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Longwa Village, Nagaland
Written by Rahul on June 27, 2020 Share on

Longwa village in Nagaland – A Mon district village with a Dual citizenship

A state in India with many indigenous tribal groups. A land filled with wonderful places to explore. Many experiences wrapped up in just one beautiful place. You guessed it right. It is Nagaland, one of the Seven Sisters of India. This state is one of the best tourist destinations in Northeast India with one of the best climates and most importantly, beautiful locations. A place that keeps unravelling surprises, how much ever you try to explore it. You will instantly fall in love this nature’s beautiful piece of art once you set your foot in it. You will get to know more about the cultures of the different indigenous tribes and each market place will celebrate the tribes. Learn more about their way of life in Nagaland. In a unique place like this is the beautiful village Longwa Village. Let us get to know more about this place in this article.

The beautiful Nagaland
Image Credits: Varun Nambiar on Unsplash

Longwa village, Nagaland

Longwa Village is the best example to explain the uniqueness and diversity of the Mon district. A unique thing about this village is that the residents of this village have dual citizenship of India and Myanmar. Explore the enchanted Longwa village to get introduced to one of the finest places. The people of the Longwa village don’t have the concept of borders as they are not differentiated by it. Situated 42 km away from the Mon town, this is a truly interesting place to explore. One more interesting fact about this place is that the border crosses the village splitting the chief’s house into two halves. Great right? The chief known as the Angh rule over 70 villages and has 60 wives. Some people have their bedroom in Myanmar and their kitchen in India. Visit this place to experience more mind-boggling facts about it.

Longwa Village, Nagaland
Image Credits: Google Images

Popular things to visit at Longwa Village

Longwa Village has many places to visit for all travellers. There are many scenic locations. Some of the attractions are Nagaland science centre, Hong Kong Market, Doyang River, Shilloi lake and many more attractions decorate this place. The camps of Assam Rifles company and the pillar at the end of the city indicating the border are some of the most popular tourist attractions that you can find here. There is a village of head hunters and also the collector human skulls. You can still view the tribes wearing a brass skull necklace around their neck. This is believed to boost the crop fertility of the region. By the 1960s. the rise of Christianity stopped the tradition of headhunting. Also do note that this village is the only zone of Opium in Nagaland.

Shilloi Lake, Longwa Village
Image Credits: Flickr

Best time to Visit:

The most perfect and also the best time to visit this village is between the months of October and March. The weather is at its peak during these months and you will certainly have a pleasant time while visiting this village during these seasons. This is also the season when there will be several fairs and festivals through which you can experience the tradition and culture.

Konyak tribe from the Longwa Village
Image Credits: Flickr

Longwa village is one of the best scenic experiences one will get. The kind of activities that you do in this place will not only be exotic but also unique on its own. Add this village to your Nagaland holiday packages itinerary. Also, do check out the Pickyourtrail website for more travel-related content.