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Lumpini Park
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Lumpini Park Bangkok: A Serene Lush Green Space in The Bangkok Centre

Bangkok is known as the heart of Thailand. It is one of the fastest and most flourishing cosmopolitan city. Moreover, it is home to millions of Thailand people. Also, the city enamours millions of tourist from different parts of the world. Being the capital of Thailand, Bangkok offers a wide range of city recreational facilities and places where you can spend the night out. Locals call Bangkok as the “Land Of Smiles”. The city has a lot of unique activities and attraction to explore other than opulent temples and grand architecture. But at times all of us want a small break from doing the activities and allow our mind to rejuvenate a bit. If you keep packing your Thailand itinerary with lots of activities then it might make you feel like a busy day or a hectic vacation but not a leisure vacation. Leave a day at leisure and stroll through the large vibrant streets of Bangkok. Also, it has a lot to offer such as street food, scenic parks, cafes etc. You can find a tranquil lush green park, Lumpini Park Bangkok amidst the hustle-bustle of the city. Located on the busy streets of Bangkok, Lumpini Park is truly a place to witness scenic sunset by relaxing on the benches near the lake.
Lumpini Park will not disappoint you….

Lumpini Park Bangkok
Photo by Ivan Nedelchev on Unsplash

Nature’s gift – Lumpini Park Bangkok

Gift-wrapped by nature with beautiful trees, a small lake, flora and fauna, this public park is a perfect place to spend your evening. Covering 142-acre space, the urban green park attracts people of all ages. You can see elderly people practising tai chi, couples lounging by the lakeside, kids running around and playing hide and seek, fitness freaks as always they have their own space. Usually, during the weekends, the park is occupied by the family audience and the cheery sounds of children. Lumpini park is not just home for fitness freaks and walker clubs but also for exotic birds. The park boasts for 30 plus bird species. It is a complete treat for the bird lovers to spend some time to watch the murmuration.

Lumpini Park Bangkok
Photo by YJ Lee on Unsplash

The park is very friendly for physically challenged people. It has a separate place called Smiling Sun Ground (Lan Tawan Yim) well-equipped playground for children too. If you are a book worm don’t worry the park has a place for you. The park has a library and youth centre which offers books and training for youth. The park has a statue of King Rama VI, the one who was responsible for building this beautiful Lumpini Park.


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Things to remember before going to Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park Bangkok
Photo by Aurélien Grimpard on Unsplash

Since the Lumpini Park is well known in Bangkok, it will be crowded. This might disturb you from watching the murmuration of birds also it will disturb the birds too. So it is best recommended to visit the park from March to October and ensure you reach the park before sunrise to have a calm and peaceful experience or grab a bench before the sunset to enjoy a scenic sunset. The park opens at 4:30 in the morning and closes its gate by 9 at the night.

The park is also famous for its nightlife and concerts. Palm Garden of Lumpini Park is celebrated as the best venue for Thailand’s annual concert where the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra performs. Events happen every now and then in Lumpini Park Bangkok. Returning back without getting something from the Lumpini Park night market is the toughest job. It is one of the famous attraction near the park. To have a true shopaholic experience reach out to the Patpong which is a must-visit place located exactly 900 Km from the park. Never miss the street foods of Bangkok while your way back to the hotel. Also, reach out to the stalls on the street to taste the authentic Bangkok dishes and other cuisines.

Top Places To Visit Near Lumpini Park

Place to visit in Bangkok
Photo by Alejandro Cartagena on Unsplash

1. The Grand Palace

Located in the heart of Bangkok, this grand palace in Bangkok is one of the most attracted places in Bangkok. With its tranquil structure allures visitors from all across the globe. It has the finest connection between Thai and European architecture. Also, it is believed by the locals that the royal family of Siam lived in the Grand Palace and till now the place is used for grand celebrations.

2. Wat Arun Temple

If you are looking for some amazing Buddhist temples to visit in Bangkok, head to Wat Arun Temple. It is one of the most astonishing Buddhist shrines in Bangkok. It is located on the Thonburi west bank of Chao Phraya River. The temple is also one the most photographed symbol of the country. Considering the importance attached to Wats in Thailand, do not miss this wonderful place to visit on your trip to Bangkok.

3. Madame Tussauds Museum

Madame Tussauds Museum is a must-visit on your Bangkok packages. Also, you can find wax statues of famous celebrities here which you can touch, pose with and even hug. In addition, the visitors can even indulge in great music with the rock and pop bands making your visit to the museum a memorable one. Truly, Madame Tussauds is a lot more than just a wax museum.

4. Baiyoke Sky Tower

Baiyoke Sky Tower is Thailand’s tallest building. It is also a popular place for shopping and entertainment. Moreover, you can enjoy the bird’s eye views of the city from the revolving observation deck on the 84th Floor.


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Bangkok is a perfect place for travellers of all age. It has activities to keep you engaged, at the same time there are parks like Lumpini where you can connect with nature’s divinity and tranquillity. Planning for an amazing holiday in Bangkok? Check out the top recommended Thailand packages or Thailand honeymoon packages and book your Bangkok tour with Pickyourtrail, India’s top customised vacation planning company.

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