekend: 4 days; 24 – 27 February

Activity:  Party   |   Culture   |   Nature

Option 1 ~

Cologne Carnival, Germany

Image credit – ibtimes

Dubbed as Germany’s own Rio Carnival is seven days of non-stop fun. From the election of the three monarchs to Fat Thursday to the epic finale – the Cologne Carnival Parade, the carnival will have you engaged while you take part in all the quirky traditions of this carnival. The kids, for instance, will be treated to flying candy called kamelle. Sound like the perfect way to holler your 2017 long weekends? We have the perfect way to see Germany, too. Do look!

Option 2 ~

Chiang Mai Flower Festival, Thailand

Image credit – magx

Parades of floats adorned in flowers from around the world constitutes Chiang Mai’s main agenda. The festival features almost every exotic plant and flower from all over the world. Arrange for a visit to the International Ratchaphruek Flower Gardens and satiate your inner nature-lover to colourful flora of Thailand in full bloom. Make most of the season and head over for all the eye candy Thailand has in store for you.

Option 3 ~

Rio Carnival, Brazil

Image credit – ibtimes

Dubbed to be the “biggest party in the world”, Rio Carnival is your four-day wild party getaway. From samba lessons to night parties and, of course, the grandest parade in the world – the carnival hosts all this and more. Ginormous floats hover over the skyline while the party never stops on ground in Brazil.


Long weekend: 8 days; 11 – 14 March, 25 – 28 March

Activity:  Party   |   Art   |   Music

Option 1 ~

Port Fairy Folk Festival, Australia

Image credit – piecesofvictoria

Partake in some folk music Down Under. The Port Fairy Folk festival, set in the small town of Port Fairy, offers a communal musical festival experience. With programs arranged in community centres, historic pubs and parks being open to campers, Port Fairy Folk Festival has opened up its venue to both local and international artists to showcase their talents. Curious to know what else Australia has for you? We have it here for you.

Option 2 ~

The European Fine Arts Fair, Netherlands

Image credit – everfest

Art buff? In these 2017 long weekends, sing up for one of the most art-gasmic experiences in March! Organized annually in Netherlands, this fair is about everything art, antiques and design. Presenting works of galleries from 20 countries across the world, the fair displays some of the best artworks in the current market. And here’s how we suggest you explore the Netherlands.

Option 3 ~

Sri Lanka Balloon Festival

Image credit – marvelloussrilankalk

Enchanted by balloons? Join Sri Lanka to celebrate this festival as it colours the skies aplenty. This week-long festival sees a colourful and creative crop of balloons being floated every year. It attracts a huge crowd of ballooning enthusiasts from all over the world. And here are more reasons to visit Sri Lanka.

Option 4 ~

Galle Music Festival, Sri Lanka

Image credit – youtube

This festival marks the musical collaboration between the island nation of Sri Lanka and the Scandinavian country of Norway. A platform for audience and artists from various backgrounds to connect through music, this fest presents opportunities for cross country collaboration. It is, on the whole, a celebration of music and its ability to negate boundaries. Love music? Definitely tune in for this action.


Long weekends: 9 days; 1 – 5 April, 13 – 16 April

Activity:  Culture   |   Music   |   Nature   |   Adventure

Option 1 ~

Phuket Bike Week, Thailand

Image credit – easydaythailand

A two day event that sees motorcyclists from around 30 countries take part. With plenty of events lined up that promise to be as exciting (and more) as motorcycling itself, this is must attend especially for all the self-proclaimed bikers out there in these 2017 long weekends. Hit the streets, this will be an adventure to remember and retell.

Option 2 ~

Songkran Festival, Thailand

Image credit – thailanct

In Thailand you can take part in a nation-wide water fight. As the nation gears up to welcome spring, the young bring out their water pistols and attack each other. Major roads are closed to allow this water-battle to take place.

Option 3 ~

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan

Image credit – japan-australia

During these 2017 long weekends head over to the best spots of Tokyo and Japan to awe at the blooming of cherry blossoms. Book for a boat cruise to lay eyes on miles of this cheery view – accompanied by a coffee and book? Perhaps, a camera?

Option 4 ~

Tanzcafe Arlberg Festival, Austria

Image credit – plattenhof

Set around the Austrian ski calendar, this is a celebration of everything music. Overrun by performers of genres ranging from Jazz to Swing, the fest’s highlight includes performances by Jazz icons at premier venue. Music, accompanied by the pleasant Austrian climate, is a spring-summer affair you should indulge in! More about this Austrian affair, here.


Long weekends: 4 days; 29 April – 2 May

Activity:  Culture   |   Music   |   Nature   |   Adventure

Option 1 ~

Cappadox Festival, Turkey

Image credit – artfulliving

Set in the dramatic landscape that Cappadocia is famous for, the Cappadox festival is a cultural fest that brings together the best of contemporary art, music, nature, gastronomy and outdoor programmes. Expect the 4 day event to deliver some new life-changing experiences. Set to the theme Ways Out From The World, Cappadox 2017 will set your vacation to dial adventure with lots of fun to spare.

Option 2 ~

Vienna Festival, Austria

Image credit – travelresearchonline

A five to six week festival, at the Vienna Festival is the perfect to-do on your 2017 long weekends! Get to some of the well-preserved historic places in Vienna while being treated to a host of wonderful programs. Opening in front of Vienna’s City Hall, the festival caters to lovers of everything from dance to drama and opera. Although under wraps, this year’s agenda promises to be an exciting one.


Long weekends: 4 days, 24 – 27 June

Activity:  Movies   |   Music   |   Nature

Option 1 ~

Meadows in the mountains, Bulgaria

Image credit – timeout

In the picturistic Rhodope mountains of Bulgaria, surrounded by the village of Polkovnik Serafimovo, Meadows in the mountains is an ideal getaway from the urban din of our daily lives. Calling itself a “social experimental adventure” MITM celebrates love, music and nature in that particular order while inciting a sense of “escaping” from routine.

Option 2 ~

Midnight Sun Festival, Finland

Midnight Sun Festival
Image credit – barentsobserver

In the Arctic circle, as the stark whites of Finland are lit by the glorious Midnight Sun, a film festival sets stage. 5 full days of film screening in four venues, expect to be treated to both Finnish classics and reigning favourites from around the world. Want to enjoy 100 films in a span of 5 days? Boy, you sure must be a film buff. Luckily, for you, we are travel buffs. So wander no further for a visit to the Midnight Sun Festival.


Long weekends: DIY 🙂

Activity:  Music

Soundwave Croatia

Image credit – soundwavecroatia

A 5 day extravaganza that celebrates music, art, film and much more while promising a ‘life affirming’ experience, Soundwave Croatia is an adaptation of the Australian festival. Set in Garden Tisno in secluded cove along the Dalmatian coastline, Soundwave offers music from some of the world’s best musicians and DJs. From hip-hop, reggae, jazz & world, funk & disco, to electronica, broken-beat, drum and bass the genres flow and ebb seamlessly.


9 day weekend: 12 – 20 August

Long weekends: 3 days, 25 – 27 August

Activity :  Movies   |   Music   |   Art   |   Adventure

Option 1 ~

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, U.K

Image credit – pinterest

An annual balloon fest held in the city of Bristol, teams from all over U.K and the rest of the world come together to show off their hot air balloons. Held in the large country estate of Ashton Court, the balloons are scheduled to launch twice in a day – depending on weather conditions. Another part of the fest is a night glow event where balloons glow in sync to the music – this is followed by grand fireworks that light the sky up.

Option 2 ~

Helsinki Festival, Finland

Image credit – hiff

Dedicated to celebrating arts in its entirety, Helsinki festival kicks off mid- August and goes on till the beginning of September. Events scheduled include contemporary to rock music, drama, dance, visual arts and even movies. Additionally programmes for children are also organized. Renowned international artists often perform here, but, what sets the Helsinki fest apart is the event named “Night of the Arts”. This event allows absolutely anyone to perform in parks and streets of Helsinki.

Option 3 ~

Burning Man, U.S.A

At Black Rock Desert in Nevada, a community is erected every year. In the Black Rock City between the last Sunday of August and the first Monday of September, Burning Man takes place. Wholly dedicated to the idea of creative expression and decommodification, the festival encourages everyone to exhibit their talent and creatively contribute to the event.


Long weekends: 3 days, 31 September – 2 October

Activity:  Food   |   Art   |   Culture

Option 1 ~

Oktoberfest, Germany

Image credit – cbslocal

Running from mid-September to the first week of October, this is the largest beer festival in the world. Held annually in Bavaria, at Oktoberfest – apart from an unending supply of beer – you can expect to be treated to some German classics like Brezen, Würstl and more. Food, booze and entertainment at hand, Oktoberfest will be a seasonal binge you will look forward to.

Option 2 ~

Thimpu Tshechu Festival, Bhutan


Held at Thimpu in Bhutan, this festival is a large social gathering of people from the most remotest of villages. Encouraging social bonding and promoting  a sense of community, Thimpu Tshechu includes Cham dances, unfurling of a thongdrel – attributed to cleansing the sins of whoever sees it. Grab the opportunity to watch this hilly kingdom’s culture come to life.


9 day weekend: 14 – 22 October

Activity:  Nature   |   Art   |   Music

Option 1 ~

Melbourne Festival, Australia

Image credit – supplefox

Held across various locations of Melbourne, the Melbourne Festival is an international arts festival. It brings together fields of dance, theatre, music, circus, visual arts and multimedia along with outdoor events. Held over 17 days, this festival seeks to connect people with ideas and art forms, bringing together renowned and up and coming artists from all over the world.

Option 2 ~

Hermanus Whale Festival, South Africa


Hermanus along Cape Town in South Africa is commonly referred to as the best whale watching destination in the world. The Whales are the star performers of this show, doubtless, as thousands flock to this festival. A music stage set for more than 20 performances and vintage car show – you are set to welcome spring, once more, in the exotic town of Hermanus.


Long weekends: DIY 🙂

Activity:  Nature   |   Music

Option 1 ~

Iceland Airwaves

Image credit – icelandmusic

The five day annual music festival in Reykjavik, Iceland Airwaves’ goal is to showcase new music – from Iceland and around the world. It sets off a vibe that is both intimate and conveys party spirit. This year as you celebrate your 2017 long weekends by heading down Northern Lights hunting, delight in some musical experiences too.

Option 2 ~

Northern Lights, Iceland

Image credit – regent-holidays

Gaseous particles from Earth collide against the charged ones from the sun’s atmosphere. Who knew this phenomenon would turn out to spectacularly light up our skies as the Arctic Princess? To this day, it’s charm remains and people from all over the globe take time out to be a part of this pilgrimage to witness one of nature’s finest? And, in 2017, you have a chance of catching this without giving up a lot of holidays. Take this chance, drop us a note.


Long weekends: 6 days; 1 – 3 December, 23 – 25 December

Activity:  Music   |   Shopping   |   Party

Option 1 ~

German Christmas Markets

Image credit – bedandbreakfast

As a part of 2017 long weekends, bring in the Christmas cheer this year – albeit – in a foreign country. From bratwursts to prune men and fairytale-like- Christmas decorations, the German Christmas Markets will have you transported to the land of elves, Santa and magic. Only a continent away from North Pole, these markets more than make up for the distance with their endless supply of food, decorations and the iconic Christmas trees that welcome visitors outside. Look them up close here.

Option 2 ~

Rhythm & Vines, New Zealand

Image credit – tearaway

An opportunity to bring in the new year and 2017 long weekends with bang, this festival is celebrated over three days leading to the new year’s eve. Held at Waiohika Estate in New Zealand, Rhythm & Vines is a platform for New Zealand artists and artists from around the world to perform and collaborate. It has been known to have hosted acts like Netsky, Flying Lotus, Justice, and N.E.R.D. The event is said to have a cool, laid-back backyard-party vibe to it.

Option 3 ~

Hogmanay, Scotland

Image credit – complexmania

Another way to welcome the new year is at Scotland with the Hogmanay festival. Rest assured there will be fireworks, fun and non-stop partying until sunrise. Free flow of booze along with an endless supply of parties, this New Year’s eve will be eventful, to say the least.

Already begun to longingly stare at your calendars? Here’s a little help from us to help plan all your loooong weekends – we like to call it Long Weekend Planner 2017

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