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Waterway at MacRitchie Reservoir Singapore
Written by Krishnamoorthy V on May 12, 2020 Share on

MacRitchie Reservoir Singapore – Connect With Your Inner Self!

Singapore is a beautiful urban jungle with a breathtaking skyline. It mixes up the old and modern culture, age-old temples that intertwines with lush green sanctuaries. Singapore has a vast diversity in cultures, there’s a mix of Chinese to the local language, it has individuals moving here from all over the world, making fashion statements next to Paris, it’s known as the “ Gateway to Asia”. Ever wondered how a small island can give you so many memories to take away with you to home? Well, don’t! Singapore has something for every traveler that can leave you with awe!

MacRitchie Reservoir is located in the center of Singapore and is one of the oldest existing reservoirs there. Love nature and daily morning walk? Then you are in for a surprise. Spread across 12 hectares, the reservoir is one of the best places you should visit. It is a perfect place to escape from the country’s traffic and noise, and connect with your inner self and find peace within you amidst the greeneries and cold breeze of air. As you walk through the cement cum pebble path inside the reservoir, you’ll be sure to find birds and monkeys in its natural habitat, enjoying nature at its best.

pathway at MacRitchie Reservoir Singapore
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

History of MacRitchie Reservoir

Until the early days of the 19th Century, Most of Singapore was still a forest region, In 1819 when the British establishment happened in Singapore, Commercial and economic activities started taking place which naturally increased the need for freshwater. Due to this requirement, A large portion of the forest region was cleared to make Singapore one of the important ports for trade. The construction of the MacRitchie Reservoir was brought to closure in the year 1868 but the installation of pumps and water distribution kick-started only during the year 1877. 

Attractions at MacRitchie Reservoir

The MacRitchie Reservoir is home for a lot of fun activities, One can enjoy experiences like treetop walk, canoeing, hiking, and kayaking, etc. This place creates a unique vibe that is completely surreal to its visitors. There is a 250m freely suspended bridge which connects the two highest points of the park, This serves as a perfect spot for quality Tree Top Walking. squirrels, monitor lizards, and long-tailed monkeys are regulars here and the hiking trails here provide an excellent experience filled with flora and fauna. 

This reservoir was built in order to save water in Singapore after the country suffered from drought. This reservoir was earlier called an impounding reservoir which was later renamed to MacRitchie Reservoir. The reservoir is now responsible for harvesting rainwater for the future. It also acts as a free space for tourists and locals to enjoy some quality time with nature, adventure sports etc. Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking are some alternate options that are available as well in this location for tourists and localites to enjoy. The reservoir is also home for 2 fine restaurants where one can enjoy quality meals 3 times a day. 

Kayaking at MacRitchie Reservoir Singapore
Image Credit: Google Images

In all, MacRitchie Reservoir is a must on everyone’s bucket list when traveling to Singapore as it provides a complete fun-filled and offbeat experience. Plan your very own trip to Singapore with Pickyourtrail. Alternatively, You can also choose the available packages for Singapore at Pickyourtrail

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